PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 Twin Car Headlight Bulbs

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

Can’t choose between Maximum Performance or Styling bulbs for your vehicle’s headlights? The solution is simple: choose both with PIAA’s fantastic new Hyper Arros 5000K series.

Why buy the PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)?

After years of ceaseless innovation, PIAA have engineered a game-changing halogen headlight bulb capable of both vastly improving brightness and style: the Hyper Arros 5000K. Ordinarily, a halogen bulb upgrade is defined by a choice: whether to enhance light output or improve the style of lighting (ie colour temperature). Amazingly, the Hyper Arros 5000K eschews this convention by offering a light both 120% brighter than standard with a cool white 5000K colour temperature.

Where this 5000K white light will give you a strikingly stylish look – similar to that provided by xenon-HIDs – the extra brightness provided will also ensure a heightened perception of your surroundings. Courtesy of PIAA’s prestigious Japanese and Korean engineering teams, the Hyper Arros 5000K’s meticulous construction ensures a perfectly positioned beam placement, so no light is wasted. The bulbs’ vast projection illuminates the road ahead, highlighting potential hazards much sooner while avoiding dazzling other drivers, so you can drive safer and more comfortably.

The Hyper Arros 5000K represents a groundbreaking advance in halogen headlight bulbs. Buy today, and experience the benefit of improved style and sight for yourself.

Features and benefits

  • Intense 5000K colour temperature
  • Vivid white light colour
  • Includes both Maximum Performance and Styling bulb features
  • 120% more light than standard halogen
  • Close styling match to xenon-HID
  • 10cm black PIAA logo sticker included
  • Not road legal – for off-road applications only
  • Manufactured in Japan and Korea
  • Six month warranty

About PIAA

Since being founded in 1963, the PIAA Corporation has committed itself to the development of technologically advanced, safer automotive lighting. PIAA’s world-class products, ranging from driving lights and fog lights to high output replacement bulbs, are the result of the company’s tireless, progressive engineering, and uncompromising work ethic. Their aim is simple: give the customer the best-quality product available.

FittingH7 (499)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeStyling
Kelvin RatingUp to 5000K
Road LegalNo
RangeHyper Arros 5000K
Light Improvement

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4.8 Based on 8 customer reviews


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Customer Reviews

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

5Piaa super bright

A fine pair of bulbs and boy are they bright can see where I'm going using H7,s on dip light as ststanderd mine were pants now I can see where in going without having to go for main beem great bulbs

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

5Best. Bulbs. Ever.

These bulbs are absolutely incredible. They are super bright, super white and super stylish. I had old H7 Phillips Diamond vision bulbs in my 2017 Skoda Fabia. They were okay. But these are incredible. Light output is similar to LED. Not as bright but bright enough that's for sure. I would absolutely recommend these bulbs!

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

3Piaa Hyper 5000

The bulbs look great for appearance, but light output on the road is poor. No way near 120%. If you're after a good look, they are indeed the right bulb, however if you want performance go with Philips X-treme Vision 130%

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

5Piaa Hyper 5000

Top product and great Customer Service .

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)


best bulbs ever

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

5Piaa Hyper Arros 5000k

Satisfy with the product I recommended.

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

5Very good

These lamps are very good, very high quality and don't throw any error codes (audi). Would recommend as these lamps are bright white with a with a tint of blue.

PIAA Hyper Arros 5000K H7 (Twin)

5H7 Hyper Arros 5000k

Purchased these for VW Amarok and I have to say that over the moon with them. Give a lovely bright white light which are a massive improvement on standard yellow bulbs.

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