Tungsram Megalight Ultra Car Headlight Bulbs

Make vast improvements to your vehicle’s light output with Tungsram's Megalight Ultra +120 range and enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable, more alert driving experience. The Megalight Ultra range boasts immense illumination, achieving up to 120-150% more light on the road than a standard halogen (increased brightness varies between fittings). Experience the many benefits – both to sight and safety – that this powerful headlight bulb offers today.

Tungsram's Megalight Ultra car bulb range is available in popular fittings such as H7 and H4. Buy today with free worldwide delivery and warranty.

NOTE: The Tungsram Megalight Ultra is a continuation of the GE Megalight Ultra series of upgrade bulbs, which were themselves manufactured by Tungsram. As such, this Tungsram range offers the same great lighting advantages and technologies as the original GE range.

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