Auto Express Awards 2015: Xenon HID bulbs

Auto Express Awards 2015: Xenon HID bulbs

It's that time of the year again - Auto Express are handing out awards to the best bulbs on the market. Last week, they focused on Xenon HID bulbs.

The testing this year took place in OSRAM's HID centre, located in Berlin. If you're new to the Auto Express awards, you might not know that the testing takes place in different locations each year, usually alternating between Philips' and OSRAM's factories.

The winners are...

Auto Express Best Buy Award 2015: OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited

When testing this product, Auto Express were impressed with the visibly bright, even and symmetical beam. The bulb also produces a white light with a blue hue, which was also a big plus in Auto Express' eyes.

We love the Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited, too. It produces up to 70% more light on the road, plus a 20m longer light beam in comparison to a standard Xenon HID. You'll be able to see the road ahead with ease!

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Auto Express Recommended Award 2015: Philips X-treme Vision Xenon

It sounds as if it was a close call between this and the OSRAM, but the Night Breaker Unlimited just pipped the X-treme Vision Xenon to the post. Auto Express loved the light produced by this range, which they found matched the Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited. However, the beam length of the X-treme Vision Xenon fell slightly short of OSRAM's during the test.

Philips' Certificate of Authenticity was a big factor in this bulb winning an award. Philips now provide a unique QR code on each box that enables you to check that your Xenon bulb is genuine. Find out more about the Certificate of Authenticity here.

With 50% more light on the road and 20% extra brightness than standard, we think that the Philips X-treme Vision Xenon is a fantastic upgrade option.

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Auto Express Recommended Award 2015: Philips Vision Xenon

Out of all the standard replacements tested, the Vision Xenon was the favourite. They found this bulb to have a similar effect on the road to the X-treme Vision, producing a clear and even beam to help you spot potential hazards on the road with ease. 

If you're after a standard replacement for your existing Xenon HID bulbs, we think the Philips Vision Xenon is a great choice. A colour temperature of 4600K will give you a strong white light on the road, and the bulb has an expected lifetime of up to five years.

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What we think

Overall, we think that Auto Express picked worthy winners - all the bulbs that won are fantastic Xenon headlight options.

However, we've often noticed that the bulb that wins is manufactured by the brand whose factory the tests are conducted in that year. We'd love to see these annual tests take place in a neutral setting, to see if that would alter the results in any way.

Do you agree with the results of Auto Express' Xenon HID Awards? Let us know in the comments which bulb you would pick to win the Best Buy Award!