Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin) headlight bulb


Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

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(Free sidelight bulbs with every purchase: Each twin pack of WhiteVision headlight bulbs comes with a free matching set of Philips WhiteVision W5W sidelights, so you can enhance your vehicle’s style and lighting even more for less!)

The Philips WhiteVision H7 produces a stylish, white beam with a colour temperature of up to 3700K for a premium driving experience.

Maximum visibility, premium look

The Philips WhiteVision range is the first to produce a road legal intense white light. Add WhiteVision bulbs to your car today for a premium driving experience with increased safety.

Stylish safety

A colour temperature of up to 3700K and Philips' patented 3rd generation coating technology make the WhiteVision series the first road legal intense white light, giving you the benefits of both style and safety. White light is closest to daylight on the spectrum, and so the whiter the beam produced from your headlights, the more awake you will feel when driving. 

The white light produced by the WhiteVision bulbs also helps to illuminate the road ahead with greater contrast and better reflections, which helps to improve your visibility on the road for safer driving. Plus, 60% more light* on the road and a longer beam pattern than standard also lights up the road ahead to give you more time to react to potential hazards.

If you're after that Xenon effect with added safety benefits, the Philips WhiteVision is an ideal choice.


UV-Quartz glass is used to manufacture the WhiteVision bulb, as it is stronger than hard glass and is highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, meaning that the bulb is a lot less likely to fail early. Due to the pressure inside the bulb, the light produced is more powerful and has an extended lifetime in comparison to a standard halogen lamp.

All Philips WhiteVision bulbs are fully road legal and are built to the highest ECE certified standards.

*This feature does not come with the HB3 fitting

Number of Bulbs2
FittingH7 (499)
Bulb TypeStyling
Lumens1500 +-10%
Road LegalYes
Kelvin RatingUp to 3700K

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Customer Reviews

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good Price and Quick service

Found exactly what bulbs i required to fit my car, website was informative and easy to navigate, great price and value with super fast delivery.. top marks

By Mark on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips WhiteVision

Excellent product, noticeably more light on the road, and a cool white beam. Very quick service from PowerBulbs, product well wrapped. Will use them again.

By AC on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great price, fast shipping, excellent customer service

Initioringinlly orderd wrong globes gave the number call and ole mate on the other emd fixed it straight up for us.

By Luke on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Average

I was replacing the original globes with came with my Benz which was Phillips too. Couldn’t see the difference between it & the previous ones. But the website is very trustworthy and cheap

By Adel on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bright White

OEM fit, modern white look. Cheers!

By Kay on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 very happy

I haven't installed the bulbs yet but got them for a great price and the product information, helpfulness and delivery times were FIRST CLASS. many many thanks.

By Andy on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Very Good Result

Fast Delivery and perfect result for me.

By Very Good Result on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Great Choice

A marked improvement in terms of light coverage, and colour over my cars standard factory fitted bulb. Worked really well for my recent trip to a forest. The light is much whiter than standard bulb, but still way off the cool white of a xenon bulb. For the price, can't fault it.

By Viveak on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Wittevision H7

Good buy, good product and verry good price!!

By Ruud on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips white vision

Bought these bulbs for my bike as the standard halogens didnt seem all that great. The new bulbs seem to give of a good amount of light and the colour is nicer than a standard halogen. Great service received from powerbulbs also best price I could find and quick delivery. Thanks

By Mitch on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Very Good!

I bought a pair of WhiteVision H4 for myself earlier this year and love them, so decided to buy a pair of H7 for my friend's 1 series BMW. Changed one side and noticed the difference - definitely whiter and brighter. It gives older European cars a more modern look that keeps up with the newer models. My friend's reaction was "Wow, so nice!"

By Nigel on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 fast delivery and best prices

Much cheaper than local Australian stores, saved over 50%. Delivery was fast and globes work fine, will order from here again.

By Brett on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Prompt and efficient

I ordered some Philips White vision H7 bulbs. They were definitely brighter and whiter than my original bulbs and made a difference to night time driving for the better. The bulbs were delivered on time too.... Great service all round..

By Allan Up North on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Very good

Good product

By Mustafa Eski on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent!

Bought two packages, one was damaged when it arrived.. One e-mail to customer service and they immediately sent me a replacement! Excellent customer care and I strongly recommend them!

By Aldin on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great product

Great product. Very good price and top quality.

By DMS on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips WhiteVision H7:

Excellent product with a brilliant white light and great results at night or in poor weather. Well Done Philips

By Aldo Fusciardi on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

3 Philips white vision h7


By Sean Keane on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 The Best Yet

I bought what I thought were good bulbs a year ago but they were not "all that". When one blew I replaced it with one of the original bulbs that I took out and there was not that much difference. I drive a Skoda with xenon lights, a Porsche with litronic lights and a Hyundai with ordinary lights. I needed some "quality" brightness! These bulbs are significantly better than any other bulb I have tried in the Santa Fe. I thoroughly recommend them.

By Mike L on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent Purchase

Excellent purchase, bulbs are much brighter than standard halogen bulbs.Brilliant service from with very quick delivery, will certainly purchase from them again. :-)

By Friedie on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good quality good price

They are like the description , they came on the estimated date .The colour is bright and white .Its a good purchase for a good money.I recommend:)

By Maria on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Impressive

After a rather disappointing experience with a set of so called high performance Philips bulbs I opted for these WhiteVision H7 bulbs. What a difference from the start.Much more of a White light than your normal yellowish factory fit type bulbs. A clean crisp beam,even on dipped setting.Although they are only rated as up to 60% more light on road rather than the so called high performance bulbs at 130%. .. I found them a better all round bulb.They compliment my LED day running lights very well also.

By Marty3205 on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 White Light

Excellent product A marked improvement on the "see and be seen" front. A cost effective upgrade from traditional halogen headlights improving light output and visibility ahead of the car. Superb product. Highly recommended

By A Nonny Mouse on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Car headlights

I'm pleased with this purchase and this works as described. Thanks for prompt delivery.

By Nageswara Reddy on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Super bulbs

Difference in power output immediately noticed. With poor road state these days these bulbs are a necessity, Throw of light greatly improved, It does exactly what is claimed.

By GIP on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 product

fast and simple perfect

By Pitta on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great white light

Having tried another h7 replacement bulbs I was pleased when I turned my lights on with the Philips White vision. For the price it's a great bulb and lights up the road with white light. Great service from Powerbulbs.

By Philp on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bright

Love them, they are definitly bright white, worth every penny. Fast delivery. All in all I am very happy with this purchase

By Mags on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips WhiteVision H7

Excellent bulbs you can tell the difference between standard and these. In short standards a like candles. I've purchased these builds now for the second time and will continue to do so until something more advanced that is road legal is released.

By TOM on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Brilliant Bulbs

Philips WhiteVision H7 4300k (twin) is a must replacement and up-gradation for the 55W stock bulbs. Gloriously bright, the temperature of the bulbs upto 4300k makes all things splendidly vivid, sharp and identifiable. These bulbs give out very impressive and striking beams which demand admiring glances of other motorists. Extremely pleased with it. Go for it.

By Raj Sinha Roy on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Dipped Beam improvement

I recently fitted Philips WhiteVison (H7) bulbs to my car, and they are an improvement over the original projector bulbs.

By Skoda - Octavia on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 WhiteVision

Good upgrade. Whiter light than stock bulbs.

By JJ on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Headlight globe

Prompt delivery. No issues at all. Will use again.

By Paul on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 H7 Philips White Vision

Delivery was quick. Much Better light than the BMW Performance Bulb, better visibility and less strain to the eyes, but the light is not white as listed on the box. Good warrant on the product by Powerbulb. Will definitely order again.

By Vik, Baltimore, USA on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Awesome Bulbs

Installed the bulbs on my ninja 1000, the hue is more to warm white, the light throw of the beam is quite wide, in my opinion the bulbs are brighter than the osrams night breakers in my opinion.

By Zack on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 WhiteVision H7

Great bulbs for the price and shipping was fantastic from across the pond. Bulbs fit perfectly in my Honda motorcycle. They are brighter and whiter however not as "White" as I thought they would be but still better than the yellowish colour of the stock Halogens.

By Don C. on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 A worthy upgrade

Looking at the light itself, looks quite white, but still throws with a little yellow. A good cross between whiteness and visibility (the whiter, the less throw in halogens). Put crystalvisions in my fog lights to give that whiter look (dont do any fog driving). The crystal visions are noticably whiter compared to the whitevisions.

By Beanbags on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Nice Bright White Light

After reading some reviews about these bulbs 'not really being white but rather yellow', I was concerned I had wasted my money. After the package arrived, though, the bulbs proved to be very white indeed and quite a bit brighter than my petrol station-bought bulbs. The bulbs look well-made (hey, it's Philips, so that would be expected) and have quite transformed the look of the aging car (2006) with the nice, white-coloured headlamps. Just a note - the price on this site seems to be a bit higher than some of the shops I've found on the net elsewhere. However, the sale went completely smoothly and the delivery was very fast (international), so no complaints there!

By CarM on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Never Mind The Negativity...

A couple of "myths" have been circulating about these quartz-glass encased gems, being that 1) They fail prematurely and 2) That their WhiteVision isn't white enough. While I'm confident that both have been uttered with the best of intentions, I'm hoping that my observations (as someone with nearly half a century of A/V and lighting experience) may generate more light than heat. First off, I purchased these from PowerBulbs as high-beam only replacements for the conservatively-rated standard bulbs that were housed alongside the superb 6200ºK LED main beams of my top-spec 2016 TLe Hyundai Tucson. They definitely meet my expectations, in that they now grant me sufficient long-range "punch" on the relatively rare occasions that my "low" beam LEDs are not quite adequate at freeway speeds. As it happens, it's been my experience that genuine "outback" or "rally" needs are NEVER met by inbuilt headlamps, which is the reason that so many here fit external "spot" and/or "driving" lights ...regardless of whether or not their cars, trucks or buses already have HID or LED lighting. Now to those two myths: 1) Premature Failure. Any lamp that uses the "halogen effect" relies on its quartz-glass envelope heating up to the point where, after "hitting" that glass envelope, most of any tungsten that's "evaporated" from its filament can "re-evaporate" from that glass envelope so as to "re-settle" back onto that filament. That's how such lamps not only obtain lifespans longer than "non halogen" tungsten lamps, but can also allow their filaments to "burn" at higher temperatures for higher light outputs and slightly "bluer" beams. ANY impurity deposited on their quartz-glass envelopes inevitably creates a "cooler" spot whereby that "evaporated" material will coalesce instead of being recycled by that halogen effect - so it's almost certain that most reports of premature failure are the result of having allowed such bulbs to have come into contact with material other than their packaging. So, NEVER handle them other than by their metal skirts and/or pins ...and only "rest" them inside their original packaging should a break be required during the installation process. Importantly, as with any engineering, we get "nothing for nothing" which means that their increase in light output comes at a "price" ...which, in this case, is a "burn time before failure" roughly half that of the trusty (but relatively orange) bulbs that came with my Hyundai. Given the infrequent need for MY high beams, that compromise works out just fine... ...BUT... ...should we be considering them for "main beam" or "low beam" replacements, who knows? Maybe half the lifespan for safer operation is still worth the slight additional investment in both cash and effort. 2) Not White Enough. The "Xenon Effect" on the box definitely can NOT refer to the colour of these bulbs matching high-intensity discharge (HID) Xenon headlamps, as tungsten always burns more orange or yellow compared to HIDs or LEDs, so it can only be a reference to the halogen cycle I've outlined. Misleading? I happen to think so, but they definitely DO deliver more light at a higher colour temperature, exactly as per the specifications on the box. Also (unlike retrofitting HID or LED systems) they will not require any modifications to the lamp housings, nor will they compromise vehicle warranties or prematurely age the delicate surfaces inside our headlamps. So, five stars for the Philips H7 WhiteVisions ...and five stars for PowerBulbs prompt delivery to the Antipodes.

By Ron M (Sydney, Australia) on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 halogens best

As for halogens globes you cannot get better then this,the most legal white globes out there. Recommend to anyone upgrading from OEM halogen gloves.

By Gabor on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Good product

Checking out was good as well as the price too. Works well and hopefully will last longer as well. Only fown side was the shipping that took 3 weeks for the bulbs to arrive.

By Truenorth on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips white vision bulb

Very good delivery service and even arrived with a little extra gift. Bulbs provide good white light to add a sporty look.

By Josh on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips Bulbs

Good quality bulbs, nice warm light, fair price. Beware fake branded bulbs from DIY chains! because they only last 6 months!

By Phil on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 good

good services but bulb is yellow also, not white

By Jason on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Very good

Very good items , and fast shipping.

By Ervin Capi on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 FAst delivery

I ordered 2packs of these bulbs but as yet I have been unable to verify the quality/effectiveness. No night time driving. However the service and delivery was 2nd to none, well packaged above all excellent value.

By JohnCookson on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Fast delivery

I ordered 2packs of these bulbs but as yet I have been unable to verify the quality/effectiveness. No night time driving. However the service and delivery was 2nd to none, well packaged above all excellent value.

By JohnCookson on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Amazing Service and Shipping

Philips WhiteVision H7 bulbs ordered to replace standard H7 dynamic cornering bulbs in my GTI. Very happy with the light output and whiteness. Amazingly fast shipping considering they were sent from the UK to Canada.

By Nype on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good White Bulbs.

I wanted something that was as bright as the standard bulbs but had more whiteness and has a longer life. I found Nightbreakers good and bright, but bulb failure were too often. So far these have meet or exceeded my expectations.

By Si on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

1 Philips WhiteVision

I bought this product , but unfortunately just after a one month of usage one of the bulbs has fault .

By Georgi on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Great white halogen bulbs

These bulbs are significantly whiter and also slightly brighter than my standard H7 bulbs installed inside a projector lens system. The light directly in front of me is significantly whiter than standard bulbs and also more stylish. However, they don't have the same light output to the sides which is dim and not as noticeable like those seen on xenon systems. From what I've seen from looking at the headlights they appear white, but there's no blue tinge associated with xenon headlamps. But for what they are they're great :)

By Harley on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips White Version

Much Brighter than the original Bulbs fitted.And a very good price to

By Terry on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellant

Great bulb and fast service.

By Mbk2008 on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 H7

They are very satisfied with the quality. Even seen the difference. even if my wife did not notice at first.

By Andrei on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Fiesta Bulb upgrade.

Very pleased with my purchase,delivery was very quick and the bulbs appear to have made an improvement to my dipped beam which was very poor when driving at night. Would use you again! Thanks Barry Pacey.

By Barry Pacey on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 White Vision H7 twin

Very happy with the product the bulbs gave out a very white light and increased my confidence when I drove at night.Included in my purchase was a pair of running lights for free only problem was they there not the bulbs for my car yes I,m being picky

By Evans on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Not quiet zenon

As usual powerbulbs were efficient and quick. The bulbs give a reasonable white effect and are an improvement on the standard halogens fitted at factory.

By D.S, Sheffield on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 philips whitevision review

Purchased these bulbs from powerbulbs for the first time. Very happy with the service as well as the bulbs.

By Mushahid Quayyum on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 the only review you need to read to decide

It took me a long time to decide which bulbs to buy and basically I have bought these. I bought the whole range - full beam, dipped beam, side lights ( came free ) and fog lights. My car is 10 years old - a Leon Cupra r . Compared to the old standard osrams these are definitely much better. I left one set in and one set out an when compared, definitely a lot whiter and definitely brighter. There are a lot of conflicting reviews about this set of bulbs so to be as helpful as I can this is the score..... No normal bulbs on the market no matter what they claim will give you xenon effect unless you upgrade to hid kit, or guess what.....actually have xenons!! If you have a relatively new car, say up to 3-4 years old, chances are the stock items will be as good, if not exactly the same. Ie probably not much point buying these. Spend the money and get an hid kit if you really want a big difference. Where you will see the difference - an older car. End of. Much whiter light, that look people obviously want when you see a car drive past and notice the lights are whiter. These bulbs doc that job but they still do not look like xenons. So older car - definitely better, new car, disappointed. I'm am upgrading my car to a 2014 version this year so would I buy these bulbs again for that? Definitely not!

By Tom on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Replacement H'Lights

Replaced factory fitted bulbs on 2014 Qashqai. What a difference!! I live in a semi rural area and a huge improvement on country roads. Can't fault the product.

By Akin on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 power bulbs

Fantastic I bought for my hubby he loves them and service and delivery was brilliant will be using power bulbs again. Very happy

By Mary Davis on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 seen the light

Had a bulb go on my freelander so found power bulbs and set about ordering a pair of light bulbs. They came very fast, were easy to fit and are twice as good as the standard landy bulbs. Good service, thanks.

By Bob on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips white vision

Fantastic bulbs, so much brighter and they reduce the strain in your eyes at night, have installed on both my cars and my dads car too, plus always but from powerbulbs as you get discount and speedy delivery, always happy with the service!! Thanks again

By Gtpete on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great Bulbs

Fantastic quality product; they do not glare too much for oncoming traffic and do have the HID look for a lot less money and installation effort.

By Carl on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 super service

At this time of year I though it would take a week to get bulbs, Not a problem, here 2 days after ordering. Thanks.

By Bob on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips white bulbs

Arrived promptly. Very satisfied with products. Will do business again

By Paul on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Nice and bright

good bright bulbs - nice and white.

By Rick on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Better than standard bulbs

The comparison between these and standard bulbs are night and day. These have a much whiter light than standard bulbs and the xenon effect gives the car a more sleek look.

By Brendan J K on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Just the Job

Far better match for my Xenon's whilst still being legal. As always this company delivers and has the latest products at very keen prices, even better when they have discount periods.

By Richard K on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

3 Poorly advertised

I've tried every bulb on the market including Osram, ring and Phillips extreme vision amongst others. I like the idea of white light without compromising performance. I bought these bulbs for my partners fiesta mk7 projected lamps (h7) but they are some way off the claimed figures and reviews I've read. They are minimally white and and slightly brighter than the standard bulbs which were awful. I have Phillips extreme vision 130s on my Astra which are 10x better and are as white. They claim to be 4300k and the extreme vision claim to be only 3700k but are just as white. All in all if you want a white/blue bulb get the Philips diamond vision,but if it's performance you want then stick to extreme vision 130 or osram nightbreaker unlimited which are without doubt the best bulb on the market.

By Chris on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Achieves what it claims

Bought these bulbs to replace a blown bulb, and you do get a cleaner whiter light than other bulbs that make this claim. As usual powerbulbs delivers promptly in robust packaging.

By D S - Sheffield on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Decent upgrade

I bought these to fit into a conventional bowl type H7 headlamp. The purpose was a prep for the winter months, replacing bulbs which had been in for about 2 years and I wanted to replace before a failure (I suspected they were nearing end of their service life). I wanted a whiter light to match the led based sidelights (BMW ‘angel eyes’ that form a ring around the headlight). This is based on the idea that anything that picks me out in the motorway traffic should help safety at night. On inspection, the glass has an overall blue colour to it; this is slightly different in concept to other high-output bulbs that generally are clear adjacent to the filament and have a blue ‘collar’ either end. This manifests itself in the different lights produced: my previous Osram Nightbreakers were usefully bright, if slightly yellow ahead. However, if viewed at an angle (as you normally wouldn’t stare directly into a headlight!) then the blue filtration shows as slight blue tint in the reflector, whitening the overall impression. The Phillips bulb is more uniform in colour and whiter overall. Subjectively, I would say slightly less bright as would be expected from the 60% claim and the fact that filtration is by its very nature subtractive. However, the human eye’s response to light isn’t linear, so it doesn’t feel like I’m exactly being short-changed. The Phillip’s light isn’t as white as my other car’s factory fit Xenon HIDs, but thankfully avoids the blue tint of cheap aftermarket. These won’t replace Xenon HIDs in terms of power either, but then again this isn’t a £800 option on your new car and all the branded upgrade bulbs represent a worthwhile improvement over stock halogen (especially if they have been in there more than a couple of years). For replacement halogens, if absolute performance on unlit roads was the priority, I’d stick with Osram NightBreaker Unlimited, but for the mix of town / main roads and the small amount of country roads I do, then this is a decent balance of performance and appearance.

By Rich on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

3 Great! but not as white

The bulbs are great and much brighter than normal bulbs. Its white but not as white as would expect and definitely not as close to HID. In the day time they look like normal bulbs, yellowish...

By Ocs on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 V.Good

They arrived on time easy to fit and all for a good price. Very happy indeed! :-)

By Dave on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent Bulb

Great Bulb and Company. The white light looks amazing when driving day or night. They are definitely better than standard and improve visibility greatly. Will buy from Powerbulbs again!

By Mark C on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips H7

The bulbs arrived very quickly and were exactly as described. I will use power bulbs again!

By Roger on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

So simple and easy this purchase was. Price was also good. Have already recommended to others here at work and I will be back for future purchases. No more searching catalogues and sales for the best price, just save your time and shop here. Very happy customer.

By Laurie (Western Australia) on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Not bad but unsure about "white"

The Philips WhiteVision are not a bad bulb in terms of output, definitely throw further than standard stock bulbs. However, I was a little disappointed with the colour, I was expecting it to be whiter, though this may be because I have LED parkers which are a higher K rating (so next to the LED's, the headlights may appear more yellow than they actually are). Overall though, a decent product, they appear to be whiter than my old Nightbreaker Unlimited, but I'm unsure about an output comparison (both were much better than standard stock bulbs). Would definitely recommend either option, both are a good upgrade over stock, and PowerBulbs service is great as always.

By Tony on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 A-OK

Easy to install, does what it says on the tin. Swift delivery and genuine high quality product.

By Adrian on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips White Vision H7

Nice Packaging, Simple to fit and The H7 Super Bright 100w White Vision Bulbs are a Simple upgrade from your Standard H7 factory Bulb and free Sidelight 5W5 Bulbs are the Coolest. Thank You.

By Adrian on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 H7 White

Bought the product online from Mauritius. I got the parcel as described. I am using it with improved vision at night. Now I need to test it in a rainny night. So far I am satisfied with the service and quality of product. I will certainly revert back to those guys for future buys. Thanks peeps!!!!!

By Aswin on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Upgradede

Upgraded my bulbs to these white vision ones, very pleased indeed, as I am also with the service of Powerbulbs.

By James on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 H7 White

I have bought the bulbs for my brother's volkswagen polo to replace the stock lights. Massive improvement compared to the old ones. The light is crisp white and even at 60% the difference is way too big. Definitely recommend. I have the same on my Mazda 3 2008. I am very satisfied.

By Ionut Guildford on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Impressed

I usually purchase clear high output lamps and steer clear of the blue tinted style offerings. These with the white cap and a hint of blue caught my eye though. Installed them and they truly produce a whiter, brighter beam than the OEM H7's that they replaced. Awesome so far!

By Sean R. on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Works great and delivered promptly

Works great and delivered promptly. White colour looks great as well.

By Dean on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips White Vision

Noticeably brighter and whiter than my original bulbs. But I drive with my lights on in the daytime so not sure how long they will last at 450hrs burn time. 8.5/10.

By Paul C on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Feeling Great

The WhiteVision is not exactly 4300K (but probably 4100K). I'm happy as they are certainly much brighter and also whiter than my previous BlueVision, makes them very good styling bulbs indeed!

By Wayne on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great Replacement

Bought these bulbs to replace Osram Nightbreakers that had failed to last very long. These bulbs are considerably brighter than the Nightbreaker - time will tell if they have the staying power.

By Steve on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Extremly Fast Delivered.High Quality Bulbs Perfect Lighting for Volvo V40 Cross Country Thanks for everything

By Vedut Levent Çiğdem on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bought for front fogs

I had these in dipped and main beam, the added fact the sidelights match is a bonus. I then had fog lights fitted and use them as DRL's. No brainer, bought these again in h7 for the fogs.They perform very well, lovely white light, and the front is all matching.

By Lee Evans on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Good

Brought these bulbs cause they were cheaper than most things in shops and in an effort to make the car look more modern with whiter light, and to improve the visibility I have while driving at night. The packaging is secure, I ended up breaking it to get to the bulbs, which even then have to be twisted in an odd way to get them out. The bulbs I took out of my car wouldn't go back in the Phillips packaging as I had hoped for. The bulbs were pretty easy to fit. They both work, the light is clearly whiter than the previous bulbs but there is no clear improvement in forward visibility at night.

By DazzledDen on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Very pleased

Had my doubts when purchasing and struggled with the reviews. Delighted with purchase, definitely much whiter (not blue) than standard halogen. Very pleased.

By Eoin on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 White vision

Excellent quality compared to the stock bulb on my focus st

By Mike on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 white vision

i would buy again, and only from power bulbs, now bedded in they are white when looking at headlight from an angle and on the road but in darkness not daylight. Very modern look to car now! Not xenon ice White or as strong but as good as it gets with halogen and without having a blue bulb that may look better at times but would mean less output on the road.

By Jonathan on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 At the moment the best bulbs!

It is whiter than OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited. That is really excellent customer service with fast shipping, and the price was great value too - well done PowerBulbs!

By Ante Selak on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Xtreme power

A lot of light, just more yellow than 3700k. I use them for my high beam. Philips the best there is.

By Kevin on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

3 Not quite there yet philips

Purchased for passat b6 workhorse, still yellow in headlight and road! not white as I was hoping for and advertised, didn't expect xenon ice white.. Sadly disappointed, Improvement over standard and good light output. Not a bad bulb but more like 4000k if that, over confidant deluded marketing Philips.

By Jon on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

4 Definitely Whiter...

I purchased these bulbs to replace the Ring Xenon Ultima 120% (which were advertised as being whiter but having a kelvin rating of 2500 was never going to happen!) that I fitted in November 2013. A definite improvement nice crisp white light. Only downside is the W5W bulbs included are very yellow so i've also purchased the WhiteVision ones and they match the H7's well... They were on offer when I purchased them and with the Xmas discount code as well were worth taking a chance on

By Andy W on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Performance Lights

Love the brightness and visibility...

By MS on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 H7 bulbs

Great service,helpful and friendly staff,great products. What more do you need from a good supplier.Good luck folks keep it going.

By Trevor on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

3 Not Bad

Not as good as I was expecting. Compared them to my current Night Vision Unlimited, considering the increase from 3600k to 4300k, there's hardly any noticeable improvement on whiteness and there doesn't seem to be as much light projected on to the road. Probably if they were compared to a standard bulb, better results would be seen.

By Jason on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Exactly what I was looking for.

Far more white in colour when compared to standard bulbs. These bulbs also have a blue tint which is clearly visible when looking into the headlight lense. They are simply the best xenon effect bulbs I have ever purchased.

By Ryan on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

3 White but not brilliant white

Bought these to replace a blown Razo and whilst they are undoubtedly whiter than the OEM yellows they are nowhere near a match for the LED's in my driving lights. Have asked friends in America to send me some Razo's as nothing comes close.

By Muddyfox on

Philips WhiteVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent Bulbs!

As the packaging states, this is the closest color to a xenon effect. Don't expect it to look identical. It took me awhile to appreciate the bulb (ie: seeing the lights shining on the garage door, driving on snow covered roads the light looked far superior to a conventional halogen. Can't comment on longevity but if it lasts 1-2 years I will be satisfied.

By Abdul on

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