Dashcams Decoded

Dashcams Decoded

What are dashcams?

Dashcams (aka automotive driving recorders or dashboard cameras) are cameras that are designed specifically to record the road ahead as you drive. They’re useful for providing video evidence, for example during insurance claims, helping to protect you on the road in the unlikely event of an accident. 
They’re becoming more and more popular, especially in Europe, Asia, the US and Australia. Not all countries have welcomed the idea of recording during driving, however. In Switzerland, there are concerns over privacy, and so their use is discouraged. Austria has made the use of dashcams illegal, and you can be fined if you’re caught using one. Recording on the road in Australia and Poland is OK as long as personal privacy standards are not breached. 

Are they worth it?

Here at PB HQ we think dashcams are a great idea. Even if you’re lucky enough to never need the footage that you record, you’re always protected on the road. Plus, you never know - you might just capture the next big viral hit!
Our two newest dashcams, the Philips ADR610 and the ADR810, are packed with great features that will help to protect you on the road in the event of an accident. Keep reading to find out our favourite features from the Philips ADR range…

Automatically amazing

If you’re worried about being distracted by a dashcam whilst driving, then the Philips Automotive Driving Recorders are a great choice. When connected via your cigarette lighter, the camera automatically starts up when you turn the engine on. The recorder also detects collisions, saves the recording of that event and also ensures that that piece of footage will not be overwritten. This all happens automatically throughout your journey, without the need for you to press any buttons. 

Feeling sleepy?

A new feature for the Philips dashcams is the Fatigue Index, which could help you to potentially avoid a collision or dangerous situation. Using a clever algorithm, the camera works out how tired you are based on factors including the time of day and the amount of time you’ve spent behind the wheel. Once you hit fatigue levels, the camera will emit visual and acoustic warnings to remind you to take a break. 
We love this feature at PB HQ. We can all be guilty of forgetting to take a break or forgoing a rest to get to your destination quickly. If you take proper breaks and rests during a drive, you can recharge your energy so that when you return to the road, your concentration will be restored.

Crisp and clear

Most dashcams today, including the Philips range, have HD capabilities and advanced, wide-angled lenses, meaning that the footage filmed will be crisp and clear. No need to worry during night time driving – the cameras are also designed to have great low light performance. Please refer to the specification of each product to find out more about the technology of each camera.
You can see our full range of dashcams here. Don't forget, every order comes with a free 12 month warranty and can be shipped to you for free!