GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 Car Headlight Replacement Bulbs (Twin)


GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

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Treat your car to a better bulb, and your eyes to a brighter light with GE’s Megalight Ultra +130.

Why buy the GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)?

Given GE’s rich history and prominent role in the automotive industry, the supreme quality of the Megalight Ultra +130 range should come as no surprise. GE’s world-renowned engineering expertise is present in the Megalight Ultra +130’s strong, precision engineering, which includes an ultra-fine filament and specialised coating system. The innovative xenon gas fill design of the Megalight Ultra +130 embraces and utilises the combined qualities of halogen and xenon in order to project an impeccable, bright light on the road, far exceeding the brightness and range of a standard halogen.

The GE Megalight Ultra +130 is able to produce up to an incredible 130% extra light when compared to standard halogen lighting. And thanks to the flawless, precision-focused manufacturing standards of GE, this light is directed perfectly on the road ahead. With an enhanced perception of any upcoming potential hazards, from other drivers to road markings and signs, the Megalight Ultra +130 will improve not only your sight, but also your safety.

Experience a better light and a better drive today.

Features and benefits

  • 130% extra light on the road
  • Ultra-fine filament
  • Xenon gas fill design
  • Improves safety of nighttime driving
  • Accurate beam projection
  • Road legal

About GE

Within technology-driven industries the world over, the historical significance of GE is simply beyond comparison. GE boasts over a century’s experience as a world-leading technological innovator, and its automotive lighting range exemplifies their engineering prowess and investment in providing their customers with highly sophisticated, high-quality products.  

FittingH7 (499)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Road LegalYes
Kelvin Rating
RangeMegalight Ultra +130

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Customer Reviews

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 bright

A bit of extra light, no hassle to fit. Hopefully the bulb life will be reasonable

By Wobble on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Decent bulbs

Used in a 2013 Camry, much brighter than the Osram Silverstar 2.0's used previously.

By Adam on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 GE Bulbs

Very prompt service and todate I am vey happy with the product.

By Tim on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 All round excellence

Excellent product, excellent delivery and excellent price.Now I can see where I am going at night.


GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)


Much brighter than the original with enhanced area of visibility.

By Antonio on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7

Excellent service. Arrived on time in quality packing.

By BD on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Highly Recommend

Easy ordering, competitive prices and good delivery.

By Sue on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Very Good Bulbs

Having used all makes of bulbs from Halfords over the years, I decided to take a punt on these. So glad I did. These are by far the best bulbs I have ever used in my car. They are bright, have a good throw and have really improved the driving experience for me. I do a lot of motorway driving, and over this winter, these bulbs have honestly been a godsend. I will definitely be purchasing these again and again. Very happy buyer !

By Sam G on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 mega bulbs

Worth the money .would recommend.

By Tafvy on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent.

I upgraded my OEM VW bulbs on both our Golfs and found these bulbs to be superior. Not sure of longevity yet as the first set are only 5 months old. I would recommend still and an excellent service from Powerbulbs.

By Marty on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Good Quality Lights

Lights arrived on time and do seem to live up to the claim of being much brighter than standard bulbs.

By Chase23 on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Exactly as promised

Ordered these bulbs for my Octavia estate (2013). Had no problem with the fitting. Illumination distance and brightness are both very impressive. Definitely worth the money. However, lifetime of the bulbs is to be seen. Fortunately Octavia has daytime running lights and the Megalight Ultras wont get too many work hours during the daylight.

By Margus on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

4 nice whiter light than standard

bought these to get rid of the yellow looking standard bulb on a gsx1250fa. which they did. I don't really know if they give out any extra light to my eyes but am happy with the purchase

By Barry O Hanlon on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Amazingly bright, by far the best H7 bulbs I’ve purchased to date, was a little worried at first about not going for a well know brand like Philips etc. But you only have to look at the reviews and awards that these bulbs have won and they deserve it too. Definitely worthy of a purchase. You won’t be dissapointed.

By Craig on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Transformed the dipped beam

The standard dip beams on my Fiat 500 (66 reg) were so poor as to seem to me dangerous. Fitted these bulbs and they gave much brighter and wider spread of light. Straightforward to fit.

By Martin on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Good company

Quick delivery. Good price

By Dan on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Amazing value

A great product and amazing online shop. Fast shipping and the bulbs are definitely an upgrade over the standard bulbs

By Charis on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 fast,simple, excellent!

bulbs ordered late on Friday - arrived Monday. N problems - bulbs fitted simply and give much cleaner sharper light on BMW X3.

By GARY on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Great improvement

Great advice from this company and the best value on the Web. The bulbs were a marked improvement. Well worth the investment. Excellent service!!!

By Bob on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Very good

Good choice,the light is white and it does a fair job.Can't comment on lifespan,that will take time.

By Evans on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Ge megalight+130 h7 twin

What amazing upgrade over the standard bulb in my Kia Rio 2012 definitely worth the money shall not be buying standard headlight bulbs ever again

By Ian Gathercole on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Great Upgrade

A great upgrade to your standard lights. Ive upgraded high and low beams on both my cars and can report the following: light beams are much brighter and as with any brighter light, cut-off points, hot spots and headight lens aberrations become more distinctive (not a fault of the globes) Headlight beam is brighter with increased reach enabling safer driving on dark country roads. Light colour is a touch whiter than standard, but still warm white which is what I was wanting. Shipping to Australia was fast and communication good.

By Duncan on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

4 Big Improvement

These are a huge improvement over the factory halogen bulbs in my VW Golf. Noticeably brighter and whiter. Brighter than the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited bulbs I put in my VW Jetta Sportwagen (Golf Estate), as well. The one issue keeping it from 5 stars is the splotchy pattern on the road from my reflector headlamps. It's not the bulbs' fault, per se. But, something to be aware of. I'm still happy with the purchase and improvement. And, I'm sure they work better in projector headlamps.

By Gary on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Noticeably brighter with a wider beam

I recently purchased some Philips Diamond Vision bulbs for my 2005 Cooper S’s Low Beam to match the colour of some LEDs I’d fitted, and whilst I was researching which bulbs to buy I read the reviews on these GE Megalight Ultra +130s. Whilst the other reviewed ‘upgrade’ bulbs were much of a muchness, the GE reportedly stood out from the pack despite their lower cost – so I took a punt on them and fitted them as High Beams in the Mini. The reviews are correct. Whilst these are no match in terms of colour temperature to the very white Philips Diamond Vision globes (they’re decidedly yellow by comparison, though still whiter than your average bulb), the difference in output and beam spread is dramatic. I’m yet to try them on a long stretch of highway, so I’m not sure if beam length has been compromised (the reviews say they haven’t been), but the extra illumination of the side of the road is fantastically welcome in wildlife prone Australia. If you’re just looking for the best and brightest globes and aren’t fussed on whiteness, then look no further. Powerbulbs sell them for under half the cost of an Australian retailer with free quick postage to AU, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer – buy them just for the additional safety they offer.

By Paul Colledge on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Great Halogens

For Halogen bulbs, they are very bright and white. A noticeable improvement over the standard factory halogens they replaced. Unfortunately, I use them in reflector headlamps, rather than projector type, and the increased brightness makes the blotchy road pattern of reflectors more noticeable. I'll bet these really look outstanding in projector housings! They are also brighter and whiter than the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited in my other car that uses the same headlamps. But, the Nighbreaker pattern is less visibly "blotchy", so some might find it more appealing.

By Gary on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Headlight bulb

Quick and easy to order, delivery on time. Would recommend this company, thanks.

By Sion Richards on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Bulbs

Excellent for Prices, Availability of products in stock also prompt delivery .

By Peter on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 As it said on the tin

got these bulbs for my Octavia 161. very pleased with the product. Far better than the original bulbs. service from Power bulbs was excellent. will definitely buy from them again.

By Nat. 7 on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 headlight bulbs

arrived on time good quality product at agood price

By Logger on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 GE megalit

GREAT!! No nee to go to Specsavers!,

By None on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Good colour

This is a set of good bulbs good colour spectrum good long beam and fairly sharp some bulbs seem a bit diffused but these bulbs are more concentrated I find them a bit better than the Philips ones.

By Jmid on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent Service

First time I've used this company and will certainly use them again. The bulbs I purchased were the best price I could find online and delivery was quick. Can't ask for more.

By Mikeythebike on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

4 excellent improvement to original lamps brighter and whiter with a longer reach

Bought these for my partner's car - the existing headlamp bulbs were quite dim, had a limited reach and were very yellow in colour. These are a significant improvement on each of these criteria and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Plus Powerbulbs delivered them quickly and efficiently and, with the 20% discount, at a very keen price with the guarantee/peace of mind that I was buying genuine GE parts.

By Ks on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 GE from PowerBulbs

I was so impressed with the online and email support to help me make a decision on replacement bulbs from PowerBulbs. Equally impressed with the bulbs and extra clarity and vision they provide. Definitely rate these bulbs and recommend PowerBulbs as seller.

By SmilerJD on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

4 Brighter? - don't know!

Hard to say if these beat my previous lamps (Osram Nightbreakers) Subjectively they are at least as good but it is difficult to assess. I changed to the GE as I had previously experienced a long night drive in poor conditions and felt the Osram could have been better. Until I have a similar drive I'll not know if the GE are better or not. I wish there was something that was a massive improvement without going to LEDs. I feel that all of the 'better' performance lamps are much of a muchness with little to choose between them, unless you know better? Good service and price from Powerbulbs however.

By Mike on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Bright

The bulbs are so much better than the standard ones The spread of light is excellent would highly recommend

By David on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

4 Significant Difference

Prior to fitting the GE Megalight Ultra +130 bulbs I had used the Philips Xtreme vision 100%. The GE bulbs are noticeably brighter a big improvement on night driving visibility. If they are as durable as the Philips Xtreme then I would certainly recommend as an upgrade to standard bulbs. Great service & price from Powerbulbs.

By Steve H on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent price and product

Excellent quality of light from theses bulbs, and Powerbulbs offer a very good price. V Happy

By John C on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Ge megalight ultra

Excellent compared to standard only been used for a month so can’t comment on how long they last

By Mike on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Perfect H7 upgrade

Tried 2 pairs of these for dipped headlights on a 2015 Transit Connect and a 2002 Ka and the difference is very impressive. Very pleased with no side effects or complaints from on-coming traffic. Highly recommended at a sensible price. I would not hesitate to buy a full car set of 3 pairs for my own car. Thank you for the quick delivery.

By Stuart.W on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 GE +130H7

Tried these in my Skoda Superb (projector lamps) for dipped lights to replace the previous Osram Nightbreakers (which had blown again). These are better for sure, hope they last longer than the Osrams too.

By MikeM on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Bulb Order

Ordered bulbs for my car and when they arrived and I tried to fit them, they did not fit, contacted the team at Power Bulb and they agreed for me to send the bulbs back to them... After various checks and me a complete idiot, they were in fact the right bulbs , I had checked the wrong lights!! Yes, I am an ID 10 T!! Power Bulbs very kindly repackaged my bulbs and returned them to me (without an additional fee!!) Very highly recommended

By Mark on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Good product

Very good product, has transformed my cars dipped beam! Good price, very good delivery. Easy to use web page. Will i use this firm again? Most definitely!

By Mart on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Well reviewed elsewhere

Thought I'd try these. Only rated as 130% brighter on the box, but they comes with a year's warranty (not interested in bulbs with only half that period). Noticibaly brighter and well-defined pattern. Will definitely use again.

By Ian Williams on

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H7 (Twin)

5 Absolute belters - and cheap too!

Having tried alternatives to osram night breakers and philips xtreme vision in the past (much to my regret!) I had doubts about giving these a go. After reading decent reviews though and seeing the price I decided to give GE the benefit of the doubt. Popped these fellas in expecting to have just chucked my hard earned cash down the swanny, and..… RESULT! They work fantastically! Light placement and amount of light seems as good, maybe better than night breakers and xtreme vision. Few weeks on now and theyre working great. Highly recommend!

By Andy K Branston on

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