Which headlight bulbs are the whitest?

Which headlight bulbs are the whitest?

When it comes to headlight bulbs, most of us are looking for the brightest, whitest bulbs we can get. So, lots of drivers want to know - what are the whitest headlight bulbs on the market?

Identifying and measuring whiteness

Firstly, how do we measure the whiteness of a bulb? Bulb manufacturers indicate the whiteness of their bulbs with a measurement known as colour temperature. This tells you whether the light produced is warm or cool. This is expressed in units called Kelvins (K).

A lower colour temperature means that the bulb has a more yellow tone. Bulbs with a colour temperature of 3000K are extremely yellow. These might be used as fog lights.

A higher colour temperature indicates a bulb with a blue tone. Xenon HID bulbs with colour temperatures as high as 8000K will have a noticable blue tint. Bulbs with a colour temperature over 8000K are very blue and give off significantly less light.

The whitest bulbs are those that measure around 5000K. This is a great balance between yellow and blue - bulbs at this colour temperature produce a light that is bright and clear. Some drivers prefer bulbs at 6000K, but these have a hint of blue that makes them slightly less bright than a bulb with a colour temperature of 5000K.

Whitest xenon HID bulbs

One of the reasons HID bulbs have become so popular is that they give off extremely bright, white light. But, some HID bulbs are whiter than others. There's several ranges of HID headlight bulbs that offer a very white light. First up is the OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited range. These are maximum performance bulbs, designed to illuminate the road as much as possible. With a colour temperature of 4350K, you'll still get a whiter bulb than standard.

However, there is an even whiter option - Philips Xenon WhiteVision gen2. This range produces a colour temperature of 4800K, giving you a bright, white light for a super stylish look on the road.

If you're after a very strong effect, choose OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense. With a colour temperature of up to 6000K, these bulbs achieve an ice white light with a slight blue tint for a strong, modern look.


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Whitest H7 halogen bulbs

Although xenon HIDs are the best option for those seeking the whitest headlight bulbs, there are plenty of white H7 bulbs options too.

If you want halogen headlight bulbs that are a close colour match to factory-fitted xenon HIDs, you should choose Philips Diamond Vision. This range has a colour temperature of up to 5000K, giving you a bright, white light that will look similar to a HID. However, it's worth noting that Philips Diamond Vision, along with many styling bulbs, are not road legal.

If you want a road legal halogen that produces a white light, we would recommend white H7 bulbs or the OSRAM Cool Blue Intense. Even though the colour temperature of the range is up to 4200K, you'll still get a whiter light than standard on the road.


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