GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 Car Headlight Replacement Bulbs (Twin)


GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)

For a magnificent lighting performance upgrade by a universally acclaimed lighting industry, try the GE Megalight Ultra +150.

Why buy the GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)?

Having already taken the automotive lighting industry by storm with their highly praised Megalight Ultra +130 range of headlight bulbs, GE are showing no signs of slowing down with the new and improved Megalight Ultra +150. The Megalight Ultra +150 offers an astonishing light output, illuminating up to 150% more of the road than a standard halogen.

The Megalight Ultra +150’s vast and intense projection is indebted to the world-class engineering skill of GE’s design team. Implementing an ultra-fine filament design and 100% xenon gas filling system, the GE Megalight Ultra +150 is among the most advanced and precisely constructed halogen bulbs currently available. This meticulously built internal design, is housed within a sturdy glass casing, whose specialised coating system prevents overheating and enhances durability, making for a more dependable bulb and a more comforting driving experience.

The huge light of the GE Megalight Ultra +150 offers immense practicality on the road, illuminating obstacles, signs and other drivers far in advance while alerting others to your presence. All of which adds a significant ease and comfort to nighttime driving.

Features and benefits

  • 150% extra light on the road
  • Optimised ultra-fine filament
  • 100% xenon gas filling design
  • Specialised coating system
  • Enhances safety and comfort during nighttime driving
  • Precise beam projection
  • Road legal

About GE

Within technology-driven industries the world over, the historical significance of GE is simply beyond comparison. GE boasts over a century’s experience as a world-leading technological innovator, and its automotive lighting range exemplifies their engineering prowess and investment in providing their customers with highly sophisticated, high-quality products.

Please note: due to their increased brightness, these bulbs are expected to have a shorter lifespan. We can only offer a 6 month warranty on the Megalight Ultra +150% range.

Number of Bulbs2
FittingH4 (472)
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Light Improvement
RangeMegalight Ultra +150%
Kelvin Rating
Road LegalYes

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Customer Reviews

GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)


Fast delivery and have made a huge difference from the standard bulbs. Excellent bulbs.

GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)

4Triumph TR4A

I bought these lamps for a 1965 TR4A I am rebuilding and have converted from the old P7 sealed beam to Halogen. Things are running late and I have not had chance to test them yet but fully expect them to be an improvement on the LED light I have in my every day car. The reflectors are round and have a beam to light up the bits that need it and do not spread the light around.

GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)

5GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)

All good, arrived on time & no damage

GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)

5head light globes

these globes really light up the road making driving all the better for my trip ,35 minute drive to work before sunrise

GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)

5Megalight Ultra +150

Excellent bulbs. I decreased the wattage by half of existing bulb with double apparent light on road. Better definition of beam, just an impressive modification. Items sent to Australia with free postage. Fast arrival, excellent deal. I am very impressed. Easy to use web page. Nothing more to say. Just excellent

GE Megalight Ultra +150 H4 (Twin)

5GE Megalight Ultra+150

These headlamp bulbs are excellent.Lovely clear light illuminates road very well especially the left side, important in rural areas with no kerbs. Also illuminates road signs and markers very clearly. Superb light quality. Delivered very well packed, timely and the Powerbulbs website was easy to use.

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