Philips WhiteVision Ultra H4 Car Lamps


Philips WhiteVision Ultra Car Headlight Bulbs

Upgrade the style of your vehicle's lighting while still remaining road legal with Philips' WhiteVision Ultra. The WhiteVision Ultra boasts the whitest light colour of any road legal halogen bulb in Philips' portfolio. With a Kelvin rating of up to 4200K, the WhiteVision Ultra provides a terrifically stylish lighting improvement that you can enjoy on all public roads and highways, safe in the certainty of Philips' rigorous ECE homologation standards.

The Philips WhiteVision Ultra car bulbs range is available in popular fittings such as H7 and H4. Buy today with free delivery and warranty.



Philips WhiteVision Ultra H4 (Twin)

4.9 Based on 15 customer reviews

  • Up to 4200K – crisp white light
  • Styling bulb
  • Up to 60% extra vision
  • Road legal
  • Includes free WhiteVision Ultra sidelights

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$38.98 CAD

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  • Free 6 month warranty