Here`s When You Need to Change Your Headlamps

Here`s When You Need to Change Your Headlamps

Unsure when you need to change the headlamps in your vehicle? Not to worry – we’re here to change that.

As a proud car owner, you want the best for your vehicle and to make sure it receives the care it needs. A properly maintained vehicle not only looks better and improves safety but also allows you to enjoy it for longer.

But how do you know when you should change your headlamps? Surely, they’ll last forever, right?


Read on for the key signs and signals that could mean you need to buy some new headlamps.

Headlights or headlamps?

Just to be clear, when we are talking about headlamps, we’re talking about the wider unit itself. This unit contains the bulbs (headlights) that light up the road ahead.

Both terms are sometimes used to describe one another. Sometimes you may see headlamps describing the light itself!

Tip: If you’re looking for replacement headlight bulbs for your vehicle, check from our blog which headlights you need for your car.

Now that we understand the key differences between headlights and headlamps, let’s find out how to know when you need to change them.

When to change your headlamp units

There is visible damage

If you notice any visible dents, cracks, or even holes in your headlamp casing, you should get these fixed as soon as possible. This may involve a replacement.

The protective casing helps to keep your headlight bulbs in a good, working condition. If the casing starts showing any signs of visible damage, this can’t be ignored.

Headlamp casings usually have a clear protective layer to prevent the acrylic from oxidising. This is another sign of deterioration we’ll come to next.

Some visible wear and tear may also occur over time with scratches and scrapes from debris on the road. Once this gets past the protective layer on your headlamp casing, it may cause the beam to become dimmer. This can result in poorer vision, which is a safety risk.

You notice they are turning yellow

Oxidisation means that the coating on your headlamps starts to wear off. This is often because of heat from UV rays, which can cause the casing to turn yellow.

This can happen during extreme, hot temperatures and if you regularly park your vehicle in direct way of sunlight.

It’s important not to ignore signs of oxidisation on your car’s headlamp casing. It can affect how the bulb’s light projection is reflected, making it look cloudier.

This can cause both poorer vision and a generally unattractive look for your vehicle - neither of which you want!

If this has been left unattended for a long time, your headlamp casing may need replacing entirely. You can avoid this by regularly washing your car and parking it in the shade if possible.

There are signs of water damage

Headlamp units usually have a water-tight seal to protect the bulbs from exposure to water. Over time, this seal can deteriorate from normal wear and tear.

This means that water can start to build up slowly inside the case, altering the quality of light coming out of your headlight bulbs. This often causes scattered beams of light.

If you notice any visible cracks or holes, it’s important to address these immediately. It could seriously impact the efficacy of your headlights and make your vehicle less safe.

Choosing your new headlamp units

Do you need to replace your vehicle headlamp units? Not to worry!

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Tip: When shopping for your new headlamp units, make sure you select the right technology. Depending on whether your car uses halogen, LED, or xenon technology, some headlamps may be incompatible.

There may also be some optional extras available such as Chrome or black inserts. This depends on the model, so we recommend checking against your original bulbs before ordering.

Not sure which ones you’ll need for your car? We’re here to help. Use our online bulb finder to find the perfect parts for your vehicle first time.

After ordering your new headlamps, we’ll be in touch to confirm they are compatible with your vehicle, to save you from the hassle of making a return.

It’s all part of our great customer service and dedication to help you find the right bulbs!

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