How To Install Number Plate Bulbs

How To Install Number Plate Bulbs

Number plates, also known as license plates or registration plates, are a requirement for every vehicle on the road. They help police officers identify vehicles and serve as a way to distinguish your vehicle from others. Because these plates are so important, the law says you must have lights on your vehicle to illuminate your plates. These lights are usually small, and if one burns out, they're fairly simple to replace.

Choosing the right bulb

There aren't nearly as many options for number plate bulbs as there is headlight bulbs. Older vehicles, as well as many new cars, typically have incandescent bulbs, which aren't the most efficient or bright. Incandescent bulbs contain a filament inside which, when heated by an electric current, glows and gives off light. However, they also waste a lot of energy generating that heat. As incandescent bulbs age, they slowly grow dimmer and may appear dirty.

LED bulbs are far better. These bulbs don't have to generate heat to work, so they're much more efficient. LED bulbs are also brighter, and won't slowly grow dimmer like an incandescent bulb. In fact, LEDs last so long, you may never have to replace a license plate bulb. If your car didn't have LEDs as standard, you can easily install them yourself.

It's worth noting that some LED number plate bulbs are not road legal. If you're worried about this, it's worth checking before you purchase.

Installing the bulb

Replacing a burnt-out number plate bulb is simple:

  1. Firstly, locate your number plate lights. Most vehicles have two small lights located directly above the number plate. Even if only one of these bulbs has blown, it's a good idea to replace both at the same time. If one bulb has blown, the other is likely to follow shortly after.
  2. You should be able to remove the light cover with a Phillips head screwdriver. There will be two screws on each cover. Place the screws somewhere safe so you can put them back on later.
  3. Remove the old bulbs. In most cases, it will pull out easily. Check the fitting on this bulb (or the vehicle handbook) to make sure you've purchased the correct one.
  4. Insert the new bulb. Even if you're replacing incandescent with LEDs, the new bulb should fit easily. Take care not to touch the glass of the bulb.
  5. Place the cover back on and screw it in place.
  6. Turn on your car and all lights to make sure your new light is working. Incandescent bulbs may take a few seconds to warm up, but LEDs should switch on immediately. Make sure your new bulbs are bright enought to clearly illuminate your number plate.

And that's it! Your registration plate bulbs should last a long time, especially if you've installed LEDs. Be sure to check them regularly to avoid being pulled over by the police.

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