Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)


When buying your next bulbs, it’s important to be on the look-out for counterfeit bulbs. These are fake products masquerading as genuine Philips products, which are not only poor quality but generally unsafe for road use. Thankfully, there’s an easy way for you to check whether your bulbs are genuine. Using Philips’ unique QR codes on the product packaging, you can scan these to check in minutes whether your bulbs are authentic Philips products. Read more on the issue here.

The Philips Vision Plus range provides the perfect option to upgrade your vehicle’s headlights, signalling bulbs, and even brake lights to make your journeys safer and brighter.

Not only will you receive improved brightness, but faster response times while making yourself clearly seen by other drivers on the road.

Why buy Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)?

Philips’ Vision Plus range brings a range of added benefits to you and your vehicle, including both safety and convenience.

Not only will these bulbs allow you to see further ahead on the road and improve your reaction times, but they will also help others to see you more clearly. In fact, with these bulbs all around your vehicle, the driver behind has approximately 3 metres additional braking distance at 100km/h.

This makes these bulbs incredibly safe for normal road usage, ensuring that your journeys are brighter and safer. Not only this, but they will last you longer than less advanced halogens. With a unique combination of gases inside, the thicker filament lights up brighter and faster, without using up all the bulb’s energy.

Treat your vehicle to the latest upgrade with the Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin). Why not go for all-round safety and convenience and upgrade your signal and brake lights too?

Features and benefits of Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

  • Twin pack
  • Compatible with 12V systems
  • 100% road-legal and ECE-certified
  • Advanced halogen technology
  • Longer lifespan
  • Improved reaction times
  • vailable in a range of fittings
  • Up to 12 months free warranty

About Philips

Since their very beginning over a hundred years ago, Philips has been changing the world of automotive lighting with high-quality products you can count on. A reliable, trustworthy name in the industry, Philips supply their products to over 150 countries worldwide, helping to make motorists’ vehicles shine brighter, and drive safer.

FittingP21W (382)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeStandard
Light Improvement
Road LegalYes
Kelvin Ratingn/a
RangeVision Plus

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Customer Reviews

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Bright lights

Was fed up with poor reversing lights. Ordered the vision plus bulbs, Night vision much better, can see where I’m reversing now. Very fast delivery! Thank you.

By Steve on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Great

Much brighter than standard manufacture fitted ones

By Steve on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Philips Vision Plus P21W

I'm happy with the bulbs and the seller. Good communication and fast delivery.

By Andris on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

4 White Light

Better bulb for reversing lamps gives a good white light


Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Super bright!!

I bought these brake lights again as I have had them before and found them very bright and they lasted a long time. Value for money!!

By Lizzie on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Great bulb and prompt dispatch

Replaced all my BMW E60 Tail and brake lights together (6) of them. Looks perfect; great delivery to India and was well packed. Thank You.

By Natarajan on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Safe

these lamps react faster than normal bulb Ideal as a brake light

By Maulwurff on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Excellent Price and Delivery

Thanks to Powerbulbs

By Abdul on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 P21w buld

Brighter than the normal bulds you can buy look fine on my t5 camper van

By AL T5 on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Very good!

Brighter than previous Trifa and more illumination. Although I use them as DRL lights they perform really nice and better visibility by others drivers in my vehicle.

By AkisVH on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 when each sec. counts

Glows faster than the standard W21 bulgs, perfect for your brake lights

By Mol on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 PPhilips Vision Plus P21W

Delivered on time and worked correctly

By Mr G McArthur on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Awesome service

Powerbulbs provides a superior service in everyway. The experience of purchasing to receiving goods on time is exceptional.

By Returning Customer on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Philips Vision Plus P21W


By NMM on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Bulbs

What a great company to order from, they have the products required for my cars from well known names which are made to last the distance. The postage is quick as we are international

By Gary on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 vision plus

Switched to these after several other makes of bulbs didn't last very long, so hopefully these will do the trick, you only get what you pay for in this world, so I am well pleased with these so far.

By James on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Phillips P21W bulb

Worth the the additional cost (3x the price of Asian bulbs) as there is a 12 month guarantee. Was getting on average 3 months life from a "cheap" bulb for my SAAB tailight.

By Peter on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Quality bulbs.

I purchased these bulbs to replace my old set of OEM taillight bulbs. They're nice and bright and that's what you need on the road, to be visible. I can't comment on the durability, but it's Philips, so expect a longer lifespan between changes. Overall it's a great buy.

By Matthew on

Philips Vision Plus P21W (Twin)

5 Excellence

It's in the title, 1st rate...I wish all online experiences were so good...many thanks

By Carl Jones on

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