How To Install Side Indicator Bulbs

How To Install Side Indicator Bulbs

Changing or installing car bulbs is a simple vehicle maintenance task that just about anyone can do themselves. Installing side indicator bulbs is especially quick and easy. You won’t need any special tools or expertise. Skip an expensive visit to the mechanic and change your side indicator bulbs at home.

What Are Side Indicator Bulbs?

Every vehicle has indicators, though these lights go by different names in other parts of the world. In North America, they’re called turn signals. Indicators are a crucial safety feature, as they let other drivers know when you’re turning and where you’re going. This can prevent many accidents.

All vehicles have indicator lights in the front and rear. When you think of indicators, these lights are probably what comes to mind. Your car’s front and rear indicators are helpful for letting drivers behind you, as well as oncoming traffic, know where you’re turning.

Side indicators are less visible, and they aren’t found on every vehicle. However, they can be a very helpful safety feature. Side indicators are sometimes called side indicator repeaters or side turn signal repeaters, as they repeat the signal from your front and rear indicators. These lights are found on the side panel of your vehicle, typically towards the front. Some manufacturers now are putting side indicators on the side view mirrors.

Like the front and rear indicators, side indicators alert other drivers to your planned actions. These are useful when you’re stuck next to another vehicle in traffic and want to let them know you’re switching lanes.

Although most countries, such as the UK and European countries, require side indicators, they are not mandatory in the United States. However, most modern cars come equipped with side indicators, and they are permitted in the US.

Types of Side Indicator Bulbs

Side indicator bulbs are usually among the smaller, less expensive types of bulbs. The exact type of bulb required for your vehicle can be found in your owner’s manual. You can also check out the bulb finder on our homepage to find a bulb that will fit your car.

If you’re looking to upgrade your side indicator bulbs, LED bulbs are a great option. They last much longer than halogen bulbs. Once you’ve installed LED side indicator bulbs, you won’t need to change them again for years. LED side indicator bulbs are also brighter than halogen bulbs.

Installing Side Indicator Bulbs

Once you’ve located your side indicators and determined the type of bulb you need, installing the side indicator bulbs is a simple process. It will only take a few minutes, and can even be done without any tools at all.

First, remove the side indicator housing. On some vehicles, you can easily do this by pressing one side towards the car and pulling the other side towards you until it pops out. If you can’t remove it that way, try prying it off with a flathead screwdriver or even a credit card.

Next, separate the holder from the rest of the side indicator. You’ll most likely find a small plastic clip where the wires are attached to the indicator. Simply press down on the clip and pull the wires out. Now you should be able to access the bulb holder. There may be a small lever that prevents the bulb holder from turning and keeps it in place. If so, lift the lever, then turn the bulb holder to the side a bit. Finally, pull the bulb holder out from the rest of the side indicator housing, and you can access the bulb itself.

The side indicator bulb can be pulled straight out of the housing and replaced with a new bulb—no special tools are needed. Then, it’s a matter of putting the bulb back in correctly where you found it. Everything should pop right back into place.

When you’re finished, be sure to test your new bulb. Turn on your indicator, then get out of the car and make sure your bulb is working.

That’s all you have to do to install brand new side indicator bulbs. By upgrading your existing side indicator bulbs, you can get a great new look and better performance. Plus, the easy installation will only take a few minutes. Shop our selection of LED bulbs for your side indicators for the best performance and safety.

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