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The new OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 200 headlight range is ready to provide the next level of lighting for your vehicle.

Why buy the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 (Twin)?


Discover the brightest automotive halogen light from OSRAM - the Night Breaker Laser 200.

With intelligent design, quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes in place, OSRAM have been able to create bulbs which provide 200% more brightness* and up to 20% whiter light* than the minimum legal standard. Capable of generating a bright beam of up to 150 metres, enjoy improved visibility and enhanced awareness of potential hazards.

This impressive performance comes at no cost to the legality of the bulbs, however. The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 200 range has ECE approval, for safe use on public roads.

Experience the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 200 range today for improved safety and comfort when driving at night.

Please note: due to the incredible level of light produced by the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 200 range, these bulbs have a slightly shorter lifespan than standard. As a result, we can only offer a 6-month warranty on this product.

Features and benefits of the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 200 H7 (Twin)

  • Maximum performance bulb
  • Provides up to 200% more brightness than standard
  • Light projection of up to 150 metres
  • Experience faster reaction times with improved vision
  • Road legal (ECE certified)


OSRAM have been designing and manufacturing automotive lighting solutions for over a century, with innovation and expertise at the centre of the brand. With customers in over 150 countries, OSRAM have firmly established themselves as a true leader in the sector.

OSRAM Trust Program

OSRAM have added a number of safety features that allow customers to authenticate their xenon or halogen lamps via a simple online step. Check out the video for more information.

*Compared to the minimum ECE R98/R99 requirements.

Product specification

Number of Bulbs2
FittingH7 (499)
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Light Improvement
Road LegalYes
Kelvin Rating
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Customer Reviews


Even brighter!


I had thought the Night Breaker 150s were pretty good, but these are light years ahead!


Reviewed on:

Headlight bulb


Easy fit. Hopefully brighter than original ????


Reviewed on:



Upgrading (and that really is what this should be called) isn't going to give you the range, colour, or intensity of modern HiD or LED. It's important to say this at the outset. However, what these bulbs will give you is a noticeable increase in the range and breadth of the beam whilst giving a crisper white and mildly blue colour temperature change; although I stress the bulbs won't look Mini blue/purple. I would agree that these are probably the brightest road legal bulbs available as of June 2022. The downside is the life is projected to be about 50% of standard halogen bulbs and it is up to the reader/driver to decide if safety and reduced eye strain are worth the price difference. In summary; these bulbs will not enable you to see over the horizon nor will they vapourize the oncoming vehicle who forgets to dip their lights, they will however make night driving that little bit easier and possibly safer.


Reviewed on:

Great Bulbs for any motorcycle


I have been a long time Osram fan, when it comes to motorcycle bulbs. None of the newer H7 style LED bulbs are as bright, or fit behind the headlight covers on my bike.


Reviewed on:

Great bulbs


10 business days to Australia had in for just over a week now and there is a noticeable difference compared to what was in there.. I recommend this product definitely more visibility at night


Reviewed on:

Above average


Nowhere close to declared numbers but still better than average. Obviously they're halogen so still yellow look but providing better visibility than basic ones but definitely not 200% . Previous Philips GT was better. Won't buy again


Reviewed on:

Worth it


Way better than the standard bulbs on my Astra K. Fair price and speedy delivery too.


Reviewed on:

Bright for Halogen


Osrams +200 provide a big upgrade over standard factory bulbs. The light definitely illuminates further with a more even dispersed spread in your periphals that no doubt from the increased brightness and throw. The light colour is slightly cooler, they still have that yellow orange glow halogens are renowned for just to a lesser degree. When these blow I will upgrade to high end LEDS I used cheap LEDS before going back to Ozram Halogens, the Ozram +200 are brighter than 2 lots of Leds I tried that had claims of being super bright buy disappointed. Having projector light lenses robs light output from LEDs, my last LEDS were purchased and imported, from a review stating theybwere the best Chinese bang for buck LEDS they were heaps better than Nighthawkw LEDs I first tried loved the light colour which keeps you feeling fresh from the light colour. If it wasn't such a pain to change bulbs, I have a VF commodore and have to jack the car up and remove wheels! I would probably swap back to the LEDs....I hope this helps someone. Watch reviews on YT before purchase. I saved heaps compared to localnsellwrs in Australia by using Powerbulbs.com


Reviewed on:

Clean vision


I bought these out of curiosity and wasn't expecting too much of an improvement on the Osram Night Breaker Lazer 150+. They are, a noticebly better throw and spread down the road and a cleaner white that's still easy on the eyes. These globes are fitted to a VEII Commodore driven in rural South Australia and recommend them highly.


Reviewed on:

Great Improvement!


These are a great improvement on standard H7’s on my Volvo C30. They make a real difference on the country road I drive to and from work each day. Great price and quick delivery from Powerbulbs, especially when you see what major auto chains charge for bulbs these days! They are easy to fit on the Volvo and these, together with cleaning the projectors (a little more of fiddly job!), made the lights far better! Very pleased! Can’t say about bulb life so far but reviews seem good. Would definitely buy again!

R Oldam

Reviewed on:

The best halogen you can get


A huge improvement over the stock Osrams fitted as new. Dipped beam driving at main road speeds is now safe.


Reviewed on:

Bright Lights


Excellent value have made a huge difference at night much brighter than my original bulbs, would highly recommend POWER BULBS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Keith Holmes

Reviewed on:

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OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 (Twin) Headlight Bulbs

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