Check your Philips Bulbs for authenticity, how to avoid counterfeits

Check your Philips Bulbs for authenticity, how to avoid counterfeits


Say NO to counterfeit Bulbs - Philips Certificate of Authenticity

Counterfeit bulbs are becoming an increasing problem in the automotive lighting industry, affecting both online and offline buyers. Not only are they illegal, they are also manufactured to a sub-quality standard. This widespread piracy of the lamps puts vehicles and individuals at risk from damage and injury.

As Philips takes the quality of their products and the care of their customers very seriously, they have decided to help safeguard consumers against counterfeit bulbs. The Philips Certificate of Authenticity (COA) will now be available on every lamp package that we sell here at PowerBulbs, helping you to check the authenticity of your bulbs quickly and easily using your computer, mobile or tablet.


Checking the authenticity

Philips have updated their product authenticity checker recently (February 2020) so you might see 1 of 2 different stickers on your products.




If your product has a sticker which says a QR code and hologram, please follow the link on a mobile, tablet or computer. (This authencity checker is being phased out.) 








If it says 'Scan For More' and has a QR code, you can only check authenticity using your mobile phone. Once you scan the QR code it will take you to and there you can follow the on screen instructions. see the how to video below labelled 'just QR code'





Here at PowerBulbs, we think this is a great and simple way of safeguarding yourself from counterfeit xenon bulbs. Look no further, snap up your genuine Philips lighting from us today!


How to Check the Authenticity of your Philips Bulbs

 With QR code and hologram