Where Can The C5W Bulb Be Used?

Where Can The C5W Bulb Be Used?

With all the different types of car bulbs out there, it can be confusing to try and figure out where each bulb goes. One individual car can have dozens of lights - from the headlights, to indicators, to tail lights. So, where does the C5W bulb fit in? 

Read on to learn more about the C5W bulb and its uses.

Types of bulbs

There are two types of bulbs in the automotive world, according to the regulations that classify bulbs. Firstly, there are your main bulbs that illuminate the road ahead. These include headlights. When shopping for new car bulbs, many drivers focus on this first kind of bulb. After all, your headlights are one of the most important safety features in your car. Headlights with a higher colour temperature are also a popular way to upgrade the look of a vehicle.

However, there's more to automotive bulbs than just headlights. That's where the second group of bulbs comes in. Think of all the other important lights on your vehicle. Without indicators or brake lights, the road would be a much more dangerous place. Just like headlights, smaller lights can be replaced or upgraded for better performance or a stylish appearance.

Uses for C5W bulbs

C5W bulbs are relatively small. They fall under the second group of bulbs we mentioned, so you won't see these as headlights. The C5W has a wide variety of other uses in both the exterior and interior. It's often used as a number plate light on the exterior. Inside your vehicle, you might find a C5W bulb used in your reading light or dome light.

This doesn't mean every vehicle will use a C5W bulb for these purposes. You should always check to see what kind of bulb your car needs before trying to replace any bulbs. Our bulb finder tool or the vehicle handbook will help you find the correct bulb fitting for your vehicle.

Types of C5W bulbs

Once you're sure that the C5W bulb is what you need, you'll have tons of options to choose from. Although any C5W bulb might fit in your vehicle, they don't all perform, look, or cost the same.

The first decision you'll need to make is whether you want a halogen or an LED bulb. Halogen bulbs are less expensive and are typically the standard in older cars. However, they are becoming less popular as many auto makers and drivers switch to LED bulbs.

LED bulbs offer a few advantages. For one thing, they last much longer than halogen. Once you install an LED C5W bulb as your number plate light or interior light, you won't need to think about it again for years. This can save you the trouble of being pulled over or receiving a ticket for a burnt-out bulb.

Many drivers also like the look of LED bulbs. LED bulbs are brighter and whiter than most halogens. Although a C5W bulb might not be used in any essential safety features, having a brighter interior light can make it easier to search for fallen items in the dark or to read your vehicle handbook if you break down. LED bulbs can give your car's interior a more stylish appearance, too.

Be careful when selecting C5W bulbs for styling purposes. If you're shopping for bulbs to use as number plate lights, the rules are different than those for interior lights. In most localities, you're free to use LED bulbs on the interior of your car. Styling bulbs might have a cooler colour temperature, meaning they appear bluer. Many drivers prefer this look, but it's not road legal for exterior lights.

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