What are xenon bulbs?

What are xenon bulbs?

What are Xenon bulbs?

What are xenon bulbs? This is a question that many people ask us every day.

The majority of people we speak to have been misinformed and are lead to believe that xenon bulbs are for HID cars only (cars which use xenon HID bulbs rather than halogen), but this is not the case.

Xenon gas is used in HID bulbs AND halogen bulbs. Xenon gas appears in many of our upgrade halogen lamps. It is a very efficient gas and can increase the brightness and whiteness of a bulb without raising wattage - this is what makes it so popular.

Many of the bulbs we stock are upgraded with xenon gas. This makes the bulbs better all round and since xenon gas does not raise wattage, it means these bulbs do not have their legality compromised or pose a risk of heat damage to headlight units.

With halogen bulbs, xenon gas is mixed in with the halogen gas, increasing the bulbs' performance. This is why several of our halogen bulbs are called 'upgrade bulbs' - they comprise of an existing design that has been improved and upgraded. Xenon gas can make a huge impact to halogen bulbs allowing the likes of Philips X-treme Vision to deliver 100% more light on the road and OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited, 110% more light compared to a standard halogen bulb.

Other bulbs such as Philips Blue Vision Ultra use xenon gas to change the colour of the bulb, and not so much the light output. This particular product uses the gas to deliver a much whiter light, making the bulb look more like a HID lamp. This is very desirable for drivers who want their vehicle to have a similar style.

HID bulbs also use xenon gas and are fully focused around the xenon gas, rather than just using it to upgrade an existing design.

HID bulbs do not use a filament like halogen bulbs, but instead purely use xenon gas. When this gas is ignited it produces a bright, clear and crisp white light that is far superior to a standard halogen bulb. These bulbs are the ones that you will generally see on more expensive, modern looking cars.

Even though HID bulbs that come fitted on certain cars are very impressive, there are even better options available. These upgrades can make the bulbs brighter or bluer than standard fitted HID bulbs.

If you have HID bulbs already, but still fancy something even better, then shop our great range of upgrade xenon HID bulbs here.

If your vehicle takes halogen bulbs then you cannot install HID bulbs without adding an aftermarket kit. This can be very expensive, difficult and highly time-consuming to fit and make road legal if bought from an untrustworthy supplier.

If you'd like any more information on xenon bulbs or have any questions for myself, please send me an email at: [email protected] and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.