Types Of Car Light Bulbs Available On The Market

Types Of Car Light Bulbs Available On The Market

When it comes to car bulbs, there are tons of options on the market. In fact, there are so many choices, it can get a little confusing. In this article, we'll review the types of car lights bulbs and the benefits of each.

Halogen vs. HID vs. LED bulbs

The first decision to make when shopping for car bulbs is what kind of power source you want. There are three main types of bulb - halogen headlight bulbsxenon HID, and LED.

Halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs are the oldest type of car bulb that's still widely used today. Halogen bulbs contain a tungsten filament that, when current flows through, gets hot and creates light. These bulbs are filled with a halogen gas that prevents the bulb from turning black.

Halogen bulbs offer several advantages. They're easy to produce and are cheap. Most vehicles use halogen bulbs for all purposes, including headlights and interior lights. That means it's easy to replace burnt-out lights with another halogen bulb.

However, halogen bulbs are not as bright or as long-lasting as HID or LED bulbs. In the future, we'll likely see fewer halogen bulbs and more of these newer bulb types.

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Xenon HID bulbs

HID bulbs are superior to halogen bulbs in many ways. Xenon HIDs use an electric arc between two electrons within the bulb. These bulbs are filled with xenon gas, which provides a whiter, brighter light than halogen.

Many drivers prefer xenon bulbs for this reason. The brighter light makes HID bulbs extremely effective as headlight bulbs. However, they are not ideal for other applications, such as for the interior of your vehicle. If your car uses halogen bulbs and you'd like to make the switch to xenon, you'd have to use an HID conversion kit, which is not road legal. Xenon HIDs can also be quite expensive.

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LED bulbs

LED bulbs are another new technlogy. These bulbs are made up of light-emitting diodes. As electrons pass through, these semiconductors turn them into light. This produces a lot of light without using very much energy.

In cars, this type of bulb was used primarily as interior lights. Today, LED headlight bulbs are becoming more widely available and increasingly popular, as drivers like their style and their lifespan. LED headlights from reputable and high-quality manufacturers such as Philips are now also readily available and perform to a high standard. Once installed, they shouldn't need to be swapped for many years.

LED bulbs fitted to the exterior of your car (e.g headlights, sidelights) are not road legal. Don't forget to take this into account if you're considering an upgrade to LED.

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Headlight bulb types

Halogen and xenon HID bulbs come in several different varieties. The type you want depends on a number of factors, including price, performance and style. Different bulb types are designed for specific purposes.

Maximum performance bulbs

Maximum performance bulbs are designed to do exactly what the name says - deliver maximum performance. These bulbs produce the most amount of light possible, so you'll see further on the road than you would with a standard bulb.

Maximum performance bulbs can be more expensive than some other types of bulb, and can also have a shorter lifespan.

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Styling bulbs

Styling bulbs give your vehicle a unique look. Instead of focusing on performance, styling bulbs are all about appearances. Most styling options have cool colour temperatures, producing white or even blue lights.

Not all styling bulbs are road legal. Check the packaging or information on the bulb before installing it. Styling bulbs that are too white/blue are usually not legal for road use. This is especially true of halogen bulbs, which may have a blue tint added to give them a look that mimics xenon HID bulbs.

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Eco and long-life bulbs

If your primary concern is saving money on long-lasting, eco-friendly bulbs, then choose these. Long-life bulbs are made to last, so you'll save money on replacements. They also consume less power. HID eco and long-life bulbs can sometimes last for over two decades, so you'll almost never need to change your headlight bulbs.

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Whichever bulb type you choose, we have a wide selection available. We stock halogen, xenon HID, and LED car bulbs, as well as all types of headlight bulbs.