Introducing the new range of Philips LED bulbs

Introducing the new range of Philips LED bulbs

LED car bulbs are able to offer a brighter light output than halogen bulbs and come in a variety of different colours. These benefits, combined with impressive bulb life expectancies means that demand for LED bulbs is growing quickly and the market is expanding.

We have been successfully selling Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality LED bulbs for a long time and have recently added an exciting new collection of LED products to our range. We stock a huge range of interior LED bulbs that can also be used for sidelights and licence plates.

The new range of LED bulbs in stock are designed to offer brighter light, a longer lasting product, and some are specifically made to achieve a blue light output. Our collection includes the Philips X-treme Vision LED range and the Philips Vision LED range.

Philips X-treme Vision LED

Philips X-treme Vision LED bulbs offer 5 times more light than standard bulbs, and have a lengthy life expectancy of up to 12 years!

We have these Philips bulbs available in the following fittings: W5W, Festoon C5W ,PY21W, P21W and P21/5W.

  • The W5W fittings come with different Kelvin ratings – as the Kelvin ratings increase the colour of the light becomes more blue in tone. The 4000k W5W bulbs offer bright white lights that Philips refer to as "Bright White", the 6000K W5W bulbs give a bright white/blue light that is referred to as "Daylight", and finally the 6700K W5W bulbs offer a distinctive blue colour that is referred to as "Xenon Blue".
  • The Festoon C5W fittings come in sizes of 30, 38 and 43mm, with two different options of Kelvin rating in each mm size; either 4000K or 6000K. These bulbs do the exact same job as the W5W, just simply a different shape and size.
  • The PY21W LED bulbs are referred to as Amber Intense - these are not designed to be used for interior use or for side lights. This is an indicator bulb with a more intense colour, with all the benefits of an X-treme Vision bulbs - 5 times more light than standard indicator bulbs and a fantastic 12 year life expectancy.
  • P21W and P21/5W bulbs are for brake lights only. They are named red intense because they offer an intense red colour much more vibrant than usual brake lights. As all of these bulbs, they offer the 5 times more light than normal brake lights and also have a 12 year life expectancy.

Philips Vision LED

The Philips Vision LED are available in a W5W fitting and are a little less advanced than the X-treme Vision, but if you are wanting to spend a little less, then these might be the right choice for you. These bulbs offer 3 times more light than standard bulbs and have an average life span of 8 years. They are available in the W5W fitting in different colour temperatures including 4000K, 6000K and 6700K.

Too much choice?

We hope that you can find the LED car bulbs that suit your requirements but we'll be the first to admit that there is a lot of choice and sometimes it can be overwhelming! So, if you have any questions at all please give our helpful product team a call on 01924 334180, or email [email protected], and we'll do the hard work for you!