Interior Car Care

Looking to smarten up your vehicle’s interior? PowerBulbs has all you could possibly need: interior cleaning sprays, leather protective products, air fresheners – you name it! Our range features a specially selected assortment of maintenance products for your vehicle’s interior from world-renowned manufacturers in the field: Würth, Renovo and Quixx.

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Why should I use interior car care products?

It’s important to keep the inside of your vehicle feeling and looking fresh. Browse our range of interior vehicle maintenance products.

Wanting to freshen the air inside your vehicle? Take a look at Wurth’s range of air fresheners. Quixx’s 9-in-1 Cleaner will clean almost any surface on the interior of your car. If you’re looking for ways to clean the leather in your convertible, Renovo’s Leather Ultra Proofer provides waterproof and anti-bacterial protection.