Replacement Brake Light Bulbs

Upgrade your brake light bulbs today at PowerBulbs, an approved partner of leading manufacturers Philips and OSRAM. You’ll discover the latest automotive bulbs suitable for lights including the Philips Vision Plus P21/5W. Our bulbs come with a free warranty and delivery is free of charge to most countries. Browse our range of replacement brake light bulbs today.

What is a brake light and when are brake light bulbs used?

Brake lights, also known as stop lamps, are used to indicate to other drivers that you are using the brake pedal and slowing down on the road. They are not used to illuminate the road ahead or give you extra visibility - their purpose is to show other drivers your actions.

Where are brake light bulbs located?

You’ll find brake or stop light bulbs at the rear of your vehicle. They are a red colour.

Why is it important to replace brake light bulbs?

It’s essential that you replace a failed brake light bulb. If your brake light bulbs do not illuminate, the driver behind you may not realise that you are braking and slowing down, which could cause an accident.

Types of brake light bulbs

Brake lights are available as LED or halogen, usually in P21/5W and P21W fittings. Please check your vehicle handbook or use our Bulb Finder to find out which fitting your car needs - different vehicles use different fittings.