OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)


New from OSRAM, the Xenarc Cool Blue Boost gives you the chance to bring an intense ‘hyper blue’ light to your vehicle.

Why buy the OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)?

Following on from the success of the popular Cool Blue Boost halogen range, OSRAM have reached dizzying new heights of innovative, stylish automotive lighting with this, the new Xenarc Cool Blue Boost range. With the colour temperature of the bulbs achieving up to a whopping 7000K, the Xenarc Cool Blue Boost range far surpasses most bulbs in the market in its ability to produce a blue-white light.

As a manufacturer, OSRAM has committed itself unwaveringly to the task of producing innovative automotive lighting that defies the expectations of the customer and the competition: the Xenarc Cool Blue Boost is proof. The intense blue-white light of the Xenarc Cool Blue Boost is achieved as a result of OSRAM’s implementation of a special filling system in the bulb as opposed to the conventional coating that bulbs with lower colour temperatures normally use.

Along with a ‘hyper blue’ light tint, the Cool Blue Boost offers a sturdy design and impeccably accurate beam projection thanks to OSRAM’s highly revered manufacturing standards and precise engineering. All of which lets you enjoy the supreme style of a blue-white headlight as well as the safety of a well-made bulb that doesn’t dazzle other drivers. The Xenarc Cool Blue Boost simply promises incomparable style in an expertly designed, reliable package.

(Please note – due to xenon technology, HID bulbs will achieve their optimum Kelvin rating after a short amount of use. Please allow approximately 20 hours for them to reach their true colour.)

Features and benefits

  • Up to 7000K colour temperature
  • Vivid blue-white light colour
  • Bulb for styling purposes – no extra light produced
  • Not road legal – off-road usage only


Providing over 100 years of excellence in innovation, with customers spanning 150 countries – OSRAM is German manufacturing at its finest. Forward-looking, forward-thinking technology made by a company with a passion for intelligent light.  

OSRAM Trust Program

OSRAM have implemented safety features into the manufacturing process enabling you to authenticate your xenon or halogen lamps in an easy 2-step online check.

Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeStyling
Kelvin Rating7000K
Road LegalNo
RangeXenarc Cool Blue Boost
Light Improvement

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Customer Reviews

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

4 Bright but could be brighter

Got these for my mk2 focus ST as the standard bulbs did no cut it on a dark motorway. Tried some cheap upgrades but again looked weak and to greenish blue. Thought I should bite the bullet and by some branded bulbs. After doing a bit of research these CBB had been given good reviews and although rated at 7000k they are closer to 6000k. A lot of improvement over the standard 4300k bulbs but was expecting a bit more light, could be down to being a 06 plate car with old ballasts though! Over all I would recommend these but try to get them when you have a discount code or their on offer as their RRP is a bit steep.

By Andrew on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

5 OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S

Great lights. There is a color deference bit more brightness. Over roller these light are worth it

By Nawar on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

5 Best buld

Best bulb I ever use. Density is just right for me. Thank you.

By Andy on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

4 Good, but not 7000k

Good upgrade over my E93s oem Phillips 4300k bulbs that were 10 years old however the colour is 5000k with a hint of blue depending on the angle you view it. Still though, it's a very nice even light output, still bright despite not being one of osrams "max light" bulbs. It's a nice balance of a quality bulb and colour, with good output. I previously used a cheap Chinese 6000k bulbs and although it was bluer and looked nicer the output was poor, beam had hotspots and they blew after a year. So it's worth investing in quality bulbs

By Kyle on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

5 Works great!

Light output is really good and color is just a little less than advertised. Not sure why they're not street legal though... Fuss free purchase from powerbulbs as usual!

By Bern on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

4 Happy Customer

My goal was to produce a brighter/whiter color comparable to an LED light. I own a 2015 BMW 4 series and wasn’t happy with the stock bulb, but didn’t want a distinct blue color. If you want blue bulbs this isn’t your bulb, despite the “up to 7000k”. However, if you want a superior whiter/ brighter bulb than your stock, with a “hint” of blue color, look no further. Unless, you want to replace your headlights to LED, I don’t think you’ll come closer with another xenon bulb.....I recommend .

By Chris on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

5 Great

Very bright compared to the stock bulbs I replaced. When first installed they were pure white. Now that they've fully broken in (have quite a few hours on them) they've developed a slight blue hue. This can be seen better in photos, but still subtly visible to the naked eye. I wish one if these companies would come out with a bright bulb with the old-school slight indigo/violet hue.

By Mac on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

5 The brightest, period.

Was time to replace the original bulbs on my ‘13 Bmw 5 Series so I decided to replace them with these Osram CBB because of the good reviews. The color is not 7000k, the color is closer 5500-6000k which makes for a great pure white color that’s much crisper than the originals. The brightness is a huge difference. I have yet to pull up next to another car where their lights wash mine out on the ground ahead. Bulbs are fully broken in by now and I couldn’t be any happier with the results.

By James on

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost D1S (Twin)

5 Powerfull

This buld are much better that my 1 year old Osram CBI (like +30%). There are not 7000K, there are closer to 6000K color (pure white). I think they're the best choice in this color temperature.

By Pat60 on

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