Best Car Headlight Bulbs 2021

Best Car Headlight Bulbs 2021

Every year, there are new improvements to headlight technology. These are our picks for the top best halogen and xenon HID headlight bulbs for your car in 2021 (in no particular order).


GT Ultra 120

The GT Ultra 120 is the perfect choice for drivers looking to achieve a vastly improved projection of light from their headlight bulbs without breaking the bank. The range offers up to 120% more light on the road than standard, shining up to 35 metres farther. As an added bonus for the style-conscious, the 3800K light colour temperature also achieves a slightly whiter light.

Combining robust design, excellent performance and a low price tag, it’s not hard to see why the GT brand – and its reputation – is rapidly growing.

Shop GT Ultra 120 here.

Philips Diamond Vision

The Philips Diamond Vision range of halogen headlight bulbs produces one of the closest colour matches to factory fitted xenon HIDs (up to 5000K). If you're looking for something that will give you that crisp white light with a blue tint, this is a great choice. However, due to this colouring, the Diamond Vision aren't as bright as other halogen headlight bulbs. They are also non-road legal.

Shop Philips Diamond Vision here.


PIAA Xtreme White Plus

With a colour temperature of 4000K, the PIAA Xtreme White Plus range easily outperforms a standard halogen. PIAA's XTRA technology and heat-resistant quartz glass construction produce extra light on the road and built to last the distance. If you're wanting that perfect blend of style and performance, choose Xtreme White Plus.

Shop PIAA Xtreme White Plus here.

OSRAM Cool Blue Boost

The Cool Blue Boost is OSRAM's take on the HID-like bulb. The blue tint of this range is achieved with with a blue coating on the bulb, giving these bulbs a high colour temperature of 5000K. To make up for the lost light output due to this coating, OSRAM Cool Blue Boost bulbs run at a higher wattage.

Whilst this range is not road legal, the bulbs are up to 50% brighter than a standard halogen.

Shop OSRAM Cool Blue Boost here.

Philips WhiteVision Ultra

Meet the newest member of the WhiteVision family! The WhiteVision Ultra range manages to better its predecessor. With a colour temperature of up to 4200K, plus up to 60% more vision on the road, you'll benefit from a road legal, stylish light. Now comes in a wide range of fittings not previously available.

The WhiteVision Ultra range also comes with free WhiteVision Ultra sidelights!

Shop Philips WhiteVision Ultra here. 

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense

The Cool Blue Intense range is another that takes inspiration from xenon HID. A colour temperature of up to 4200K delivers a strong, white light whilst remaining road legal. Even though Cool Blue Intense bulbs are designed for style, they stll outperform a standard halogen.

Shop OSRAM Cool Blue Intense here.


Philips RacingVision GT200

If you love a more dramatic look on the road, choose Philips RacingVision GT200. This maximum performance range gives off up to 200% more light on the road than standard. RacingVision bulbs are extremely bright and have a crisp, white light that makes both stylish and a great option for night time driving. Released in late 2020 these bulbs use the latest technology.

The only downside is that the huge increase in brightness means that the bulbs don't last as long as other upgrade halogens.

Shop Philips RacingVision GT200 here.


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser +150% (Formally branded as 'Next Generation')

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser +150% bulbs combine style with performance. These bulbs get their name from the laser-etched precision window that provides better light distribution. While cheaper bulbs use a blue coating to produce a whiter light, Night Breaker Laser use a xenon gas filling. This means that you'll get a slightly whiter look than standard, but with an added 150% more light on the road. OSRAM Night Breaker Laser also have a light beam of up to 150 metres.

Shop OSRAM Night Breaker Laser (Next Generation) here.


Philips X-treme Vision Pro150

The Philips X-treme Vision range is a firm customer favourite. The range provides 150% more light than a standard bulb. Plus, they Illuminate up to 70 metres more of the road ahead than standard bulbs.

With a colour temperature of 3400K, Philips X-treme Vision Pro150 produces a colour temperature that is similar to a standard halogen. So, if you're looking for one of the best performance bulbs, this is it.

Shop Philips X-treme Vision Pro150 here.


Xenon HID

OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Laser

A new addition in 2018, the OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Laser is a performance HID that delivers. The light produced is 200% brighter than a standard HID bulb, and the light beam is up to 250 metres long. By choosing this bulb, you'll benefit from vast improvements in sight, safety, and comfort on the road.

Shop OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Laser here.

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost

For drivers wanting as blue a light as possible, the Xenarc Cool Blue Boost is the ultimate choice. The light’s incredibly high 7000K colour temperature ensures a blue-white appearance that, in terms of blue light, trumps that of any other trusted manufacturer. No extra light output could be seen as a downside, but is a small cost for supreme style.

Unfortunately, due to its high Kelvin rating, this range is not road-legal and may only be used in off-road applications.

Shop OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost here.

Philips Xenon WhiteVision gen2

The Philips Xenon WhiteVision gen2 range refines and intensifies the classic xenon HID white light while remaining road legal. A colour temperature of 5000K creates a perfect, vivid white light. This stylish range closely matches the colour of LED lighting and is made to Philips’ world-class standards.

Shop Philips Xenon WhiteVision gen2 here.

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense

If you favour a modern blue light but also want a slight increase in light output, the Xenarc Cool Blue Intense is a great option. Where the light’s high Kelvin rating of up to 6000K enables a stylish ice-white/blue light colour, the strength of the light is still stronger than a standard xenon. The range illuminates up to 20% more of the road while remaining stylish and road legal.

Shop OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense here.

Philips Xenon X-tremeVision gen2

Capable of producing up to 150% more light on the road than standard, the Philips Xenon X-tremeVision gen2 range offers truly tremendous illumination. Where the bulbs’ colour temperature of up to 4800K offers the style of a classic xenon, the wide scope of the beam projection is entirely unique.

Shop Philips Xenon X-tremeVision gen2 here.

Philips Xenon Vision

Xenon Vision is Philips’ standard xenon bulb range. The 4600K white light colour matches that of factory-fitted xenon HIDs, making it an ideal bulb replacement for those who want their bulbs to achieve that classic xenon look. A high-quality replacement at a lower cost.

Shop Philips Xenon Vision here.

OSRAM Xenarc Original

The OSRAM Xenarc Original is a great option for drivers wanting a high-quality standard replacement for their vehicle’s xenons. Providing a traditional white xenon HID light colour up to 4150K, the OSRAM Xenarc light is no bluer or brighter than a usual xenon, but of a reliably high manufacturing standard. The Xenarc Original HID range is the ideal choice if you're looking for a bulb that won't break the bank.

Shop OSRAM Xenarc Original here.


Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED

With the Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED range, Philips have harnessed all their experience and world-class engineering expertise in making an LED headlight bulb far in advance of its competitors. The Philips Ultinon Pro9000 is capable of producing masses of extra light, with a beam up to 250% brighter than standard, while also providing supreme style with a striking cool white light colour. These are the newest range of LED's from Philips, launched in November 2020.

Please note: using LED lights in the exterior of your vehicle is not road legal. You may need to purchase an additional CANbus adaptor for this range to work with your car. Take a look at our range here

Shop Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED bulbs here.


Say hello to the newest LED headlight range from OSRAM, the world-renowned lighting specialists. With a colour temperature of 6000K, the LEDriving HL range delivers a vivid, icy white colour - perfect for those drivers who want an intensely stylish, modern light on the road. Plus, you'll also benefit from an improved light output in comparison to a standard halogen bulb. This ensures you've got that crucial extra vision during night time driving.

Please note: using LED lights in the exterior of your vehicle is not road legal. You may need to purchase an additional CANbus adaptor for this range to work with your car. Take a look at our range here

Shop OSRAM LEDriving HL LED bulbs here.

GT Ultra LED

The GT Ultra LED bulb range may be the newest on the block, but don't underestimate it! Offering a striking, cool white light (5700K), as well as a light that's up to 200% brighter than a standard halogen, the range achieves a good balance of performance and styling. 

Please note that the GT Ultra LED range is not road legal. However, this range eliminates the need for an additional CANbus control unit - the bulb has a state-of-the-art voltage control design included.

Shop GT Ultra LED bulbs here.

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