Philips Ultinon LED Headlight Bulbs

The new Ultinon range from Philips offers you the chance to experience a the extra brightness of a white 6200K LED light, with a long lifespan.

The 6200K colour temperature of the Philips Ultinon achieves a stylish, bright white light appearance, while Philips' expert, comprehensive design ensures this extra style doesn't cost you in terms of light output. On the contrary, the Ultinon's magnificent white light offers up to an incredible 160% extra light on the road than standard. On top of which, the Philips Ultinon's innovative heat-resistant, energy-efficient design means that you can enjoy superior light and style for up to 8 years.

Please note, however, that though the technology in this LED range meets the highest of safety standards, the high Kelvin rating means that they are not certified as road-legal by the ECE.

The new Philips Ultinon LED range includes popular fittings such as H4 and H7, and offers free worldwide delivery.

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