Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)


Counterfeit bulbs are becoming an increasing problem for customers, which is why we’re pleased to say that Philips has devised an easy solution to make sure your bulbs are genuine. Using unique QR codes on the product packaging, you can scan these using your smartphone camera to verify your bulbs’ authenticity. All so you can rest assured you have purchased genuine Philips bulbs, which are of high quality and safe for road use. Read more on counterfeit bulbs.

Introducing the Philips Diamond Vision range, giving your car the premium look for less. With all the style of HID Xenon bulbs, the Philips Diamond Vision range offers halogen headlight bulbs with a whiter light projection.

This makes the perfect touch to add to your vehicle to achieve the look you want.

Why buy Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)?

The Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin) bulbs are the perfect choice for those looking to make a stylish statement with their headlight bulbs.

With a higher Kelvin rating of 5000K, these bulbs will drastically improve the look of your vehicle with a crisp, white light featuring a subtle blue tint thanks to the unique coating used. The ultimate styling upgrade to take your vehicle’s look to the next level.

Features and benefits of Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

  • 5000 Kelvin rating means a whiter light projection
  • Styling match for HID Xenon bulbs
  • Whitest upgrade available among halogen bulbs
  • 12 months’ warranty included
  • Compatible with 12V systems
  • 55W
  • Not road legal in the the EU

About Philips

Philips is a world-leading supplier in the automotive lighting industry, having lent its expertise and premium quality standards for over a hundred years. Always made to the highest quality, Philips delivers their bulbs to motorists in over 150 countries, with reliability in every single one.

PLEASE NOTE: The standard unit for colour temperature is Kelvin (K). Brightness is measured in lumen. Standard halogen bulbs produce yellow light at 3200K. Xenon HID technology produces white light at 4200K. The colour temperature for bluish white light is 5000K. The colour and brightness of the headlights in the visual is not an actual representation of Philips headlights. The Philips Diamond Vision range is not road legal in the UK. Philips Diamond Vision car bulbs do not comply with ECE R37 regulations and are not road legal. We are therefore not legally responsible for any future action relating to the use of these non-road legal bulbs if used on public highways or any other on-road situation.

FittingH7 (499)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeStyling
Road LegalNo
Kelvin Rating5000K
Light Improvement
RangeDiamond Vision

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Rest of the World: 5-10 business days*

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Customer Reviews

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Racing bulbs

Excellent no errors

By Mohammad on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Five stars

As described, arrived quickly, high quality.

By I.H on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Worth the extra cash

These are exactly the same fitting as "standard" bulbs but they really do provide better light than standard ones. Definitely worth the extra few pounds

By Andy on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Quite white, but not bright.

Bulbs are pretty much as advertised. Definitely the whitest h7 halogen bulbs I've ever seen but the light output isn't very impressive. Don't get me wrong they are bright enough to be considered usable but I won't be using these again when they go as I personally prefer more brightness.

By Dave on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Finally the right colour!

After going through several different types these were the ones I am the most satisfied with, the quality of luminescence and colour right where I like it to be, highly recommend.

By Jo on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 MK7 R: Awesome upgrade

Bulbs are a beautiful upgrade on my MK7 Golf R from the OEM yellowish ones They really stand out, and even though the output is the same, visibility is better!

By Raph on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Great colour, poor light

The colour temperature is brilliant if you're looking to get a "LED look". Compared to a Philips white vision bulb, the light isn't as bright. I'm guessing that this is the reason why these aren't road legal. Good purchase anyway.

By 1M Km on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great Bulbs.

I have tried virtually all the "5000k" bulbs on the market. I find Phillips Diamond Visions give the 'bluest' light, that is as close to 6000k LEDs or HIDs as possible. Distance is slightly less than regular bulbs, but nothing drastic. Poland is the country of origin of all these I have purchased over the years. I recommend these completely to anyone looking for that white/blue light.

By John B on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Quality

Amazing upgrade in my new headlights. Whiter/clearer as advertised. Easy install and order process. Handled order outstandingly amidst the pandemic.

By Albert on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Ideal!

Fitted as replacement bulbs for my Golf cornering lights. Work a treat.

By Andrew on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips Diamond Vision Bulbs

These bulbs are excellent giving a good white spread of light making night driving safer and easier on the eyes. Delivered quickly and were well packaged. Well Done

By Bossrat on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Finally, actual white halogen lights

After having tried many different lights that claimed to be 'white' or 'up to 5000k' these have finally proved to actually be white as claimed. Matches great with my DTR LEDs and side lights. Also quick delivery and a fair price. 5/5 would recommend.

By Jur on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Beats euros...

For all some dealership, have good prices. They still need to be ' held to the mast '. They cannot cover it all. Hence as to WHY i in the area of bulbs check Powerbulbs prices. Service good, Pricing good. Support the underdog.

By A Consumer/public Member. on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Aus delivery (for mercedes)

These bulbs are really good if you want that white vision for your car as opposed to the warm colored stock halogens :) Easy as frick to change also, note that for my car in particular (mercedes sedan) I had to change parking lights (t10) also as they stay on with the headlights. check to see if urs do too!

By Ben on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Cornering bulbs

Good price.Prompt. Delivery.Do what they are supposed to.

By Kaycee on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Delivery to Australia

On time delivery. Excellent packaging. Good prices

By Karunaratne on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Nice n bright

Great bulbs, nice bright white crisp light. Close match to HID. Great price on a deal so very pleased. Will probably buy another set to replace high bulbs

By FlyingScotsman on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 H7 Diamond Vision

Bought these bulbs as most of the roads I travel on don't have any artificial lighting. These Diamond Vision bulbs cut through the dark like nothing else I've used. Thoroughly recommend these bulbs to country drivers !

By 66pants on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great Service

Delivery was on time. Cheaper than market price. Good Quality

By Pardeep Singh on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 H7 Diamond Vision

Great bulbs for the price, crisp clear light with a slight hint of blue. Awesome look and easy install. VW mk6 Jetta

By MJHarmer on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great service!

Thank you Powerbulbs company for great service like always.. Happy to come back to you. Oren :)

By Oren, Tel Aviv, Israel on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent Upgrade

Bought these to replace the standard yellowy colour cornering bulbs on my Mk7 GTi. The Diamond Vision are a near perfect match for my headlights plus an absolute doodle to fit.

By Chris M on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Fantastic Lightbulbs

It is an amazing lightbulb. Nice white light compare to yellowish stock.

By Alex on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Nice and white

I wanted white bulbs that were still 55/60W, these are perfect.

By Andy on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)


Top company ,Good quality products First class service Thanks to Matt & All the Team at Powerbulbs Kind Regards Simon

By Simon on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great item

Great bulbs, bright enough and a nice modern white look to them, without going too blue. I’ve had two sets over the last few months with being so impressed with the first set. Good price and a good company to deal with.

By Neil on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 H7

I BOUGHT H7 and H11 for my car.They are amazing.


Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Awesome

Awesome bulbs! Would definitely recommend to anyone although they are illegal to drive on the public road.

By Jan on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great product

I'm very impressed with the efficient service I received from your company and the bulbs are a great success

By Stephen on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Good product

Shipping was a bit delayed, past their estimated 5-10 business days, but maybe because I live in Canada. Otherwise good bulbs. When I last bought the same bulbs they were up and running for 3 years, when finally one of the bulbs went out, compared to subpar quality bulbs at Canadian Tire that doesn't even last 2 months. Recommended. Huge difference between Made in Germany and Made in China garbage.

By Barry on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Diamond Vision

If you looking for a good white color this are the best. I compare with LED 6000K and are much more brighter. Good recommendation. Thanks Will (

By Nick on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 main beam

these are very white and show a lot better light than factory Audi A3 [2007] but but not much further in length,

By John M on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Bulbs.

Philips bulbs. H7 and H11 for fog lights on mk 5 golf and audi a4. Top class quality and a top class dealer. Fast delivery and excellent service and parts. Will be buying from company again.

By Colly on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Hi every one i have just recieved my order which is one of 6 this year there are 5 cars in my family so i have been up dating my head lights with brighter bulbs & once again i have received my order with in the time frame stated the quality is first class and so much cheeper than from our outlets in Australia. I would not hesitate to recommend Power Bulbs to any one contemplating using this company. Just make sure you correctly identify the bulbs your car may use before you order. Regards Jimi

By Jimaki on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 best on market

Very very nice bulbs. Looks amazing

By Led Man on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Bright and a perfect match to LEDs

Having just upgraded my parking lights to LEDs it became painfully obvious just how yellow my factory halogen bulbs are. These Philips Diamond Vision light are nearly a perfect match in terms of colour temperature to the LEDs - a bright white. Some reviews indicate that the bulbs have disappointing brightness, and it's true that around town they don't look as bright as the old yellow ones, but I figure that's because the colour is different (and clashing, for want of a better word) with the light the street lamps emit. On the open road the improvement is dramatic, and on my 2005 Mini Cooper S the light output is very similar (in colour, spread and brightness) to that of my Skoda Octavia with Xenons. Longevity is my only concern but considering Powerbulbs sell them for half the price of equivalent Australian retailers, I think I’ll just buy myself a spare set as I don’t want to be without them again. Highly recommended!

By Paul Colledge on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 car head lamps

I am very satisfied with the service. the price was much cheaper than the one in Australia and delivery was quick. it took only 4-5 days.

By Manjit Singh on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent bulbs

Very white light with only a slight hint of blue, very happy! Only concern is the relatively short life expectancy.

By Mark on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

I brought these for my Renault Clio give a very white light compared to original a lot better distance spread of beam a lot better to look at than the yellow originals would recommend

By Clean Hands on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great white lights

These are great! I’ve spent almost twice as much on others and these are by far much brighter and whiter !

By Blair G on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent service

Excellent service fantastic prices and super quick delivery I will definitely recommend and use again

By Glynn on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Amazing, must buy

Seriously amazing bulbs, the bulbs I have been looking for, literally months of buying other apparently white lights but these genuinely are blue/white, fitted in projector headlights and light up the whole road in beautiful colour :)

By Dale on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

These bulbs have a really white appearance, even I would say everso slightly blue. They are also quite bright, I don’t think they are any worse than the OEM osrams which is common with the blue coated glass bulbs. I’ve thried cheap eBay ones before and they are white to look at but have a shocking output. These are ok.

By SB on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great

Really white with a blue tinge. Been looking for something like these for ages, love them!

By Kate on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Fantastic

I love my bulbs and they was the cheapest on the whole internet and I would buy from this company again.

By Mrabsent on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Bulb review

Really good packaging.great shipment speed.genuin product. Really powerful lights.recomended.

By Prantik Chakraborty on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision Bulbs

I had excellent communication with the guys from Power Bulbs. After installing the new bulbs, I immediately noticed how much whiter the light was, compared to my old ones. Overall, very happy with the result.

By Kerry on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Amazing!

Exactly what I have been looking for. I changed my side lights to LED, so I needed to change my main headlight bulb to match the white light produced by LED. These are just perfect!

By Kevin on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 perfect

easy to order, fast shipping. Thank you.

By Marko on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great Bulbs

I have a Hyundai i40 wagon.The high beam was woeful a dull yellow in comparison to the bright white low beam & LED`s . These bulbs match the white light & are a huge improvement over the factory bulbs. High Beam works now ..

By Ian Thompson on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Diamond Vision

Excellent globes and well worth the purchase. So much cheaper with "Power Globes" than i was able to obtain in Aus. Goods arrived well within guesstimated delivery date and in excellent condition. Fitted next weekend and sooo much better than the original. Cheers, Barry

By Barry on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great bulb and service

Install on polo 2010. Enhanced the look without compromised lighting visibility. Great stuff and service tip top!

By Naimmi Rejab on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision

Bought these as replacements for the cornering lights on my Golf R. Very white & bright & match the Bi-Xenons perfectly.A good cheap upgrade.

By Stevie on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Perfect White!!

Fitted these to my Focus ST 2014 (reflector housing). These give a brilliant white light with no hint of yellow whatsoever, if you are looking for a Xenon match then look no further. These look great with Philips 501 X-treme vision 360 LED 8000k in sidelights. Quick delivery & excellent customer service from Powerbulbs. Would definitely recommend!

By Al Rankin on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great product!

Delivery time was very good, only took two days! The lights themself give off an excellent white and light and are nice and bright, defiantly worth the money, will be using these again!!

By Morgan on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs!

This is the second set I have purchased as I was very pleased with the first. I am using these H7 bulbs in my Audi S6 to replace the stock halogen bulbs in my fog lights. I wanted to change the stock 'yellowish' colour of the halogens to match the 'white' colour of the LED DRLs and the HID low and high beams. Perfect match to 5000 K colour of the LEDs and HID! I believe that these bulbs may not have the same brightness as the original halogen due to the bulb coating (blue) but I knew that up front and can live with that. Very pleased with the competitive prices, stock, quick shipping and customer service at Power Bulbs and will always be my first choice to deal with them!

By Tim on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 White light

Nice white light but not very bright.

By Darren Ong on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great!

More than happy with the purchase. Lights are great, they came well boxed and delivery was fast. Just ordered more bulbs for my car from here.

By Jay on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision H7

Incredibly White,incredibly bright.Bought for my sons Corolla and they are much better than the Osram Nightbreakers in my car. Fantastic.

By Gord on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Powerbulbs Rock

Ordered Phillips Diamond Vision H7 globes, my first experience with ordering globes online with Powerbulbs and I am extremely impressed and happy with their service and delivery. The packing is fantastic. I will be placing all my bulb orders from Powerbulbs and highly recommending the same to all my car enthusiast friends. Thanks a lot

By Prashanth Gowda on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Amazing and fast postage

This company I will highly recommend to everyone. This bulb in particular is the best and a nice white bright light, the postage was very good and on time... I have shopped with them before and always will for my cars light bulbs... thanks very much guys... I would also like to mention the customer service guy was very helpful when I call up as I previously purchased wrong bulbs due to my one mistake... however the staff member Patrick was very helpful...

By Amazing Company on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Decent bulbs

Have tried other 5000k and above stated halogens and these have a decent white light but do not suffer the terrible light output that nost other hid look a like bulbs do. Will deffo purchase again.

By Allister Woodside on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 awesome as usual.

Ordered many times and as usual all in order.

By DS on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great value for money

Using them on my ninja300, fantastic product , great price, it gets noticed by others and they note that I've changed my headlamps

By Yk on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Lighting it up as promised!

Excellent bulb, gets noticed by the true white tone. I'm using them on my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R in the projector headlamp assembly. They're a tad dull compared to OEM bulb but can't complain. Would buy again, wish they could make them a bit brighter. I noted that after install, I'm having to realign the low beam, not sure if that is a manufacturing defect or just a trait of the bulb, but it isn't a biggie. (I have yet to get to it!)

By TJ on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great bulb; nice white colour

I bought these bulbs for my Kawasaki Ninja 300 and they're great! The light is brighter and much whiter than stock, so it not only looks good, but is also safer at night . They haven't been in for long so I can't comment on longevity, but their initial performance is fantastic. Didn't take long for the bulbs to arrive... and free shipping is always a bonus! Cheers Powerbulbs :)

By Praveen on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Best Bulbs Ever!!!

I brought these bulbs and installed them on my car. Perfect fit and colour. During the day they are white displayed on the road. At night they really do transform into a more blue colour. Tried the blue intense bulbs, man they do not match the blue from these bulbs. If you are after a bulb with a blue tint while driving and on the road these are the ones! Great shipping. Price is high, But worth it. Interesting thing is, they say they are not road legal in Australia. I've asked around, even automotive dealers and road mangers and they say that it is fine to use. Since they aren't classified as LED lights, they are road legal in Australia. However if you go higher than 5000k they said it would not be road legal and classified as LED lights. I'm driving around at night and day with police cars around, no pull overs or anything. Driving at night, no driving a flashing you or anything. Love these blubs

By Emily on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 5 Star

These are the best lights I have ever had, fair price but good quality

By Nukeman on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Exceeded Expectations

Got these bulbs and they exceeded my expectations! A brilliant white light nd brigther than the standard halogen headlights. Highly recommended.

By Audi Q5 on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Opinion

Great company , greats bulbs

By Rena on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond vision

Excellent customer service , bulbs fitted my Mercedes CLS , slight improvement over original Merc bulbs !

By Wvchem on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent bulbs

Looking nice and crisp in a slight blue tinge. Good visibility at night driving. Very fast delivery Highly recommend

By Toby on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

The shipping was fast, faster than I expected actually, the packaging was very good and protective and as for the bulbs I don't think there is much I can say that hasn't been said already. They give out a clear white light, they look close to HIDs IMHO, they updated the look of my car with a few years.

By Chad on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Now *these* ones are white!

I replaced some Philips Whitevision bulbs with these Diamond Vision ones. The Whitevision bulbs were whiter than the standard ones, but still looked very yellow next to the LED running lights on my Focus. The Diamond vision bulbs look perfect! They do have a lesser throw, but that's what you're signing up for.

By John M on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Perfect light

Diamond bulbs have perfect brightness and xenon look. The light intensity is like oem bulbs but the light color is perfect. Absolutely worth buying.

By Ermal on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 perfect color but not so bright ...

I bought these bulbs because i needed some 5000K bulbs made by a good brand like Philips (i had already some Xtreme vision and blue vision bulbs)..the color is white/bluished compared to my 5000K led parking lights (really white)... but compared to my Philips Xtreme vision bulbs i lost quite a lot of intensity and light on the right and left of the road .... i am overall satisfied but as described it is styling bulb ... not performance bulb ... however these are the only bulbs matching with my 5000K LED parking lights !!!

By Sebastien Chevalier on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision

It is not often that the product is better than expected - but in this purchase that is the case . Fantastic improvement to my Porsche original light brilliance .Thank you,

By David on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Brilliant

Simple one word description BRILLIANT

By Martin on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

Very quick delivery to belguim. Great bulbs nice white/licht blue lichts 10/10

By Mercedes C Break 2013 on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamomd Vision

Quick delivery, great bulbs, quite expensive but they are Philips at the end of the day. Nice white/blue colour, and nice brightness. 10/10

By Guido on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Very white but not very bright

I replaced the standard bulbs in my VE Commodore with the Diamond Vision bulbs and the difference in colour is immense. They are beautifully white now and with the blue parker bulbs I've got in there too, they do have a xenon-ish look at various angles. Only negative is that I didn't really notice much (or any) increase in visibility/brightness. I can't see any better at night, the road just looks much less yellow. I'll probably try the Xtreme 130% ones next to see how much more throw they have and how much white I lose. But if you're looking for purely a visual upgrade, you can't go past the Diamonds!

By Adam on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 great!

great, strong white light for a halogen. mounted in a 2013 tiguan to replace the stock halogen lights. when on next to the xenons the colour is very good and white, its not xenon of course but looks alot better!

By Jgtthd on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 spare part

Great product. Ordered another set so i have a pair ready when needed when case is these aren't sold everywhere.

By John on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Awesome HID look

These bulbs are a great option for anyone with standard factory halogen headlight bulbs. The color of these bulbs is close to a 6000k HID however the output is not as strong as an HID aftermarket kit. So far These bulbs are perfect and roughly 2 months old. no problems or errors when I installed them in my 2012 ML 350. ( crazy that the ML doesnt come with standard HIDs but thats another issue). Long story short, these bulbs are great and highly recommended !!!

By Rob D on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Nice

Good bulbs with a nice WHITE collor. But not as far the amount of light that you get from a HID xenon set. In the other sense you get a nice white look without all the problems from cables and everything. Just plug and play. Anyway fast delivery.

By Bart on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)


order came when they said it would, pleased with service and product.

By ANDY on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 great on my mercedes w204

I am one unfortunate owner of a nice car which did not have the mercedes ils pacage (xenon/hid) studied and looked around for a while and found these at last. Best buy so far for my car. At first they were more bluish but after a while they became more white-ish (which is fine really) this ofcourse due to the burn mark which every halogen bulb out there gets after some use. Replaced my eyebrow/parking lights as well with some canbus leds two on each side, no error code no nothing and they are great together. the light output is slighlty better than oem bulbs imo. The talk about how they perform bad in rain.. are they any halogens that do well in rain? i think the answer is no. Buy these and you won't need any shitty kits or anything. At least on my w204 they look like factory ones, also a couple of my mates agreed.

By Jonas on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Dimond vision

Very good quality I saw the different between my friend Chinese fake diamond vision bulbs If you want clean not strong and very nice white light, this is it. It is very simple to install and look like xenon. I like it very much Will buy second pair to my wife car.

By Nir on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Just what I was after - brilliant!

Since getting my car I've been after some nice white lights, not the horrible standard yellow colour. I decided to go for these having read the reviews... I'm so glad I went for them! They're perfect, they do have a slight blue tint too which is cool. They set my car off perfectly, I would definitely recommend - 5* and quick deliver too. Thanks!

By DMF90 on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 parfait

prix imbattable, livraison rapide, super eclairage

By Ludo on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great product & great service

Exactly as described - white with slight blue tint. Performance slightly better than OEM. Just what I was looking for. Fast delivery to Canada within 10 business days as promised! Definitely ordering again.

By Sebastian on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Great xenon replacment bulbs. Nice white colour

By Stefan on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 excellent

Nice bulbs and quick delivery! Thank you!

By Will on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

3 Philips Diamond Vision H7

I searched on line for something to try and improve the dip beam on my 2008 Merc C220 as the dip beam was woeful. I bought these hoping they would be slightly brighter but to be honest am not overly impressed for the costs. Come the darker nights I'll look at replacing them but now must go back to the drawing board and start looking again. The Diamond vision look ok and give a nice white light but def not recommended for country roads on dark nights.

By Steven on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Perfect white light

Using the Philips Diamond Vision for the corner lights of my car which are integrated in the head light units. The headlights are equiped with xenon, now the color of the corner lights are matching perfect with the xenon lights. Much beter than the original yellow lights

By A. Verschoor on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision H7

Fast delivery in Belgium! (Europe) A+

By Verheyden Andy on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Honest opinion of h7 diamond vision bulbs

Bad points first - in the rain they look quite yellow and if its just beginning to sunset then it also looks pretty yellow! Good points - once it is pitch black outside then these bulbs are at its best in the market, they provide a strong crisp white light with a tint of blue in the distance and they look Luke HIDs from the distance, also theses bulbs are very long lasting as I had them on for 4 months now and still going strong compared to my metal blue bulbs that blew like 2 months when fitted!

By Corey168 on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Brilliant lights!

Good value lights! Really bright white light with a hint of blue. Would definitely purchase again.

By John on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Diamond light

It's called diamond vision and it looks like diamonds shining. Very bright as well. It was installed on a Mercedes c300 sport.

By AP on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 GOOD !

Awesome lights !

By Thibault on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Great Product Fast Shipping

Great services... 100% satisfied. Thank you.

By Matt K on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips diamond vision

Bought two pairs one for headlight and one for for lights... Awesome alternative to HID conversion.... If you don't want to mess around with canceller boxes and hid conversions these are the must have bulbs.... You get what you pay for i would recommend these if you are thinking about upgrading your bulbs.

By Mario on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 The best replacement bulb

I've used all from piaa to Philips crystal vision..I've had this bulb on my previous Cayman, and people thought I had bixenon far this is the closest to bixenon you can get..very happy with it, bought another set for my New Boxster

By Alex P on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Diamond vision

Nice white Color like LEDS. Better visibility at night and easy to install. Good buy if you want more visibility!

By Boemel on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 very good

very good and nice look

By Ofer on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Great bulbs!

By Yann9 on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision H7

Great bulbs Philips Diamond Vision H7

By Rain on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Volvo V50

I love the globes I purchased for my Volvo. They make the car look great day or night. The price was good and they only took a few days to arrive from the UK to Australia.

By Stuart on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 A+++

My transaction with PowerBulbs was simple and smooth. The item arrived shortly after my order was put in and the product was in excellent condition. (New.) I'm an avid internet shopper and this was by far the easiest transaction I've ever made over the web. I highly recommend PowerBulbs!!

By AJH on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision

Excellent produit conforme à la description notamment sur l'effet xénon. Je recommande vraiment ce produit.

By Shubaka on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Vous avez du xénon?

Reçu en moins d'une semaine, montés sur une Laguna 3 donc feux lenticulaire. Résultat incroyable, une blancheur cristalline. Pas de bleu comme les ampoules no name. Du xénon niveau couleur, puissance d'éclairage correcte.

By Hakim on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

1 Philips diamond vision

Very quick delivery for a very good product. The xenon effect is what I expected..this is the best bulb for xenon effect even if this is not a good as real xenon light.

By Phil on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Bonne Qualité

Excellente ampoules H7. Bonne qualité d'éclairage, très proche du Xénon OEM Remplace à merveille mon kit HID (6000k). Je recommande. Envoi OK pour France.

By Chris on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Real 5000k light

Pros: This halogen bulb is actually 5000K white! Matches perfectly my 5000K LED halos. Cons: the light output is low, should only be used for styling. Apparently life span is also quite low. Conclusion: if you only drive in well lit areas and want that xenon look without actually upgrading xenons this is the way to go.

By Tadas on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 great blueish light

these are the closest to xenon lights I have seen, really blueish white. intensity comparable with stock bulbs, maybe a bit brighter at reflective road signs. I don't understand why these bulbs are not road legal in EU - I have seen really bad counterfeit xenon lights in traffic, and they suck. diamond vision are absolutely decent. this is my second pair, I bought them as a replacement of my 1-year old by now diamond vision (they still work though).

By Razzmatazz on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Look the business

If you want the HID look from head on these look brilliant. Colour is a good match to Xenon and they work well in projector style lamp units! Light output isn't great- you may find your factory bulbs brighter but I haven't found this a problem fitted in my dipped beam for inner city use.

By JB on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

2 Phillips h7 diamond vision

Give a nice OEM colour but are very dangerous at night on a poorly lite road and in the wet. Had them 1 day and had to fit old ones. Waste in £30

By Vw Man on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

5 Perfect!

These bulbs are exactly as described, they emit a pure white light with the smallest tint of blue, and are without a doubt the best halogen bulbs I've ever seen! I haven't noticed any difference in the quality of light they produce in comparison to standard bulbs, but these do light up reflective road signs much better than standard bulbs! Thoroughly recommend!

By David on

Philips Diamond Vision H7 (Twin)

4 Best for Style

Good bulbs, does what is described. Will not give you ultimate road lighting but gives you enough (better than stock) plus gives you a cool blue effect to boot. due to this i would not recommended them for high beam. Probably the best quality White type (5000K) bulb you can get in a halogen. However if your looking for the brightest light look elsewhere (X-treme vision, Nightbreaker). Best use for night time styling without going illegal HID in halogen lamps.

By Scope on

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