GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 Car Lamps



GE Megalight Ultra +130 Car Bulbs

Enhance both your light output and enhance your driving experience with GE's Megalight Ultra +130 range of car bulbs. With over a hundred years of experience in the industry, GE has become synonymous with power, and with the Megalight Ultra +130 it's plain to see why. The range's supreme power is clear in its light output, which achieves up to a massive 130% more light on the road than standard. Try the Megalight Ultra +130 for extra sight, extra safety and extra peace of mind.

GE's Megalight Ultra +130 car bulb range is available in popular fittings such as H7 and H4. Buy today with free worldwide delivery and warranty.

Maximum Performance

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

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  • 130% more light
  • Ultra-fine filament
  • Maximum Performance
  • Road legal

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