Philips RacingVision H7 Car Headlight Bulbs (Twin)


Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

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Is this the strongest road legal halogen bulb ever?

Choose the Philips RacingVision range if you're a passionate driver wanting the rally look in a stylish, road legal package. With up to 150% more brightness on the road than standard, you'll experience a safer and more exhilarating driving experience.

Brighter light, safer drive

Driving on poorly lit roads at night can be dangerous. You rely on the performance of your headlights to help you spot potential hazards quickly. Philips RacingVision bulbs are up to 150% brighter than standard, helping you to identify potential dangers quicker and more easily, both on and off-road.

The colour temperature of the RacingVision range allows your eyes to focus better, helping you to see obstacles easily for an exciting driving experience.

Strong in darker conditions

Passionate drivers enjoy being challenged on the road. During the winter months, the weather can be unforgiving, and you need the best light possible to navigate through tougher conditions. Thanks to their brightness, Philips RacingVision bulbs provide optimal visibility for extra control in darker, more dangerous conditions.

Engineered for performance and visibility

Philips RacingVision bulbs are manufactured using innovative, high-quality materials. UV-Quartz glass, a high-precision chrome coating, an up to 13-bar high-pressure gas filling and an optimised high-precision filament produce a very bright light that's engineered for a relaxed, controlled and fun driving experience.


Please note: due to their increased brightness, these bulbs are expected to have a shorter lifespan. We can only offer a 6 month warranty on the Philips RacingVision range.

FittingH7 (499)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Kelvin Rating
Road LegalYes

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Customer Reviews

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Head light bulds.

Great! These bilbs are fab i can see when driving now. Dont go and buy from the sales action site come here and buy bulbs from a reputable sales shop. Powerbulbs is the place i end my case.

By Andrew Hopwood on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Racing vision

These bulbs are great on my seat Alhambra , the distance covered by the bulbs are so bright and makes driving so much better and safe

By John on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 My regular Tiguan bulbs

I have tryed some others, but for a couple of years I use these with excelent results.

By Tibor Erdélyi on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 RacingVision H7

fantastic what else can i say

By Alf on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Just the job

Like most modern VW owners, great car, awful lights I upgraded to these bulbs and it did the trick, don't just replace the dips though, much better to replace main as well. Great firm to deal with, good price and quick delivery, first class

By Llortetagguh on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips racing visionH7 (twin)

Very pleased with the new Philips H7 Racing Vision H7 bulbs.A vast improvement on the original ones fitted to my car.

By James Wright on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Dip Beam Bulbs.

These bulbs now fitted to my vehicle have made a great difference to me when driving at night. Thank you.

By Brian M on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 nice

Beautiful bright light in these dark days. I hope that the lifespan is not too short.

By Maulwurff on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Value for Money

Replaced a Set of Philips Diamond Vision H7 (0 AUD from local Suppliers). For Under half the price and comparable brightness im super happy. Noted these globes have a more yellow Hue compared to the diamond visions which i prefer.

By Tom on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Great

I've been using these bulbs for around a month now and I'm so glad I bought them. My 'standard' bulbs are really bad so I upgraded to Osram NB Lasers but these Philips bulbs are simply much better than those. The biggest improvement is the scope of the white light that spreads across the road. It makes it so much easier to road markings, kerbs and the general direction. My only reason for giving a 4 star rating rather than 5 is the lifespan but hopefully Philips will bring out a longer lasting set soon enough.

By Mr Graham on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Phillips racing vision

Great service bulbs are good but not great as fitted to 2015 Ford kuga titanim some improvement on lighting I think though the problem lies with the vehicle itself

By Ian on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Review

Prompt delivery but to pobox address not Physical address. Good packing Bulb quality good. More improved light than xtreme vision, albeit Not as much as led/xenon

By Shafaat on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Undoubtedly brighter

I fitted 4 x racing vision H7 bulbs to my 3 series BMW, they are without doubt far more effective than the original bulbs, Phillips claim of 50% greater vision would seem in my opinion to be justified. I'm going to fir them into the rest of the families cars as they are an aid to nightime safety. I rarely write reviews !

By Richard York on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Racing Vision

I installed the Racing Vision H7 and what a difference. I can see a clearer now, much better than the original equipment.

By Ian on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 lights

these are excellent replacements for standard bulbs they give a very good spread off light on road and make driving safer.recommended.

By Klatu on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 A leading light

Excellent product - brilliant service. Fitting to a VW TDI Passat is an absolute pain - but that is nothing to do with this quality lamp, thats piss poor VW design. Highly recommended

By Pete Searle on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 great service

one of the bulbs I ordered was damaged, sent e mail, next morning got a reply from Matt saying replacement was on the wasy, what great service, thanks guys,

By Dave on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Pleased

A no fuss order and rapid delivery. Also well packaged.Thank you.

By Dave on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Simple

Simple and cheap - about 60% of the retail price in the local shop - and delivered to my office. All good

By Paul on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great lights

Much better than the lights fitted great improvement

By Tony on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bright Light

I Bought 2Sets of H7 Bulbs fos. Merc C204 Copue these Bulbs are fantastic much brighter that the original bulbs supplied with the car On B Roads these lights in dip give a excleeant light of the side of the road and brilliant light range in high beam Great service from supplier

By A P Lalor on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Big difference

I bought these for my partners VW Golf and they have made a big difference to her night time driving.... much, much better than the standard bulbs that came with the car new!

By Matt Lee on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Well worth the money

An excellent improvement in light output. We'll see how long they last although they do on come with a 6 month guarantee.

By Mike on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 works great

I installed these on my kawasaki Z800 and I can tell there is a noticeable difference. However it is certainly not 150% more light but difference is noticeable. This is a good upgrade, lets see how good/bad is the life span.

By Khurshid on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 A must for any car

Truely a massive improvement over the stock globes of my VW GTI. You can see the stripes on the road are whiter and stand out way more than usual. Overall a better spread of light and can't see any black patches. These with the bright beams make for a solid driving experience at night. Just a bit weary of the 200 hrs run time...just wont drive with them on during the day...see how we go

By Jonno on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 From Oz

Good service. The bulbs arrived in good time and the price was right. Very easy to deal with.

By Kevin Partridge on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips RacingVision H7

Fantastic bulbs much better than the factory fitted bulbs on my Jaguar XF a very crisp white but the life span just lasted just under 6 months but a very good replacement

By Neil on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Enhanced Driving Condition

I've just used them for the first time and found them giving a far reaching white light and giving me greater driving confidence in the varying road conditions here in Eire.

By John on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Happy Customer

Happy with product and service. Saved myself almost 50% on local price in Sydney, Australia.

By Credible Supplier Of Bulbs on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)


Great service fast delivery many thanks have used again already that good


Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good Product, Excellent Service

Received the product bang on time, package was a bit damaged but product was in a good condition. The product itself is good, don't find much difference between this and Philips Xtreme Vision 130+

By Delano Menezes on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 RacingVision H7

Compare to the OEM bulbs, RacingVision have slightly improved the lights but not as expected, the lights is more whiter than OEM.

By Mohammad Almomani on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good product

shipped H7 & T10 sets to Israel. shipped H7 & T10 sets to Israel. Installed on BMW S1000RR 2016 with no error code. working like a charm! many thanks, -Shay Cohen

By Shay Cohen on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Improvement

These bulbs give a distinct improvement to the headlight beam. A very useful mod.

By Ant on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good product

Good product, light brighter but within legal limits, easy to fit through inspection gap. Good value for money & prompt delivery.

By Kittyscar on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Although didn't use them the customer care and response was excellent.

By Racing Visioned on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Big Improvement

Huge improvement on original. Night driving much safer now. Excellent.

By Mark C on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Clear dipped and main beams.

I drive a lot at night and need good lights on my powerful BMW 330d. The extra 150% light made the difference especially on dipped beam. My only fear is how long will they last but would recommend them.

By John Derby on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)


By Cayman on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Brilliant

Bought these for a vw polo 2016. I changed the left one only then turned the headlights on to see the difference. Really impressed so bought another set for main beam. It's a very bright white light which makes a big difference on country roads with no Street lights.

By Graeme on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bulbs

Brilliant service and fast delivery

By Maxi on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 A real difference

Bought a 2007 Hyundai Coupe S III before Christmas, car was fine, looks amazing, performance doesn't match but that's OK. Only thing I didn't like was night driving as the main bean was terrible. Did some internetting and these bulbs came up as a good replacement, so when the OS bulb went I swapped them out for these. Instant difference, I can see at night and out to a good range too I'd say about 70m to 90m. also swapped out the side light bulbs at the same time for Philips WhiteVision W5W (Twin). The compination of the RacingVision H7 and WhiteVision W5W has lifted the cars image, making it look a bit more modern and allows me to see and drive with confidence at night. Great product worked well for me.

By Jay9K on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Philips Racing Vision bulbs

Excellent white brightness and good spread of light. So good even she noticed the improvement.

By Hugh McAulay on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Outstanding

These bulbs have made such a difference to my night driving. I'll never go back to standard bulbs.

By Justin W on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Totally brilliant

Delivery quick, price great and product outstanding. Noticeable improvement over Phillips +130's.

By Paul Bassett on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Mr

Very pleased with the product, the brightness is much better than the previous bulbs I used.

By Krzysztof on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 h7 bulbs

found these replacement bulbs to be a lot better

By Andy on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Purchased H1 H7

Great visibility on mountain roads and snow conditions makes safer driving.

By Deborah on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 H1

Great performance on mountain roads and snow conditions great visibility

By Deborah on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Worth it

Had Philips +130 bulbs fitted in my BMW 5 series (F11), as the standard halogen headlights in these cars are not great. When I needed to replace nearside due to blown bulb, I decided to try the +150, but only had time to replace the nearside. Noticeable difference but nothing spectacular. However, a few weeks later replaced offside and noticed a big difference in brightness, although light is not as white as some may hope for. Definate improvement when driving on unlit roads, well worth the extra few quid over the +130 version (subject to reduced life).

By BrightLightsYourActing on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Superb Bulb. Must Buy!

I replaced my Philips Extreme vision bulbs with these and can notice a good improvement in brightness as well as color. This has a slight whitish tinge to it. Shipping was quick and came through customs in India without any issue. However both the bulbs had come out of their sockets when i received it. Luckily no damage was done.

By Shammi on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 I bought these

Bright white longer beam as promised.

By Peter on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bright lights

Bought these as I was not happy with the Ford Kuga originals. These are much brighter and give much improved vision which makes night driving a lot easier. Very happy and would recommend these bulbs.

By Colin on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 H7 bulbs

Delivery better than stated & very pleased with results

By Les on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bright Lights

To date these are the best headlights I have purchased far better and excellent on those roads which have a dark look irrespective of the type of night sky.

By Ray L on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Racing Vision H7

J'ai commandé ces ampoules et j'en suis pleinement satisfait. Apposées sur une Peugeot 208 GTi, le résultat est hyper satisfaisant. Très bonne visibilité, la couleur est blanche virant vers le jaune .. Mais beaucoup moins dégueulasse que ceux d'origine.

By Aziz 'be on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Bright!

After experiencing dark and gloomy Lincolnshire rural roaads I though it was time to upgrade to a better bulb.This has been an excellent product, although bit pricey considering the longevity or lack of. I will post later how many hours they actually last but if you want anything decent these days you have to fork out! What price being able to see a few more metres?

By LS on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great Light

Have ordered numerous lights to suit my need and finally decided to get one of these ( a bit dear though ) and wasn't dis appointed....the light works great! Gives out a sharp and indeed a longer beam to brighten up your I don't have to worry driving in the darkest of nights even in the country side...

By Benjie on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good upgrade

I tried the diamond vision first nice and white but the definition not so good so I tried the racing vision in h7 not so white but the definition was so much better picks out the side of the road much better and a lot better range I will upgrade the main beam as well if they produce the bulb in h1.

By Jmidrew on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips Racing Vision H7 Twin

Excellent bulbs even compared to other Phillips Vision +130% and +100% bulbs. I use on dip and very white light and a good beam. A good improvement safety wise and very good prices and service from Power Bulbs. Excellent.

By Stuart Wallis on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Great upgrade

Brought these for my in-laws Fabia as they were complaining that they could barely see the standard bulbs. Brought these after some extensive research and can say they are a good upgrade.

By Chris on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Racing Vision H7

Noticeable improvement over the Ring Ultima previously fitted. Brighter & better spread of light. Curious to see how long they last in normal useage & how the warranty system works (Fitted 28/11/16)

By Dave King on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Phillips raceingVision

Excelent Value for money would recomend

By Keith Gill on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

4 Racing Vision H7

So far so good. Much improved beam over the previous best Philips bulbs but wary of the quoted life of only 150 hours! I will reaxch that in 6 weeks so don't know how the 6 month warranty will work.

By SteveH on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 super

Good and fast!! just 100% good

By JWP on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Prompt Delivery

Really impressed with the delivery of powerbulbs. Received the product in India within 5 days through Royal Mail.

By Prompt Delivery on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Much more light than standard bulbs

By Hallstein on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Good

Deffo better than the Phillips130+ that I've been using for many,many years. Time will tell re lifespan but good for the dark winter but might switch for the 130's in the summer as Volvo have dipped on all the time.

By Peter on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 superbulbs

Phillips Racing Vision H7 bulbs do everything as stated on the box brilliant in terms of light and added field of vision worth every penny

By Ray Allen on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent

I bought these to put in my main beam, and what a difference they make in conjunction with the extreme vision + bulbs in normal headlight. Polo 2013. I was surprised how much more light they give off than standard.

By Rob Gwilliams on

Philips RacingVision H7 (Twin)

5 Racing Vision

I fitted these bulbs just before a long trip through France and Switzerland. These are the best lights other than xenon that you can get, just what it says on the box.

By Edward on

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