What`s The Difference Between PIAA Hyper Arros and Philips WhiteVision?

What`s The Difference Between PIAA Hyper Arros and Philips WhiteVision?

Say hello to the new PIAA Hyper Arros range! You may be familiar with the specs of these new bulbs, but how do they compare to Philips WhiteVision?

Let's take a quick look at the differences between each range.

  PIAA Hyper Arros Philips WhiteVision
Colour temperature 3900K Up to 3700K
Light on the road 120% more light on the road in comparison to standard 60% more light on the road than standard
Road legal Yes Yes

Let's see how they size up to each other in The Battle Of The Bulbs...

Colour temperature

The Philips WhiteVision has a colour temperature of up to 3700K. This produces a colour that's slightly whiter than standard but doesn't come too close to an ice white/blue colour, giving you a hint of style.

The winner in this round, however, is the PIAA Hyper Arros. With a Kelvin rating of 3900K, you'll get a whiter light whilst remaining road legal.

Light on the road

PIAA's Hyper Arros bulbs deliver an extra 120% more light on the road than standard. This is due to the specialist heat-resistant glass design and robust construction of the bulbs.

How does this compare to the Philips range? Well, WhiteVision bulbs produce up to 60% more light on the road, as well as a longer beam pattern. This means that the bulbs will light up the road more than a standard bulb, helping you to spot potential hazards more quickly and easily.

It's worth noting that, whilst both of these ranges do give extra light on the road, they are styling products. Their power goes into producing a whiter light than a brighter one. If your primary concern is more light rather than a whiter light, take a look at our Maximum Performance range.

Road legality

Some styling bulbs are not road legal. When halogen headlight bulbs reach a colour temperature of 4300K or above, they are classed as non-road legal. The light becomes too white/blue, and could potentially confuse other drivers who mistake these lights for those of the emergency services.

There's no need to worry about road legality with these ranges. Both Philips WhiteVision and PIAA Hyper Arros are fully road legal, allowing you to look stylish on the road, worry-free!

Which bulb is better?

It all comes down to personal preference. Both bulbs are fairly evenly matched, meaning that we expect you to achieve similarly stylish results with both. The Hyper Arros has the edge on colour temperature (3900K compared to WhiteVision's up to 3700K), and light on the road (120% compared to 60%).

So, if you're looking for a styling bulb with a bit more light on the road than standard, choose Philips WhiteVision. If you want a higher colour temperature, PIAA's Hyper Arros is the right bulb for you.

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