GT Ultra Xenon Car Headlight Bulbs

Made with only the highest quality materials and in rigorous  accordance with ECE regulations, the GT Ultra Xenon is the perfect choice for replacing a standard xenon bulb. A colour temperature of up to 4300K provides a classic xenon warm white look, while the Ultra Xenon’s beam projection offers perfect positioning on the road. What’s more, the GT Ultra Xenon comes with a tremendous three year warranty.

GT's Ultra Xenon car bulbs range is available in popular fittings such as D1S, D2S and D3S. Buy today with free worldwide delivery and warranty.


GT Ultra Xenon D1S (Single) - BUY TWO GET 33% OFF

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  • 4300K
  • Standard replacement bulb
  • Road legal
  • 3 year warranty

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$36.98 USD

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  • Free 36 month warranty