Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin) headlight bulbs


Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

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(Free sidelight bulbs with every purchase: Each twin pack of WhiteVision headlight bulbs comes with a free matching set of Philips WhiteVision W5W sidelights, so you can enhance your vehicle’s style and lighting even more for less!)

If you upgrade your standard bulbs to the Philips WhiteVision H4, you'll benefit from a combination of both style and safety.

Maximum visibility, premium look

The Philips WhiteVision range is the first to produce a road legal intense white light. Add WhiteVision bulbs to your car today for a premium driving experience with increased safety.

Stylish safety

A colour temperature of up to 3700K and Philips' patented 3rd generation coating technology make the WhiteVision series the first road legal intense white light, giving you the benefits of both style and safety. White light is closest to daylight on the spectrum, and so the whiter the beam produced from your headlights, the more awake you will feel when driving. 

The white light produced by the WhiteVision bulbs also helps to illuminate the road ahead with greater contrast and better reflections, which helps to improve your visibility on the road for safer driving. Plus, 60% more light* on the road and a longer beam pattern than standard also lights up the road ahead to give you more time to react to potential hazards.

If you're after that Xenon effect with added safety benefits, the Philips WhiteVision is an ideal choice.


UV-Quartz glass is used to manufacture the WhiteVision bulb, as it is stronger than hard glass and is highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, meaning that the bulb is a lot less likely to fail early. Due to the pressure inside the bulb, the light produced is more powerful and has an extended lifetime in comparison to a standard halogen lamp.

All Philips WhiteVision bulbs are fully road legal and are built to the highest ECE certified standards.

*This feature does not come with the HB3 fitting

FittingH4 (472)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeStyling
Kelvin RatingUp to 3700K
Road LegalYes
Lumens1650 ±15%/1000 ±15%

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Customer Reviews

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent

The brighter bulbs burn out fast. This has the perfect balance between brightness and hours

By Justin on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 It’s okay

Got these fitted and wasn’t really impressed with the “whiteness” but overall is better than be yellow glow of a normal halogen bulb.

By MPH on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Whiter lights

I always found the found the lights on my VW Transporter T5.1 rather dull, a post on T5/T6 Mods on FB recommended these easy enough to fit a vast improvement on standard.

By Steve on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 Brigter beams

Got the Whitevision bulbs in about a week. Definitely brighter than my previous headlights. It is not pure white, as it has a slight yellow tinge to the beam. All in all, a good purchase.

By Lejan on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips white vision h4

Bought these bulbs for my bike as the standard halogens didnt seem all that great. The new bulbs seem to give of a good amount of light and the colour is nicer than a standard halogen. Great service received from powerbulbs also best price I could find and quick delivery. Thanks

By Mitch on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 Phillips H4 3700k White Vision

Lights are brighter and beam angle is longer and wider. However, don't get fooled by package sticker as White Vision. Lights has yellow color tint. Anyway ok for the Price.

By Phillips 3700 White Vision on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great Product!

That's the 3rd set I've bought. A really great product from Philips. The best compromise between amount of light and colour temperature.

By NP on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 very good

Price is not high brightness to enhance significantly

By Kung on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 As good as can be

I upgraded to these from Philips BlueVision Ultra which lasted me more than 4 years before one side blew. I understand this the successor and it is a noticeable improvement. Please understand that this is probably the highest combination of whiteness and brightness you can get from a halogen bulb that is road legal. The bonus W5Ws make this one of the best value upgrades for halogen lamps. It won't compare to HID or LED, but let's get real, how can it? It does give you a beautiful warm white light that is brighter than your standard halogen bulb and looks modern and crisp. Definitely worth more than the price you pay.

By Nidge on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 Not sure

I bought the bulbs to fit one to my 2002 Moto Guzzi. The main beam is excellent, but dip is only average. Could be the lamp it's in of course.

By Bjorn on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Value for Money

Replaced the conventional halogen with "Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)" and giving immaculate result. Really bright and clear vision.

By Rajesh Ravindranath on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great product.

Great product. Best quality, thanks to PowerBulbs. ;)

By Igor on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips WhiteVision H4

Bought them for Son's Suzuki Swift; turned Night into Day

By Colin on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

3 Medium product

Not high quality. Good value for the money but only that.

By Marco Andrade on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 High quality

Delivered promptly and well packaged. Great product, impressive lighting.

By Fishman on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Awesome


By ZEE on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 whitevision h4 headlight bulbs

Really good for the money, not really a blue tint,of more white 80% 20%yellow colour , side light bulbs look blue but are quite yellow in actual colour. happy with them on the whole, definitely brighter the factory fit bulbs, would recommend

By John M. Penrith, on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 2nd time around

Bought before for motorcycle. Again, this time for the motorcar. Like the whiteness and clear vision. Great customer service, recommend for others to consider. Would have given 5* but I understand that the service life is not as good as lower grade of lamp. Compromise I guess is the operative word :-)

By Rx on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great Product!

A good product from Philips and PowerBulbs.

By DT on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Bright

Placed the order with power bulbs, got 20% off the price straight away, order arrived in a couple of days. Fitted the bulbs, what a difference, a crisp bright white light, exactly what it said on the box, first class bulbs with a first class service. Thank you.

By Des on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 Bright but not as white

The white vision are very bright, it light up well the road (can't be more happy with the output) but is not white (more offwhite with a bit of yellow)

By Kishan on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great

Ordered some new headlights from Powerbulbs and they are awesome. Would defiantly recommend them to anyone.

By George on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Good Value

These bulbs do what they say on the tin - nice and white - much better that the original bulbs - included side bulbs are not quite as white but still good to have them included

By Tony on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 Matches the DRL

Easy to install once you can get into the light. I bought it so that it matches the new Philips DRLs since the headlights looked yellow in comparison. This does a great job - also increased brightness. Bought a set for the other car too - hope to get it delivered soon.

By Jay M on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips Whitevision H4

bought as replacement for my original lights in a 2012 GU patrol, good white light, much better than yellow original ones. Very Happy

By Dave - Adelaide Australia on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips White Vision H4

Excellent white light. Fitted to Toyota Prado. Quick postage to Adelaide Australia. Cheers

By Darren on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips White Vision H4 (Twin)

Excellent seller!, very happy with purchase of bulbs. Good postage to Australia. Thanks!

By Harry on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 Good

I received the bulb in perfect condition. Working perfectly. Good for money. The only thumb down was the time taken before delivery, based on review I was expecting to receive it within 3days to Europe address unfortunately it took 1 week. Still it is good for 4

By Mike on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 philips white vision

The bulbs are more whitish yellow rather than write and the free parking lights are yellower again.

By Tim on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Phillips H4 white vision

Good white light for better and safer vision driving on open roads.

By Rob on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Fantastic

The bulbs are exactly what I pictured for my Street Triple R -- Bright white light so I will stand out on the roads and great for night riding. Speedy Delivery to Australia. I highly recommend and will use again.

By Amanda on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Clean White

The Philips white vision are good. Definite improvement over standard bulbs. A little brighter and a nice daylight white. No blue tint, slightly disappointing in rain conditions.

By J on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Powerbulbs with Power

The Philips white vision bulbs are really good and are a noticeable white beam pattern. They have more output then regular gold bulbs.

By Zay on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 No extra fees

Bulbs showed up as described, on time and with no extra fees. Seem plenty bright but coming from 7K Nokya bulbs in more a different tint. I would gladly buy via again.

By Canadian Customer on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great Service!

Top notch service from PowerBulbs. Will definitely purchase from them again in future. The bulb is not as white as the one show in the picture but it is whiter than Osram Night Breaker.

By Liam on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 philips white vision

this product is excellent better vision in dark.price is so affordable and really fast delivery,top company.

By Pete Jackson on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 WhiteVision

Easy to fit.Definite improvement over the lamps originally supplied.Would recommend.Wait to see if claimed life is achieved

By Ian on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 upgrade

brought for skoda citigo to help improve lights,but only slight improvement,not really worth the extra costs.

By Double Diamond on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 White and gives great vision!

Bought these for a friend and he was very impressed with the whiteness of the beam, and in particular the longer distance it covered compared to his old white bulbs from another manufacturer. I did also notice that these appear to be whiter than the H7 WhieVision I had in my car, though there may be other variables such as the actual headlight assembly (different cars).

By Tony on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

Light bulbs came in a timely manner. The H4's were excellently protected and the colour temperature was exactly what I imagined. The complementary side bulbs did not match the colour temperature of the mains, however this was an easy swap. Thanks!

By D Le on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent products and service

I received the globes in less than 10 days in Australia - they were well packaged, high quality products. I recommend power bulbs to anyone who want great price for great products. thanks for excellent service.

By Litapajar on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Peugeot 306

Great replacement for my "yellowing" standard bulbs and they seem to get more penetration into the dark. Very happy with the purchase.

By Joe on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great so far

With it getting dark here in Australia earlier, I decided to upgrade the poor performance of my 2014 Ford PX Ranger Wildtrak. The original H4 bulbs seemed overly warm white and vision at night has been not so good. I read reviews, bearing in mind the type of new bulb I would need, seeking a whiter light, without looking ridiculously blue in colour. I ordered the Philips WhiteVision H4 Twin, arrived in a great plastic case protecting them. After driving a few times at night so far, performance seems to be improved, the road ahead seems easier to see, whiter, and does not dazzle other drivers. I would recommend these bulbs, they improved my night driving without having to spend a fortune updating my headlights, a value upgrade to my lights. They were also a great deal cheaper buying the same units from Powerbulbs (including shipping) than say SuperCheapAuto.

By Andrew G on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 new lamps new life in the old car

they are great, just wished I had known about them sooner, now I can see clearer and a lot further.

By Peter Sachy on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Brighter and Whiter (mostly)

I have used many blue bulbs before and these are the best in terms of a legal colour point of view. They are definitely whiter and brighter than stock bulbs. Kelvin rating of 4200 is about right, they are the same colour as osram cool blue ultra but the Philips are brighter for sure. However, because the way these bulbs have a gradient coating on them, the high beam is actually slightly yellower than the dipped beam. An observation I think that should be pointed out to potential customers.

By Alex on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

4 H.I.D. look

Color temperature seems higher than 4300 Kelvin and emits slightly more lumens than standard O.E.M. H4 bulbs

By Dean Ian on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 very good quality product, fast shipping, great service!

very good quality product, fast shipping, great service!

By Kia Picanto on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 now I can see

Superb delivery .Lamps better than I dare expected.

By Brooke on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Whitevision h4

Great product! An improvement to the bluevision ultra.

By NP on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 White vision

Replaced my 600k bulbs with the Philips white vision 4300k and what an improvement. The road just lights up, drive down a lot of unlit roads. These bulbs are just brilliant and would recommend. Good service and quick delivery as always from

By GTindle on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips WhiteVision H4

I've always trusted Philips to deliver quality results on their bulbs and this new WhiteVision is no exception. It's very white-y (more so than BlueVision) and still put out alot of light on the road (compared to BlueVision). I'm very pleased with the colour & light output.

By Tony on

Philips WhiteVision H4 (Twin)

5 Does what it says on the box

As always good efficient delivery with quality goods

By PWalmsley on

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