What`s the Difference between PIAA Si-Tech and Hella Cleantech Wiper Blades?

What`s the Difference between PIAA Si-Tech and Hella Cleantech Wiper Blades?

Choosing the right wiper blades for your vehicle can mean the difference between a smudgy windshield and clear visibility. No matter how bright your headlamps are, if you’ve got inferior wiper blades, you’re compromising your safety. With so many wiper blades to pick from, it’s hard to know which are the best. In this article, we’ll compare two options—the PIAA Si-Tech and Hella Cleantech wiper blades—and help you choose the blades that fit your needs.

PIAA Si-Tech Blades

PIAA is a company best known for making car bulbs. However, they also offer a range of wiper blades that many consider to be some of the best on the market. PIAA’s silicone wiper blades are proven to last longer than the competition, and the Si-Tech Blades are among their best.


The biggest advantage of the PIAA Si-Tech wiper blades is their longevity. PIAA Si-Tech wiper blades are designed to last twice as long as other wiper blades. That means you can go at least a year without changing out your wiper blades, compared to the six months of use you can expect from most brands. The longer life of the Si-Tech blades is partly due to their design. Si-Tech blades have no exposed metal parts, which means no rust.

PIAA Si-Tech wiper blades are designed to withstand all kinds of severe weather. The Si-Tech blades have multiple pressure points, meaning you get increased contact with the surface of your windshield. This allows the PIAA Si-Tech blades to more effectively clear snow and ice build-up, leaving you with a cleaner windshield and better visibility.


The only real disadvantage to the PIAA Si-Tech wiper blades is the price. A single wiper blade will set you back around £30. That’s just about double the price of most other wiper blades. However, you get what you pay for. The PIAA Si-Tech wiper blades definitely last longer and perform better than the average wiper blade.

Hella Cleantech Wiper Blades

Hella’s Cleantech wiper blades are also an excellent choice. Though they might not be a familiar name to consumers, Hella has been making automotive products for over 100 years. Hella makes OE parts for many vehicles, so you can rest assured their wiper blades are reliable.


Hella Cleantech wiper blades work well in all types of weather conditions. These blades are designed to be smooth, sleek, and durable. The Hella Cleantech wiper blades have a special coating that gives them UV resistance. This technology means your blades will last longer, even when exposed to the sun. The graphite-coated rubber used on the Hella Cleantech blades allows them to make better contact with the surface of the windshield, making these blades smoother and quieter.


There are no major disadvantages to the Hella Cleantech wiper blades. They perform just as well, if not better, than most original manufacturer’s wiper blades. Hella Cleantech blades are definitely a better value than most other aftermarket wiper blades. You’re certainly better off with Hella Cleantech wiper blades than with cheap substitutes.

However, the Hella Cleantech wiper blades lack some of the features of the PIAA Si-Tech blades. The Hella Cleantech blades won’t last as long, nor will they give you the superior performance of PIAA Si-Tech blades.


If you’re shopping for the best of the best in wiper blades, the PIAA Si-Tech wiper blades are it. They offer better durability and performance than anything else on the market. However, if you don’t want to drop £60 on a set of wiper blades, the Hella Cleantech wiper blades are still an excellent choice. At £12 for a single blade, you’ll save money up front and still get great wiper blades.