Staying Safe on the Road at Night: Here’s Why Road Vision Safety Is So Important

Staying Safe on the Road at Night: Here’s Why Road Vision Safety Is So Important

Staying Safe on the Road at Night: Here’s Why Road Vision Safety Is So Important

In our latest blog, we take a look at why eyesight safety is important for your journey on the road, and how to make sure you can see and be seen.

Unsurprisingly, good eyesight is one of the most important requirements for safe driving. In fact, it’s said that 90% of the information we need to make decisions while driving comes through our eyesight, according to All About Vision.

Whether this is reading road signs to make sure you’re on the right track or anticipating ahead to spot any potential hazards that may come your way, your eyesight plays an important role in your driving, and can be the difference between a safe journey or an accident.

Leading automotive lighting retailer Philips provides a closer look into the importance of eyesight safety in reducing the risk of accidents.

Read on for all the information you need.

How to Stay Safe on the Road

Due to the fact that humans are not nocturnal like owls and other animals, this means we lack the advanced night vision that these creatures have at their disposal.

Since sight is the most important requirement for driving, there are no other senses from the human system that can make up for this deficit, meaning that we must simply make use of the sight we have.

This can be done through using your vehicle’s headlights to help see the road in front of you, and can only be done effectively at night-time if these:

  • Contain the correct bulbs for your specification
  • Are positioned correctly
  • Are in a good, clean condition

Road Safety at Night

Philips draws on the science to explain why good quality headlights and road vision are so important for your safety. As humans, we’re not able to see as well in the dark unlike owls and other nocturnal animals.

Over time, it’s also likely that the sight will deteriorate, with transparency gradually reducing. This will not only impact how you see, but also how you drive, meaning it’s ever more important to make sure your headlights are in top condition.

According to Philips, every 12 years our resistance to glare will reduce by as much as 50%, which is why it’s important to have headlights positioned correctly, so that they distribute light without dazzling yourself or other road users.

This makes it easier for you to confidently spot objects and hazards in your surroundings, especially while driving at night, meaning it’s well worth taking the time to find the correct bulbs for your vehicle.

To read more about road vision safety awareness, read our latest blog, or take a look at our helpful FAQs below.