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OSRAM & Philips LED Car Light Bulbs

OSRAMPhilips and M-Tech have launched a brand new range of upgrade LED car bulbs that can be used for either headlights, DRLs, side/parking lights or interior lights.

New cars have been fitted with LED lights for several years now, but until now there have been no quality aftermarket options. OSRAM, Philips and M-Tech have each launched their brand new range which allow drivers to take advantage of the benefits of LED technology, with the reassurance and quality from these leading automotive lighting brands.

Choose LED lights for your car today.

Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 LED H4 (Twin)

4.8 Based on 4 customer reviews

  • 5800K bright white light
  • Up to 250% brighter
  • Up to 12 year lifetime
  • Not road legal

RRP: £199.99


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  • Up to 12 months free warranty