PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

Bringing you brilliant light without compromising safety or longevity – PIAA’s Hyper Arros range offer a terrific balance between bulb life and performance.

Why buy the PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)?

Offering both safety and illumination, PIAA’s Hyper Arros headlights series provides vehicles with a far-reaching, strong light whilst still adhering to ECE regulations – meaning you can drive on the road safer and more aware of your surroundings than ever before. As well as possessing an increased colour temperature of 3700K, the Hyper Arros also achieves 120% more light than a standard halogen bulb.

The blue-glass appearance of PIAA’s Hyper Arros allows you to add some extra style to your vehicle; while the bulb’s robust construction (including a heat-resistant glass design) ensures a long bulb life, meaning that you can rely on the safety and sight your Hyper Arros bulbs afford you night after night after night.

Features and benefits

  • 3700K bright light colour for safety and style
  • Heat-resistant glass for long life
  • 120% more light 
  • Durable design
  • Road legal – ECE compliant
  • Japanese design

About PIAA

Since being founded in 1963, the PIAA Corporation has committed itself to the development of technologically advanced, safer automotive lighting. PIAA’s world-class products, ranging from driving lights and fog lights to high output replacement bulbs, are the result of the company’s tireless, progressive engineering, and uncompromising work ethic. Their aim is simple: give the customer the best-quality product available.

Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Road LegalYes
Kelvin Rating3700K
Light Improvement

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Customer Reviews

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

4 Astra gtc bulb upgrade

I bought these as an upgrade to the shockingly poor OE HIR2 bulbs fitted to my 2016 Astra gtc, the piaa bulbs are alot better than OE, but only bring the astra gtc headlights up to a level of brightness that you would expect as standard on a hot hatch type car.

By Mike on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 PIAA Bulbs

Excellent build direct replacement for OEM with significantly better light output. This is my third set of these bulbs. But highly recommend them.

By Brian on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

4 PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2

Definitely an improvement over standard bulbs in 2016 Toyota Yaris. Whiter and brighter but don't expect Xenon like performance.

By Martin on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Very good

I replaced original ones with PIAA. Very hapy with it. Better than original, more light, easy to change and 5 stars delivery. 2 days from order. Nice packed. 5 from 5. Vauxhall Insignia 2015 facelift. Original bulbs Philips.

By Octavian on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Bright Bulbs

Easy to fit to my insignia, beam pattern is good and bulbs are a bright white, great improvement over the standard bulns

By JohnnyB on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

I have an Insignia VXline, very nice but the standard HIR2 headlamp bulbs were orange and about as much use as a couple of candles and out here where there's no street lighting I consider dangerous. I changed to the PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin) and driving is transformed, beam quality is about 500% better than standard you can see the beam on the road rather than the glow from before. They are so much brighter and a decent realistic price. LED would be brighter but are dearer and illegal unless car is designed for them.

By Kevin on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Great Bulbs

Bought these for my face lift insignia, don’t regret buying them. There is a great improvement with light spread on the road

By John on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Excellent

So far so good, excellent light, if they last I will be very impressed.

By G W on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 PIAA headlamp bulbs

Great upgrade for Toyota projector headlamps

By David on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Quality

Better than expected. At last I can see past oncoming headlights and drive much safer. Incredible difference from the original bulbs.

By Bezzer on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

Great bulbs, so much brighter than original bulbs, worked great until the car was stolen.

By Mike Kempton on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Great upgrade to Auris

A simply great upgrade to Auris that has a known issue of poor illumination on 2013-2018 edition (even with retro main light cluster upgrade from Toyota under warranty). My advice would be to buy, worth that little bit extra over a base bulb.

By Packard on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2

My lights in my 2015 Landrover Discovery 4 were very poor, so much so I hated driving at night. I got a set of LED bulbs from another supplier which had fantastic white light up close but lacked distance when on full beams. I found the PIAA bulbs on line and liked the reviews, they weren't too expensive so I said I'd take a gamble on them as the original halogen and the LEDS just weren't good enough. I am absolutely delighted with the PIAA bulbs, the distance and spread of light is just what you need, driving at night is not a issue anymore.

By John O Connor- Ireland on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Bulbs

Good service, friendly and fast delivery

By Beers on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Bulbs

Very pleasant and helpful. First class,no concerns

By Acbeers on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Insignia you can drive at night

Fitted to a 2014 that was dangerous to drive at night. These as show a vast improvement in light output to give a much better view of the road. Very happy with price and product.

By Stephen Bennett on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Fantastic Bulb

This is the second time I purchased a set of HYPER ARROS bulbs. Two different bulbs for 2 different vehicles and the same fantastic results. Slightly greater throw, Whiter and Brighter light. These bulbs Perform as advertised for a fantastic price.


PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

4 Easy to install insignia 2016

Easy to install on my insignia just plug and play. They're not xenon like but they're a definite improvement to factory lights. Don't expect them to be fully white, definitely some yellow in them but much better. Value for money!

By Mark on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Very good product nice and bright would highly recommend

By Malcolm on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Much better than the original bulbs

Title says it all - I used these to replace the original bulbs in our Toyota Yaris, and the difference is startling. Much brighter, and less yellow but without being that awful blue colour. Very pleased and well worth the extra cost.

By Gavin W on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Clarity at last!

After months of anxious driving on dark and often wet streets, I bought these bulbs. They are perfect! I can now see at night to drive safely, massively reducing anxiety. I’m very pleased and recommend them highly!

By Vee on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

4 Hir2 bulbs

Better than originals during the winter

By Sawqib on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Excellent bulbs

Spoke to Powerbulbs about the poor light from the standard bulbs on a Vauxhall Cascada. They suggested these PIAA Hyper Arros. They make a big difference - much brighter than the standard bulbs. Very happy with both the quick service from Powerbulbs and from the product.

By Jimmy on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 bulbs

all fitted fantastic much better than the one that came with the car many thanks foe a great service

By Berbie on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Big improvement

Hi, Bought these high quality bulbs for my 2016 Vauxhall insignia. Definateley improved night vision. The std bulbs were just not giving enough light output. There are cheaper bulbs out there but I wanted to fit a premium product that worked. I remembered from my rally spectatoring days

By Davies5040 on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Aygo bulbs

These bulbs are a huge improvement over the standard ones and they are legal ! Don’t expect bi xenon performance but they are much better than the pale candle light the stock bulbs offer!

By Steve on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Dramatic improvement

Installed easily enough into our 2017 Toyota Auris as an upgrade to the standard HIR2 bulbs. The difference between these and the manufacturer's is enormous. Improved spread, intensity and colour without looking too 'ice white' or blue. As long as these last beyond 6 months I'll be delighted as they've made the perfect headlight upgrade!

By Mark on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

4 Upgrade

purchase of these bulbs was made easier with a quick call to the support team when the website wasn't responding correctly. Replacement was literally plug & play so no messing around with any modifications. Light improvement still to be determined but appears to be better than the original bulbs on local journeys.

By BHW on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Great

Great (legal) light for a Yaris 3, an improvement vs stock lights.

By Guillaume on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Great Bulbs !!

I purchased these to replace my old bulbs which had not enough light specially at night so spoke with very helpful guy in customer service and was advised to purchase these. These have less life but are very bright. Should last winter so good enough for me.

By Waheed on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Superb!

Great bulbs, great price and quick delivery, I will be definitely using again 10/10

By FetchUK on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Powerbulbs

Quite please with this bulbs, better than original. Would recommend anytime.

By Ilam on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Very impressed

Sales guy was extremely helpful with plenty of advice, new his subject well and did exactly what he said he would do. Product was better than expected. Will definitely being using this company again.

By Gee on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

4 Hir2

The bulb is a definite improvement from the original standard bulb that was in the fitment is strange to the usual type of bulbs Ive used in the past and the standard bulb your can get for other usual h7 etc the market is better than the hir2 as I've had brighter lighter whiter than hir2 but this was the only upgrade I found for this type of fitment I'm happier with this bulb than the original fitted bulb I would buy this again

By Leon on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Headlight bulbs

Fabulous, the original bulbs fitted to my 2016 Jeep Cherokee were atrocious, and did little to light the road ahead. Bought these and suddenly the road ahead is illuminated and I can see where I am going at night, wish had done it nearly 3 years ago when purchased car.

By Mike Hedley on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Worthwhile upgrade

Great improvement fitted to Toyota iQ3

By Oji on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 PIAA HIR2 Twin

The service received from Will was first class, the product he suggested has made a huge difference to my Wife's Toyota Yaris head lights, she feels much safer driving at night now.

By Nick on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 PIAA bulb upgrade

Very impressed with these bulbs,a big improvement on standard fit bulbs on my Jaguar F Pace.A good spread of light on dip and far better range on main beam.I definitely recommend these bulbs over other makes of upgrade bulb I've tried.These are the only ones that are notably brighter on both dip and main.Quickly delivered by power bulbs.

By Mart on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

4 PIAA HIR2 (Twin)

Bought to replace stock toyota chr bulbs, noticeably brighter than stock bulbs, but not as white light as advertised. But still a good buy.

By Defying on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 A good choice

Got these to replace the standard bulbs on our 64-plate Zafira Tourer. They are a dramatic improvement. Would recommend.

By Ben on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Inignia Bulbs HIR2

Excellent service and advice from Powerbulbs and a very reasonable price for a set of bulbs which are far superior to the originals. Fitted perfectly and with no problems. 5 stars from me

By Richard on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Very Pleased

Very please with the price, speed of delivery and quality of these bulbs. They are significantly brighter than the standard bulbs fitted. Would certainly recommend.

By Chris on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 PIAA HR2 Hyper Arros

A vast improvement on standard fit bulbs on my F Pace. Makes rural road driving far better. Pleasantly surprised!

By Martin on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Far better than original

Goog delivery time and the bulbs are far supperior to the original Philips ones. I used to dread driving in the dark. Only hope they past muster with the MoT.

By Newtalg on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 Excellent upgrade bulb.

With so few HIR2 bulbs available as upgrades, these replacements are an excellent choice. Brighter than standard bulbs giving a whiter light and a good beam pattern. Good choice and reasonably priced.

By Shades on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 let there be light

Excellent product. Easily outshine the halogen equivalent. Certainly make driving at night easier

By Jon Devaney on

PIAA Hyper Arros HIR2 (Twin)

5 too many bulbs!

I can't fault the service Powerbulbs gave me. I made a mistake and ordered too many bulbs. I contacted them and explained my error. They readjusted the order and reimbursed me the outstanding balance straight away. Not something you often get with many companies.

By Andrew on

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