Headlight globes for your car

Headlight globes for your car

There are a number of options available when it comes to replacing your car headlight globes. Sometimes a globe will fail and a replacement is needed urgently to ensure the vehicle stays road legal. Drivers are also taking a more pro-active approach to their headlights and changing their globes before they fail.

The benefits of being pro-active are twofold. Firstly, drivers can benefit from a significant increase in the amount of light they can obtain. There are a range of upgrade headlight globes that deliver up to 100% more light on the road. Secondly, because bulbs do wear down over time, they will fail at some point, and also the performance of globes reduces the longer they are used. Waiting for them to fail is a bit like waiting to change your brake pads until there's nothing left.

It's recommended that globes are changed regularly as part of the general vehicle servicing regime. Not only does this reduce the chance of an unexpected and inconvenient bulb failure, but it also means drivers can upgrade their headlights to gain up to 100% more light than standard.

PowerBulbs delivers headlight globes to over 60 countries, including Australia, with free delivery and, for your peace of mind, a 12 month warranty. If you're unsure of which fitting of headlight globe you need for your vehicle, take a look at our online bulb finder. If your vehicle is not listed then our team are here to help - please drop us a line and we'll be glad to advise.