Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)


Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 HID bulbs produce outstanding light performance to push your drive to the limit. A powerful light beam, plus an optimal light spectrum, helps you to enjoy a safer, more comfortable drive.


Light up the night

With up to 150% more light on the road, Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 bulbs produce a longer beam than standard to help you spot potential hazards with ease, improving your reaction time. You'll also benefit from improved peripheral vision, meaning that even the edges of the road are illuminated for extra safety.

A colour temperature of 4800K delivers a crisp white light that's comfortable on the eyes, providing a better driving experience.

Optical precision

Utilising specialist technology, Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 lamps direct the light beam to the perfect spot in front of your car. Arc-blending technology illuminates the road ahead without dazzling other drivers.

The highest quality


UV-Quartz glass is used to manufacture this range. It's stronger than hard glass and is highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, meaning that the bulb is a lot less likely to fail early. Due to the pressure inside the bulb, the light produced is more powerful and has an extended lifetime in comparison to a standard halogen lamp.

An additional protective layer is applied to the glass of the bulb, protecting it from harmful ultraviolet radiation. This will help your bulb to last even longer.

All Philips Xenon X-treme Vision bulbs are fully road legal and are built to the highest ECE certified standards.

Philips Certificate of Authenticity

Fake Philips Xenon lamps are an ever-increasing problem. An estimated 80% of Philips bulbs that are sold both on and offline are potentially counterfeit. To actively tackle this issue, Philips have now added a unique Certificate of Authenticity to every single Xenon HID bulb they produce. Any bulb now purchased without the Certificate could be a fake and should be avoided.

Buy your Philips Xenon HID bulbs from PowerBulbs and you can be assured you're getting the real deal - every single bulb that we sell features the Certificate of Authenticity on the packaging.

Click here for full details on how to verify your Philips purchase from us

Number of Bulbs1
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Light Improvement
RangeXenon X-tremeVision gen2
Kelvin Rating4800K
Road LegalYes
TechnologyXenon HID

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Information - We recommend upgrading these bulbs in pairs. Sold individually.

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Customer Reviews

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Quality bulbs.

Excellent bulbs, so much brighter and just getting better and better with time. I got a bargain and good discount..will buy again and would recommend powerbulbs for there genuine parts at low prices.

By Paul on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 No downsides

The XV2 are better than stock without downsides. It’s definitely brighter in all aspects, width and distance. Also, they’re visibility whiter without being blue so they penetrate better in adverse weather conditions giving better visibility.

By Martin on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Much Better :)

Got these to replace the OEM bulbs that were fading. Much improved brightness and distance. Slightly warmer colour but I prefer safety factor over styling. Highly recommended.

By Duncan on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Good customer service

Order,delivery everything perfect I have not used it yet Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S

By Peter on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

4 Better

Low beam is a good bit better on range the light is a warmer. But an easy trade off for better overall safety than the blue standard bulbs my car had.

By William on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 hilips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S

Bought a pair of these for my 63 plate Audi A4 with Xenons. Easy enough to change and give a noticeable increase in brightness. Very happy with the product and service all round *Two Thumbs Up*

By Stavros Kebabadopolus on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

4 value for money

Great value to buy with a 25% discount per pair. nice OE quality bulbs. lux rating higher than original, but seems just as bright to me.

By Edward on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Great site to get original bulbs

Have always used powerbulbs for my replacement bulbs. I trust this site to deliver original bulbs. Because its delivered free, It took about 2 weeks to arrive and as i was not home at the time, delivery man didnt inform me and just left it at my gate , Here in malaysia, parcels left lying around gets stolen easily.. and these bulbs are not cheap either..

By Nick on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Perfect for Discovery Sport

These bulbs are a huge improvement over the standard OEM bulbs. Definitely brighter and a lot more distance, my OEM bulbs almost seemed halogen like. I have adaptive headlights in my car and I can now see the lights moving left and right, I couldn’t see that before, at one point I thought I didn’t have adaptive headlights. Now they are great. These bulbs don’t seem to offer much whiter light than the OEM bulbs even though I was expecting an improvement, I suppose the difference between OEM at 4200k and these at 4800k is to be honest only 600k difference. I would say it probably is just that hence a slightly whiter light. If you want significantly brighter lights with a some/minor visual improvement on colour then these are for you. PowerBulbs are my go to for car bulbs though, they offer fast delivery, quality genuine bulbs at an amazing price.

By Lee Donnellan on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Bright

Got these to replaced the osram hbi bulbs I had in my s3. White light a lot brighter that the bulbs I had in and they were only new aswell. Not even burned in yet and so much better. Good price and postage from these guys.

By David on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Great bulb

Just put these into my 2011 s3 as original ones were pretty bad. Came quickly and were a good price. Can’t wait for them to burn in and see how good they really are. If u drive a lot at night u need the best u can buy. And not fakes like a lot of places that u buy from.

By Dabe on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Better than OEM

I bought these as a pair when the ballast on my Mk7 GTI failed, I had factory fitted originals in at the time. These are brighter and have a crisper output due to the higher Kelvin compared to OEM bulbs previously installed, not to mention they are half the price of the VW ones! Highly recommend this product

By Mk7 GTI on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Orginal

The best deal on original

By Mustafa on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2

I recommend "Powerbulbs" to everyone.

By Woytek on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 great

very good bulbs good spread of light definitely brighter.great service from Powerbulbs.

By Mr Alan Clark on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Good Bulbs

Bought these as an upgrade to the standard installed on my A4, certainly whiter than the standard and would say they are a bit brighter than the old ones. Good price with the 20% off and couldn’t find them anywhere else cheaper. These are genuine Phillips bulbs unlike the knock offs you can get on eBay. Overall very satisfied. Had a mate fit them who is a mechanic, not the easiest job by the sound of it!

By Mdjs on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Happy Audi Driver

Purchased to upgrade my Audi S4 as the standard bulbs were dull, instant change as soon as these bulbs were installed, long white beam length and can spot hazards in the road much further. Would highly recommend.

By James on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S

Excellent bulbs, not as white as LED but quality of beam and power is amazing, well spent money on Golf MK7 Bi-Xenon upgrade.

By Francisco on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Happy GTI Driver

Having purchased a Golf MK7 GTI recently the only disappointment with the car was the performance of the BI-Xenon headlights. The standard D3S bulbs are very average at best. After reviewing my options, the Philips X-treme Vision gen 2 was the preferred choice. After 4hours of fitting. The difference was immediate. Greater range, wider spread and far brighter (White Light). I was warned about copies of this bulb so I choose to purchase through an authorised dealer ( powerbulbs) and at the time they where offering 20% discount. Now a very happy GTI driver.

By Keith on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Quite an improvement

After my bulb decided to finally go i thought I might as well get something better. Had the choice between this and osram and found the numbers on these stood up better and wow they don't disappoint definite improvement that will only get better. Fitted to golf mk7 with bi xenon.

By Joe on

Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 D3S (Single)

5 Fantastic bulbs

Whilst the thought of upgrading your xenon bulbs, which should last most of the life of the car seems daft. I replaced the standard bulbs with these and wow what an improvement. The light is much whiter and stronger than the manufacturer standard bulbs and night time visibility is huge. If you can spare the cash then get these bulbs!! Powerbulbs are a great company to buy them from too. Very competitive prices and very quick delivery.

By Simon on

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