GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 Car Headlight Replacement Bulbs (Twin)

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

Treat your car to a better bulb, and your eyes to a brighter light with GE’s Megalight Ultra +130.

Why buy the GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)?

Given GE’s rich history and prominent role in the automotive industry, the supreme quality of the Megalight Ultra +130 range should come as no surprise. GE’s world-renowned engineering expertise is present in the Megalight Ultra +130’s strong, precision engineering, which includes an ultra-fine filament and specialised coating system. The innovative xenon gas fill design of the Megalight Ultra +130 embraces and utilises the combined qualities of halogen and xenon in order to project an impeccable, bright light on the road, far exceeding the brightness and range of a standard halogen.

The GE Megalight Ultra +130 is able to produce up to an incredible 130% extra light when compared to standard halogen lighting. And thanks to the flawless, precision-focused manufacturing standards of GE, this light is directed perfectly on the road ahead. With an enhanced perception of any upcoming potential hazards, from other drivers to road markings and signs, the Megalight Ultra +130 will improve not only your sight, but also your safety.

Experience a better light and a better drive today.

Features and benefits

  • 130% extra light on the road
  • Ultra-fine filament
  • Xenon gas fill design
  • Improves safety of nighttime driving
  • Accurate beam projection
  • Road legal

About GE

Within technology-driven industries the world over, the historical significance of GE is simply beyond comparison. GE boasts over a century’s experience as a world-leading technological innovator, and its automotive lighting range exemplifies their engineering prowess and investment in providing their customers with highly sophisticated, high-quality products.  

Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Light Improvement+130%
RangeMegalight Ultra +130
Kelvin Rating
Road LegalYes

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Customer Reviews

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

4Great improvement

Wow! What a difference! Not as bright as LED...But WAY better than the stock low beam bulbs in my 2017 4Runner. Shipped issues. Really easy to install.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5See lines

Having now completed my up grade through PB these bulbs are bright and sharp to see all road markings, delivered as usual on the button, good price, now all my front bulbs on my TT are upgraded to see better and looks great well done PB

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Audi TT upgrade

I have now changed all my front lights through PB , all of the bulbs are an improvement on original parts, delivery is 1st class , packages are good, I can now see a lot better at night, will now look at the back lights, many thanks PB

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Great customer experience

This is my 5th purchase with Powerbulbs. Even tough I received the packaging in bar condition due to poor postage handling, the team replaced my order with a new one without any additional cost. Thanks for the great customer experience and for sure I will continue shopping with Powerbulbs in future. Talking about the bulb, I have been using it for 2 weeks and really love it. The bulbs performs well when travel at night at roads with no lamp pole. But we see how long will it last. Based on my experience, the previous Philips Crystal Vision lasts longer than Osram Night Vision.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

3GE Megalight Ultra +130

Bulbs are slightly brighter than OEM halogen bulbs on a WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Once one bulb was installed, it was compared to the OEM bulb, The brightness was noticeable. However, the color was not as I’ve anticipated. It was still “yellowish”. Not much different from OEM bulbs.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Great Bulbs

Awesome bulbs. Customer service was great, quick to respond. Bulbs came fast and they greatly improved night vision over stock bulbs. Highly recommend.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)


Put these in my 2018 T680 Kenworth and has made a significant difference. Very pleased!

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

4GE Megalight

great service, lights were installed on 17' Tacoma Ltd and have made a decent improvement. Delivery to Toronto, Canada took a little longer than I had thought (about 3.5 weeks) but all good at the end of the day.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Impeccable price and service

This is the 4th or 5th time I have bought bulbs from Powerbulbs. I live in Canada. More choice and better price than local automotive parts store (Cdn Tire) and free delivery in the promised time. Doesn't get any better.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Best service Ever!

Amazing company to deal with! Quick delivery here to the the West Coast of Canada! Mistakenly ordered the wrongs bulbs initially but was able to connect to a service rep almost immediately for return info. Quickly received my refund. Would recommend PowerBulbs to all my friends!! (already have)

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Big improvement

These halogens were a huge improvement to the stock bulbs in my Tacoma. Shipping took a while but it was also free.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Great Upgrade from Stock Bulbs

Upgraded to the GE Megalight Ultra +130 from stock bulbs and couldn't be happier. Significant improvement over the stock bulbs (throw/distance) installed in my 2019 Tacoma. Well packaged with fast shipping. I'll be purchasing another set for my fogs.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

52019 Tacoma

I have noticed an appreciable difference in the brightness and quality of my lighting since installing these. I have received a few more flashes from drivers but nothing extreme. I don't know how they will hold up as I have only them a couple of weeks. They arrived nicely boxed up and secure.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5GE + 130

I have to say PowerBulbs is a #1 Top notch company who stands behind their products .I had a issue with my 1st set uf bulbs and the staff at Power Bulbs went above and beyond to resolve my problem as quickly as possible .Thanks Power Bulbs . Satisfied customer and my future purchases will be from you.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Best Halogen bulbs in the market

Installed these bulbs in my 2016 Tacoma low beams. These bulbs are bright and designed for halogen reflectors. Wont blind incoming vehicles. Bought a pair of H4's for my wifes Highlander too cis I was impressed by these GE megalight ultra + 130s. Order was shipped the following day and got it in about a week or so. Will be ordering again from this site fir my bulb needs when the time comes.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

52018 Tacoma

I had seen a thorough review of these on tacomoworld. The bulbs are concentrated light that are much better than the OEM that came. The 3500K color is also better, and these are one of the best "uncoated" bulbs out there. I recommend.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5GE megalight ultra +130 H11

This is the most cost effective way to get brighter headlights. There is a noticeable difference between the GE Ultra 130 and stock bulbs. Shipping was fast, will buy from again.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)


Great bulbs and shipment was fast considering it was international. Will purchase again

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)


Certainly advised to purchase these bulbs. Amazing lighting thank you

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Very Pleased

I was shocked to see the difference between my factory OEM bulbs and the GE Megalight Ultra +130. I replaced them on my 2012 Ford Fusion and couldn't believe the difference.I highly recommend these bulbs.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5All good

Bulbs are brilliant. Priced reasonable but nothing compared to the excellent service. Would definitely recommend.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Great product

Excellent service from the supplier and a top product. Very bright white light, much improved over the factory globes.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Megalight Ultra +130

Replaced the OEM bulbs in my new Nissan Murano with these. They are significantly brighter. I'm very pleased with the bulbs and with Powerbulbs. Shipping to the US was hassle free. Thanks.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5GE Megalight Ultra +130

Bright white and very impressed.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

4Brighter Than Stock

These H11's are replacing the Philips aftermarket globes as they blew after only 6 months of use. They are initially brighter and whiter with night driving, just have to see if they last longer than the Philips.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

4Excellent globes. Could be brighter

Swapped stock halogens on 2018 Honda CRV with these and wow it's like night and day. The GE globes are a lot crisper and whiter with a nice beam pattern and a long distance spread. Road signs reflect really well. These are in a projector housing so light is spread out without hotspots. Have these for 1 month now. So far so good. I expected they would be a bit more brighter compared to Osram nightbreaker but they are not. Maybe it's my perception as the osrams are in reflector housing on the other car and GE in projector. But I highly recommend these GE.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Spot on

Fitted these to my new 2018 Nissan Micra and noticed a big difference in the lighting power. They give a longer and wider light making driving at night so much safer

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Very good

Very good lights, the light is whiter than my originals (Philips) and definitely brighter.

GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 (Twin)

5Headlight bulbs

Really good bulbs would strongly recommend

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