What`s The Difference Between OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ and Philips Diamond Vision?

What`s The Difference Between OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ and Philips Diamond Vision?


The OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ has now been replaced with the OSRAM Cool Blue Boost, which has a colour temperature of up to 5000K. 

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Yes - you heard that right - the OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ range is now back in stock! If you're already familiar with the range, you may be wondering how it compares to Philips Diamond Vision bulbs.

Let's pit these two against each other to see how they size up. Let the Battle of the Bulbs commence!

Take a look at the main differences between the OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ and the Philips Diamond Vision below:

  OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ Philips Diamond Vision
Colour temperature 5000K 5000K
Brightness Up to 50% brighter than standard Philips Diamond Vision does not offer a greater light output
Road Legal No No

Colour temperature

Both bulbs produce a colour temperature of 5000K. The higher the Kelvin rating, the cooler the colour temperature will be. 5000K produces an ice white light with a slight blue tint - a close colour match for Xenon HID bulbs. 

If you're all about style on the road, the Philips Diamond Vision or the OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ are both ideal choice for your car.


These bulbs are tied on colour temperature, but it's their brightness that really sets the two ranges apart. Philips Diamond Vision works in a similar way to other styling bulbs. The range uses its power to produce a whiter light rather than any extra light output in comparison to a standard bulb.

OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ goes one better. The range can produce a whiter light that's up to 50% brighter than standard. So, in comparison to Diamond Vision, you're getting the best of both worlds - the distinctive look with a brighter beam.

Road legality

Due to their high colour temperature, both the Cool Blue Hyper+ and the Diamond Vision are not road legal. This is because their strong ice white/blue light can potentially be confused with the lights of the emergency services and can distract other drivers.

Which bulb is better?

It's all down to personal preference. If you're after a strong, stylish and dynamic look, then the OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper+ may be the best choice. It has the added bonus of extra brightness, which also helps you to see more of the road ahead as well as producing that modern look.

However, if you choose Philips Diamond Vision, you'll get one of the best ice white beams that a halogen can produce!

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