5 things to do before you drive in the snow

5 things to do before you drive in the snow

Winter is here and that means colder temperatures, ice and snow. It's great to see snow falling outside, but it can cause some significant problems for motorists. However, here's 5 things we'd recommend you do before driving in the snow to minimise the chances of experiencing any issues.

1. Check the weather forecast

Whether you're planning to drive locally or across the country, always check the weather forecast. If the weather is predicted to be particularly hazardous then consider whether your journey is essential. Could it be rescheduled? Could you make a phone call or send an email instead? Even if your local area doesn't have any snow, if you're travelling some distance then check the forecast for your destination as the weather there could be very different!

2. Consider investing in winter tyres

If it's likely that you'll have to make a number of journeys this winter then it may be worth investing in some winter tyres or snow chains. This will improve the handling of the vehicle in snow conditions and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

3. Take supplies

Whether you're driving for 5 minutes or 5 hours, ensure that you have essential supplies in your vehicle so that you are prepared if you do get stuck or stranded. This should include bottled water, blankets, a torch and food.

4. Charge your mobile

Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged before you begin your journey. If possible, carry a portable mobile phone charger so if your battery is depleted then you can still make calls (subject a mobile phone signal being available, of course!). As a backup, carry some change in your car so you can use a pay phone if required. Also, keep a written note of important telephone numbers just in case the battery of your mobile phone does run out.

5. Check your car is prepared

Is your car ready? Do you have enough fuel? Are your tyres correctly inflated? Do all the car bulbs on your vehicle work as they should? Run through a check of these factors, particularly if you're about to set off on a long journey.

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