OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)



The OSRAM Cool Blue Intense headlight bulbs are ideal for style-conscious drivers. If you’re looking for headlight bulbs that offer a stylish look and a strong white light whilst remaining road legal, the OSRAM Cool Blue Intense range is the perfect choice.

FittingH15 (715)
Number of Bulbs1
Bulb TypeStyling
Kelvin Rating3700K
Road LegalYes
Lumens200/1330 ±10 / ±10 lm
RangeCool Blue Intense
Light Improvement

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4.6 Based on 37 customer reviews


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Customer Reviews

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Osram Cool Blue Bulbs

Very good improvement over stock bulbs. Wide light coverage

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 

Delivery and service second to none. The bulbs however didn't match the expectations. Not power bulbs fault but Osram's. Decent none the less.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Ostmark Cool Blue Intence. H15 (Single.)

Very easy to change, seem to be working well. Changed 2 dipped and 2 headlight lamps in 1 hour.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Excellent service

Rapid delivery to Spain many thanks

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)


Bought two globes to replace mine. Delighted with the price compared to what I would pay here. Was able to replace both globes for not much more than the cost of one. Postage was about 6 days so very quick. Would definitely use them again.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4Good bulbs

Having recently bought a VW golf and purchasing the night breaker laser (h7) for dipped headlights, I decided to upgrade the high beam/drl Bulbs to match the colour and brightness of the nighbreaker, I would say the description is a fair review of the bulb in question and matches the brightness and colour of the h7 bulbs but at the price of powerbulbs even with discount it’s an expensive upgrade that’s recommended if brightness and safety are a must! These bulbs are pure white (no blue) but the drl filament is still a tad on the warmer side (warm white)

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)


I am a fan of the night breaker lamps as they give the best light for the standard wattage. Osram don’t do H15 night breakers so I chose these instead. Bit disappointing, no brighter main beam than the standard Philips I took out. No worse either so just 3 stars on these.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

3Not Impressed

I was looking to improve my headlights and still stay within the legal limits. These bulbs were within the Legal Limit, but they did not make that much difference on my new Ford Ranger. Next time I'll go above the LL.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)


I have a seat Alhambra 2016 and the headlights are poor , so I got these bulbs and what a difference . Driving along country lanes are a lot brighter and more safely

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)


Bought OSRAM cool Blue H7 bulbs. Could not find anywhere local. Excellent price and worked great. Brighter white light.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Straight deal

Honest, straight up. Got exactly what I ordered, arrived and worked as advertised.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5H 15 High Beam

I recently purchaced a set of H 15 Cool blue high beam bulbs for my VW Amarok.I'm very happy with the better lights an improvement on the standard VW ones and now I don't think I will need to go to the Expense of fitting spotlights.I'm in regional WA and do a lot of night driving often on unsealed roads with Kangaroos to contend with . The extra intensity of the lights helps with seeing when the roo's jump out of the bush on the roadside.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5OSRAM Cool Blue Bulbs

Great product. happy with purchase

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5excellent shop

I have bought 4 bulbs a few days before Christmas, the shipment was quick and the package was packaged well. Excellent light bulbs, they create a great beam.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Better than

Much better than o.e.fitted bulbs.Nice clean white light with much improved visibility. Not quite hid but as close as expected.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Best H15 bulbs

Whiter light than stock bulbs. Good upgrade.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4Osram H15 Intense

Slightly whiter light as a DRL , but not noticeably brighter , but big improvement on main beam , brighter with greater beam distance , big improvement over standard . 2015 Focus .

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5osram cool blue intense

perfect service and helpful!!!

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4Not as blue as expected

I was expecting a lot more blue hue but it is not. Definitely a little brighter and whiter than OEM bulbs but "Cool Blue" as stated. Waiting for proper 5000K H15s... Great service from PowerBulbs though. Fast service and awesome customer support. This is my 4th time using this company and will be happy to use again!

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Osram h15 cool blue

Fast delivery perfect fit can't ask for more. Nice discount as well. Thank you

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4Mazda cx5

another world , the standard lamps are candles ... combined with h11 Nightbreaker

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5H15 Intense blue

I am a car dealer in Ireland and sold a new Audi A3 to a customer in January. The starting price of his model was €30,000 and when he was finished adding extras the list price of his car was €46,750 and he had to call a halt to his spending, but he never ordered Xenon lights. When he then saw a similar car with the xenons he rang me to add them but it was too late as his car was completely built. I could gut blue vision bulbs for everything else bar the H15's. As far as I can see you are the only company dong them. Your service was impeccable and my customer is delighted now that all his bulbs are the same shade and the light is spectacular. Dara

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Osram H15 CBI

White light at night from H15 high beams make a world of difference. They ably assist the Nightbreaker Unlimited H7 bulbs to light up rural roads in South Africa. Great service from

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Headlamb bulbs

These are a big improvement on OE but difficult to find. Not many stockists

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4Cool Blue

Pleased with increase in light intensity and spread but the daylight running setting is very little different

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Osama Cool Blue H15 lamps

Easy to order and very quick delivery with Powerbulbs highly recommended - easy to fit these H15 lamps in my Mk3 Octavia and they look great - finally got rid of the yellow original day running lights - these lamps give much brighter white day running light and cool blue very bright and crisp main beam at a really great price - have upgraded dipped beam lamps to match - well worth doing.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Fiesta zs ecoboost

Very nice bulbs. A huge upgrade from the stock ones for this fitting type. I've tried the Cree bulbs which boost the DRL look but give pants main beam. These are the ideal balance between the two and probably the best on the market currently.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4Decent bulbs!

A bit expensive bulbs but got them with the 20% spring discount, took 5 days to deliver in the Netherlands. Checked the difference between a normal H15 and the CBI h15's and they sure are a lot whiter. Though with DRL they still are a bit yellowish, most likely due to the low 15 watts that are used. I hoped they'd be a bit more white on DRL mode though, but they certainly aren't bad, way better quality then all the chinese garbage that is on the market which ruins your high beam. On high beam they look very great and white though!

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)


Easy to order and quick delivery. 6 days to Finland. Bulbs are bright.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Fantasic Bulbs!!

Upgrade bulbs for H15 are very hard to come across unless you buy cheap rubbish from China. I had no worries in buying these as OSRAM are a top brand. The bulb itself is brighter than the standard H15 bulb on my Audi A3. It gives of a slightly whiter light than standard and I can definitely tell the distance with full beam in terms of illumination!!

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5osram h15

thank you for all..i bought osram cool blue h15 is more bright for standard bulbs for my golf6..i receive my order quickly and the Powerbulbs is very kind..thank you again and keep going the nice work.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

3Not so bright

I really wanted brighter H15s as the main beam on my Octy is woeful compared with that of the silverstars on my previous car. These H15s have a blue tinge, which I am told is today's style, though frankly I could not have cared less. What I wanted was brighter lights and these do not really cut the mustard. As the blue tint must absorb a portion of the spectrum I'd have rather had these without the tint. Better still some 30%+ rated H15s.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

3Little disappointed with drl performance.

Fitted these on my golf mk6. Drl does not appear much different in colour temperate than the stock h15 (perhaps a small improvement) High beam is brighter and comparable to the night breaker on the dipped beam. Overall felt these are a little pricy for what you get. Otherwise excellent fast delivery.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5A Quality H15 at last

Well done Osram, Its the H15 your car should have been made with. It's not orange! a bit brighter so what's not to like.. Well just the price. I did have some nasty cheap import H15's & they didn't fit, these do & look great on our Fiesta. I hope they last & we get long life & get good VFM.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5Worthwhile Upgrade

I have been waiting for official Osram/Philips H15 upgrade bulbs to be launched since I purchased my car last year. These are the first to hit the market and only offer a 20% improvement, but that still makes a modest difference on an unlit road. Both the DRLs & High beams are a step up over the standard osram bulbs fitted at the factory. Not a massive improvement but better none the less and they are a closer match to upgraded H7 bulbs.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

5H15 Cool Intense

At present Osram are the only quality manufacturer to offer uprated H15 bulbs and although they are no where near as bright as HID bulbs, they are much whiter in colour than the poor yellow originals and definitely worth the upgrade.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense H15 (Single)

4At Last

At last a H15 with a bit more brightness and distance. driving Lights look good (not too blue) and a high beam that allows me to see further... Thanks Osram.

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