Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)


For drivers looking to the upgrade style of your vehicle's lighting to Philips LED Headlights but concerned about the possible side-effects of retrofitting a halogen vehicle with LED headlights, the new Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter will put all your concerns to rest.

The best choice – what does the Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter H7 (Twin) offer?

The new Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter range stops potential side-effects of retrofit Philips LED headlights in their tracks – so you can upgrade the style of your cars lighting free of hassle. Retrofitting your vehicle with Philips LED headlights is a great way of enhancing the style of your vehicle, but it is unfortunately not without certain challenges. Possible side-effects include the appearance of error messages on the vehicle's dashboard or a slight flickering effect from the headlights. These side-effects are harmless, but can be irritating obstacles on the way to seamless, stylish lighting. Thankfully, the Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter offers a simple means of overcoming these obstacles.

Issues that may occur upon retrofitting Philips LED headlights vary from vehicle to vehicle. Where one vehicle's high beam indicator may not function as standard, another vehicle may produce unwanted dashboard errors. Whatever the case, the Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter ensures your vehicle's electrical system runs smoothly, devoid of side-effects. The Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter is manufactured specifically to the bulb fitting in question, meaning that installation is quick and simple.

Don't let harmless side-effects put you off the tremendous benefits to style and performance that LED headlights offer. Try the Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter today.

PLEASE NOTE: Philips LED headlight bulbs do not have ECE approval, and as such their usage is currently not approved for use on public roads: their usage is limited to ‘off-road’ applications.

Features and benefits

  • Designed especially for use with Philips LED headlight bulbs
  • Bypasses vehicles' CANbus lighting control system
  • Compatible with any vehicle model with CAN bus system
  • Removes dashboard signal errors
  • Ensures ideal functioning of high beam indicators
  • Eliminates risk of flickering
  • Easy to install


Manufacturer Philips
Road Legal No
Voltage 12V
SKU 18952C2
EAN 8719018050649

About Philips

After more than a hundred years of ceaseless innovation, Philips has firmly established itself as the most trusted, most advanced manufacturer of automotive lighting. Given the company's tireless advancement in the field of technology, it is no surprise that a third of the world's cars come with Philips headlights installed. For technologically advanced products that you can trust, try Philips.

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Customer Reviews

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 Led bulbs

Excellent bulbs fitted to my scirocco-thought lights were bro when I turned them on- led bulbs just perfect- and no fault code ????

By Andy M on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 Works as expected, dash errors gone!

Purchased the Philips Ultinon Pro 9000 for my 2018 Opel Astra SRi, and unfortunately bulb outage error presented on my dash. Purchased these control units and they were they were simple to install and the bulb outage errors are no more. Took less than 5 mins to install. Units are a little larger than I would have liked but they fit fine within the bulb housing. I found placing the Control Units within the headlight housing and tucking away the cables, before plugging everything in to be a much easier and safer approach as you will not put any stress on your plugs/sockets.

By Keith on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 Canbus Adapters

Although the Led bulbs I’d purchased stated on the package that they would not cause warning lights to appear on my dashboard, of course they did. Excellent service from Powerbulbs encouraged me to persevere and get these canbus adapters which were easy to fit and solved the problem. Very happy now!

By David on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 LED at last!

Fitted Phillips xtreme ultinon gen 2 to my car. Worked great, no blinking but I did get an intermittent Canbus dashboard warning. Really annoying since the lamps themselves are terrific. Bought the Phillips adapter and, to be truthful, I didn’t really expect it to work. However, it works perfectly so I now have great LED headlamps which are much better than the original halogens, really relaxing for night time driving, and add a very modern look to the car. So they work on a V70 2016 so if you have a V70 give these a go.

By Michael on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 Can bus resistors

Excellent quality product so much better than the cheaper ebay rubbish definitely worth the price

By Andy on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

4 Great service

First of all I would say that the service from Power Bulbs has been excellent. Spoke with very helpful staff on the phone who helped me choose Phillips Extreme Ultinon Gen 2 bulbs. I’m very happy with the bulbs which are a great improvement on halogen bulbs. There is no glare to other road users and the difference is striking. Got a CANbus error message which was not unexpected so bought this adapter which hasn’t worked. However Power Bulbs sent me contact details for Phillips who have been very helpful and are sending a replacement. Don’t be put off because the bulbs are great. I’m giving four stars because I think Phillips need to be clearer in recommending the correct CANbus adapter. I would still recommend the bulbs and I would recommend Power Bulbs whose staff have been very helpful

By Michael on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7

Correct company. The products offered are very good prices. Fast, free delivery with DHL. The Adapter works perfectly with the H7 Phillips bulbs for which it is designed. There is no blink, no errors on the dashboard. Bulbs are installed in the Santa Fe 2017 high beam.

By Alex on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 Very good

Everything works good item is not very small, you need place inside Headlights.

By Evaldas on

Philips LED Headlight Canbus Adapter H7 (Twin)

5 Superb!

Purchased this with Philips X-tremeUltinon LED H7 as I have read my Transit Custom 2015 has a sensitive CANbus, to be sure i installed the bulbs without this adapter and sure enough, dashboard error on dipped beam, installed the adapter and hey presto, errors eliminated! Simple to fit and I would highly recommend anyone to buy this adapter alongside LED bulbs. Great product.

By David on

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