Philips Ultinon Pro9100 LED HIR2 (Twin)

When buying your next bulbs, take note of counterfeit bulbs which are becoming more common. These false products claim to be genuine Philips bulbs, however they are poor quality copies which do not conform to safety standards and the law. To make sure you can easily check the authenticity of your bulbs, Philips have introduced unique QR codes on their product packaging. A simple scan will tell you in minutes whether your bulbs are genuine. Because you deserve the highest quality. Learn more here.

Why buy Philips Ultinon Pro9100 LED HIR2?

The all-new Philips Ultinon 9100 LED range presents the best in automotive lighting, with an LED reaching above and beyond the standard.

Enjoy enhanced brightness by up to 350%, allowing you to see further ahead on the road and react faster. Utilising Philips’ latest technology, the Ultinon 9100 LED range makes use of SafeBeam technology to produce the brightest, glare-free beam possible.

Unlike standard LEDs, the brightness won’t cost you in lifespan. Thanks to the highest-quality components used, Philips’ brand new, premium range makes use of AirBoost and AirCool technology to protect your bulbs from over or underheating.

Browse the full range of fittings: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HIR2, HB3/HB4, H8/H11/H16 (fog).

Features and benefits of the Philips Ultinon Pro9100 LED HIR2 bulbs

  • Improved brightness by up to 350%
  • Brighter, whiter light with 5,800K rating
  • 5,000 hours lifespan for improved longevity
  • Wide suitability with a range of vehicles
  • One-piece bulb design for easy installation*
  • Fire-year warranty period included* - See details

*In some rare cases, to eliminate the flickering completely, you may need an additional light repair CANbus.

About Philips

For over 100 years, Philips have been a leading name in the industry for premium, high-quality automotive lighting solutions. Delivering their products to over 150 countries worldwide, Philips have been unwavering in their efforts to help make the automotive world a brighter (and safer) place. In fact, 1 in 3 cars will have Philips’ bulbs lighting their way.

Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeStyling, Maximum Performance
Road LegalNo
Kelvin Ratingup to 5800K
RangeUltinon Pro9100
Light Improvement

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