Philips RacingVision H4 Car Headlight Bulbs (Twin)


Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

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Is this the strongest road legal halogen bulb ever?

Choose the Philips RacingVision range if you're a passionate driver wanting the rally look in a stylish, road legal package. With up to 150% more brightness on the road than standard, you'll experience a safer and more exhilarating driving experience.

Brighter light, safer drive

Driving on poorly lit roads at night can be dangerous. You rely on the performance of your headlights to help you spot potential hazards quickly. Philips RacingVision bulbs are up to 150% brighter than standard, helping you to identify potential dangers quicker and more easily, both on and off-road.

The colour temperature of the RacingVision range allows your eyes to focus better, helping you to see obstacles easily for an exciting driving experience.

Strong in darker conditions

Passionate drivers enjoy being challenged on the road. During the winter months, the weather can be unforgiving, and you need the best light possible to navigate through tougher conditions. Thanks to their brightness, Philips RacingVision bulbs provide optimal visibility for extra control in darker, more dangerous conditions.

Engineered for performance and visibility

Philips RacingVision bulbs are manufactured using innovative, high-quality materials. UV-Quartz glass, a high-precision chrome coating, an up to 13-bar high-pressure gas filling and an optimised high-precision filament produce a very bright light that's engineered for a relaxed, controlled and fun driving experience.


Please note: due to their increased brightness, these bulbs are expected to have a shorter lifespan. We can only offer a 6 month warranty on the Philips RacingVision range.

Number of Bulbs2
FittingH4 (472)
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Kelvin Rating
Road LegalYes
RangePhilips RacingVision

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Customer Reviews

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 all clear

The bulbs are the right price, the bulbs fit easily and the bulbs give perfect light. Recommended

By Colin on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Phillips Racing Vision

Good all round globe, works well on wet roads and in fog.

By Greg on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 A huge improvement

Way better than what it replaced

By Mark Masterson on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Brightest road legal bulb

This is one of the brightest and best road legal bulbs. Please note however that if you drive with your lights on for a couple of hours each day the bulbs will probably last less than 12 months.

By James W on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Just great

These bulbs are a fantastic improvement over my previous"allegedly 30%" brighter bulbs. They certainly light up the road just as the advert says. Also delivery and packaging from Powerbulbs was really good and the bulbs arrived in good time.

By Roff on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Bulbs

Excellent customer service and a very prompt delivery. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again

By Mark on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Bright bulb

Thumb up for powerbulb to send me the bulb promptly! Nice bright bulb. Really loving it.

By Lightenz on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips H4

Got for my motorbike Awesome bulb make much difference from standard to Philip h4 now I can more light on road thank you power bulb

By IMMU on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

I've purchased these before and they are the best I've tried. They last about 22 months and at £20 a pair discounted are well worth it. I would recommend to anyone.

By Trevor Cole on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great Bulbs

These bulbs are a major improvement on my original bulbs. Make driving at night safer. - Light output is far whiter,more powerful and the distance of throw seems further. For me,well worth the money.

By James G K on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Superbly bright bulbs

Noticeable brighter than even +130 percent brighter bulbs. Last about 22 months before expiring which is allowable for the brightness. Excellent.

By Trevor on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 H4 Bulbs

Very good value for money & Excellent service would recommend

By D. Tibbs on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 +150

I am impressed by its performance. It is actually brighter as its claim by 150% that the coverage of the headlamp is now 150% wider. Totally impressive.

By Simon on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Phillips bulbs

Fitted to my daughters fiesta 08. Big improvement.

By Gary on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Good stuff

Power Bulbs have been great! Very helpful and the web site is easy to use. I was kept informed and the bulbs arrived on the stated delivery date. The bulbs are very good indeed, not quite as bright as the HID units I have replaced but not far off and I now have a beam pattern once more. I am very pleased so far, it will be interesting to see how long they last.

By Steven on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 The brightest

I have tried a few different bulbs from Sylvania recently but these Phillip's Night Racing bulbs are the only ones that have noticibly improved the brightness and side visibility when driving at night.

By Dan on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 great product

Great product. Lighting especially on low beam. Visibility increased by a good 30%. Recommended

By 12/7/18 on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent service

Excellent bulbs at reasonable price delivered as usual prompt and well packaged

By Charlie Williams on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Best Bulbs

Travel 40miles on rural roads to work, tried other bulbs but there’s nothing to touch these absolutely brilliant. The only downside is life expectancy only managing 4months at most but using 3hrs a day. Always carry spare set. Amazing bulb for price

By Charlie Williams on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Bright as

These globes are much brighter than standard globes so they live up to claims, low beam is white and high is more blue, what does concern me is the life expectancy according to the manufacturer is only 150 hrs. Had I know that I would have looked at others, Oh well we will see how long they last.

By Jimbob on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great upgrade

Very happy with these, big improvement from the factory globes. Hasnt got the blue colour, which is what I was after, gives a nice bright white crisp colour. Highly recommend

By Ismail on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Lights up the Road

This bulb is really good,ordered it from India and the got it in 7 days from Powerbulbs. Really great experience,Racingvision is much brighter than stock halogen bulbs n has more range than stock bulb. Big thumbs up from me

By Ruhan Choudhary on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Bright life

Arrived after 14 days. The light is very white which is great. It is definitely much brighter than original. I now probably won’t need my extra spotlight. I had not realise at the time of purchase that their warranted life was only six months. Had I noticed this, I probably would’ve bought the next model down of Phillips as it had the longer warranty. We’ll see how long It lasts my original OEM lights are 11 years old without failing. However the extra brightness worth it and I have kept the original bolbs in the car in the unlikely event that they fail ta long trip . I am very happy with this purchase and the price is roughly half that of the retail outlets in Australia.

By Australain on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 brighter

These are good, really good, more light to your car, and its a whiter light

By Nigel on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 The best

The price is right and the goods are right. what more can you say. Recommended.

By Algernon on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Worth buying

Well worth buying. Fast delivery and well packaged. The difference between the old bulbs and the new ones is immense. I can actually see where I’m going on the unlit country roads.

By David Knights on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 I can see

Really struggling at night with the standard H4's. Now I can see where I'm going. The difference is quite something. Well worth the cost and very well packaged. Good delivery.

By Peter on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Very bright

These bulbs are easy to fit and are so much better and brighter than my original headlamps. Makes night driving so much easier and safer.

By Carrie on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Much Better

My old 52 plate Forester's lights werent the best. Took old bulbs out (also Philips) popped these in. What a difference, main beam especially, good wide field on dip. Quick delivery and ok price with discount code.

By Subaru Forester on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

These are really good, big improvement on the originals. Much whiter and brighter, so much so that I have had now to buy Philips White vision bulbs for the sidelights as the originals were made to look dull and yellowy in comparison!

By Bill Mitchell on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Unbeatable value

Amazing price on a top of the line product. Unbeatable value. Fast shipping to Canada. Have purchased from PowerBulbs in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

By Dan R on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)


Philips Racing Vision bulbs are nice upgrades over standard halogen bulbs. It is bit more whitish and brighter compared to Xtreme vision.Gives an effect somewhat like projector lamps. However , bulbs shows it true performance when they get heated up after few minutes. Descent highway performance. Packaging from philips could have been better, bulbs were not properly fixed in the slots and had given few scratches in the case from the bulbs tip. Thanks Powerbulbs.


Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great lights

Driving the wife car found how poor the light were, put in the the Philips Racing Vision H4, now freeze rabbits at 200 Meters!!

By Matt Hill on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Headlight Bulbs - Honda Jazz

Come across this sight by chance and after going through it decided to order the Philips Racing Vision. My Experience has been excellent, the delivery a little delayed (probably die to Indian Postal service handling imported goods) and any mail sent promptly responded to. Will definitely love to deal with them again.

By Maninder Singh on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Fantastic

Fantastic lamp replacement for the "standard" light bulb fitted to my new vehicle It gives excellent night time illumination

By Peter on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Fantastic

Fantastic delivery time toAustralia and the Philips racing bulbs give an extremely good light

By Peter W on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips RacingVision H4

Fantastic purchase you will not be disappointed, Fantastic first class service from Powerbulbs

By Ian Stewart on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)



By BM on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Fast and good

Fast delivery and a very good product. Price very reasonable. Happy with that.

By Nelson Eulalio on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Day light

These bulbs are very good..little difference between night breaker laser. .both good bulbs.

By GRB on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Very good bulb

Very bright light ,next time i will buy this bulb again.

By A_bb on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Real Performance to back the claims!

All I have to say is WOW!!! I can't believe the difference in overall light output. I had the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited H4 bulbs in my 2015 Tacoma before these. Those were a great improvement over the OEM bulbs. But these Philips Racing Visions are noticeably better than the Osram. Everything is more well lit. The distance and width are much better, I can see in the ditches better now too. I was considering a retrofit, but I think I'll hold off for quite some time now. For comparison my bike has a modded Morimoto d2s 4.0 retrofit on a 35w ballast and it's awesome, but for vs 0+ I can deal with difference. I don't know if the value vs performance can really justify ia retrofit now. Note: this is on a vehicle that has a decent beam pattern/optics, if your vechicle has a poor beam pattern/optics then there is no swapable bulb that will cure a poor design. In that case a retrofit is needed.

By TacoFergie on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Safety on Road

I've tried whitish headlights, bluish headlights and I've had the extreme vision +130% for years but this RacingVision H4s are the best. Illuminates the road brighter and further, makes my early morning drive to work much more safer and more relaxed!

By R Columna on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent Service

The service provided and the product quality is excellent, couldn't ask for more.


Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

4 super bright bulbs

Love the bulbs, Philips is the best.

By Rainbow on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Satisfied

Hello, Quite satisfied by its performance. Good brightness and excellent white light color. And over-n-above, praise worthy delivery commitment by PowerBulbs. Thanks.

By Arif on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 The best

These are simply the best H4 bulbs I've ever used. Being 150% output I might be dissapointed with their longevity, but the output is impressive.

By Anth on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 racing vision h4 bulbsPhillips

These bulbs have made a big difference to the lighting on my Nissan Juke Tekna 2013

By Alan Bradley on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

3 Low beam good

Fitted to Ford Ranger 2012. Good improvement on low beam, high beam not any better - possibly worse. This could be because of the rally effect. Would buy again depending on how long they last.

By Benno on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips Racing vision

Great product. Very good service.

By Ash on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent product & service

I am located in India and bought the Philips RacingVision bulb few weeks back. Bulb was delivered within 2 weeks. Packaging was ok ok (not up to Amazon standards!) but bulbs were in good shape. Thanks for the great service!

By Ayan on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great headlight bulbs

These Racing Vision bulbs are a noticeable step up from my standard globes in the WRX. Also worth mentioning is the great value and service from Powerbulbs.

By Chook on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Super bright

These H4 bulbs are noticeably brighter than the +100% brighter Philips bulbs I had before and brighter than anything I have tried to date. Very white and great vision. Highly recommended.

By Trevor Cole on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

An excellent pair of bulbs from PowerBulbs. Many thanks to their staff for their help!

By Brendan Maher on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 The best

Bought for my classic Spitfire. Much better than the cheap H4s supplied with the halogen convetsion kit. Now I can see safely at night. Good cut off and just white enough.

By Bob on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Brilliant!

These made a huge diffeence to our new R56 MINI Cooper. Please let them be available in HB4.

By SlimJim16v on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Phillips Racing Vision H4 bulbs

A very good product and an excellent service provider, with a very fast delivery to Australia too!! Many thanks to your team. Cheers Alan

By Alan Milligan on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Night driving for older cars.

Excellent - what a difference they have made. The 150% light really works and it now makes driving at night so much easier. I have a 23 year old car and you can imagine the 'candle' power that I have been driving on for some time!!

By John on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent Product

Just as envisaged by way of reviews on the internet. By and far the best stock halogen replacement bulbs available in the market. Although the life is lesser than other performance bulbs; it is something that will have to be seen.

By Rohit P on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 lots of light

I put these lights in my discovery. Bright light output goes in the direction of daylight

By Mol on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

Excellent works at night.

By Thanaet on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

4 As bright as BRIGHT

Great price and great performance. These bulbs are extremely bright. I travel alot on country roads with no street lighting. These are perfect to give you that little bit extra distance in being able to see what's ahead.

By Gwiz on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Philips Racing Vision H4.

Those bulbs are so bright, yoy don't need extra light's on your car. Definetly i am gooing to order on set more, worth all money.

By Petru Claudiu on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs, really bright

Having tried a few different bulbs in the past, I found these worked well. They were bought for my VW T4 which does have the wiring upgrade loom, but also have fly-eye covering the headlights. With these bulbs I can see fairly well now when dark.

By Sharkbait on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 The brightest bulbs ever!!

Normal H4 socket, so no extra wiring required. Fantastic bulbs with wider and longer throw compared to stock bulbs. Thanks to for enabling me to use these bulbs.

By ArvindYoga on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 RacingVision

The Philips RacingVision is great bulbs when you want good light on the road. I like the performance and light colour of these bulbs. I can recommend Philips bulbs as they are quality bulbs.

By Mikael Pedersen on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Superb services

My 3rd time ordering with PWB. No hassle and items were shipped promptly. Item were professionally packed and received with no issue.

By Alph on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Bright light

By Hallstein on

Philips RacingVision H4 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Bright light

By Hallstein on

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