Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)


Counterfeit bulbs are becoming more common in the market, referring to fake products claiming to be from the manufacturer. These bulbs are poor in quality and have not been tested to ensure ECE certification and are therefore unsafe for road use. Thankfully, Philips has devised an easy way for you to check the authenticity of your bulbs using unique QR codes on the product packaging. That way, you don’t need to worry about falling victim to the scam. Read more here.

A close styling match for HID Xenon bulbs, the Philips Diamond Vision range makes the perfect stylish halogen option for your vehicle.

Offering a whiter light projection, the Philips Diamond Vision brings you a high-performance halogen that will give your vehicle an attractive look.

Why buy Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)?

Looking for a stylish upgrade for your vehicle for a more attractive look? Philips’ Diamond Vision range will be your go-to.

Offering enhanced styling, the Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin) will make the perfect fit for your vehicle, providing a whiter coloured light with a 5000 Kelvin rating. Make your vehicle the talk of the town with these highly stylish headlights, featuring a subtle blue tint for a more unique look.

Features and benefits of Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

  • 5000 Kelvin colour-temperature rating means a whiter-coloured light
  • The whitest halogen upgrade available
  • Similar match to HID Xenon bulbs
  • 12-month warranty period
  • Compatible with 12V systems
  • 55W
  • Not road legal within the EU

About Philips

Philips is a world-leading supplier in the automotive lighting industry and has been for over 100 years. Delivering their products to around 150 countries worldwide, Philips continues to remain an authority brand for high-quality headlights you can trust. All thanks to their expert craftsmanship and thorough testing standards.

PLEASE NOTE: The standard unit for colour temperature is Kelvin (K). Brightness is measured in lumen. Standard halogen bulbs produce yellow light at 3200K. Xenon HID technology produces white light at 4200K. The colour temperature for bluish white light is 5000K. The colour and brightness of the headlights in the visual is not an actual representation of Philips headlights. The Philips Diamond Vision range is not road legal in the UK. Philips Diamond Vision car bulbs do not comply with ECE R37 regulations and are not road legal. We are therefore not legally responsible for any future action relating to the use of these non-road legal bulbs if used on public highways or any other on-road situation.

Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeStyling
Kelvin Rating5000K
Road LegalNo
RangeDiamond Vision
Light Improvement

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Customer Reviews

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Perfection

The Philips Diamond Vision are an amazing replacement globe for the original dull headlight globes. The vision is much better on the road and offers a nice spread. I'm really happy with my purchase and will continue to buy these globes. Install was super easy on my Honda CR-Z. Done in under 5 mins. ????

By Andrew on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Bright crisp light

These bulbs certainly seem very bright , not had a chance to actually USE them yet. But when tested they seemed very bright in the daylight . In the dark and in fog will prove if they are as good as they seem

By Alan Gray on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

4 Phillips diamond vision

Much better than standard bulbs. Not LED bright but improvement over standard halogen bulbs. I will buy again when the time comes.

By Andy Thomas on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Great

Just Super lights. Super supplier !

By TomaszB on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 H11 bulbs

Delivery was very fast and installation easy, the blue colour matches HIDs well! Very happy! Nice output too.

By Adler on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

4 H11

Great product, great in dry weather conditions.its a very white light so does struugle for distance in wet or foggy conditions.

By Jezz on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Quick Delivery to AUS

Wow - everything was terrific - from the purchase - delivery (only took a few days form UK!!) and the globes work perfectly as suggested - VERY Happy - Thank You...

By Kingsley on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Awesome

I really like the color of the bulbs. I have same bulbs for main beam and high beam. They are stylish and good looking for a car. Would recommend

By Jan on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 H11

Great product, quality. Awesome seller. Will be coming back again.

By Milan Matic on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 philips diamond vision

excellent service good white light

By Kevin on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Philips H11 lamps

Replacing the low or high beam lamps on a RAM 1500 is not the easiest job because the front grill must be remove in order to remove the headlight assembly. But, in this case it was well worth the effort. They look great at nighttime with a near white light, jus what I was looking for. I would highly recommend these replacement lamps. I am not waiting for the new Philip fog lamps to replace the stock ones.

By Mick on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Excellent

Bought for my 2011 audi a4 brilliant night time driving. Was so impressed I Also bought for my wife's vw mk5 golf.

By Colly on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Flight bulbs

Amazing strength and brightness from this product. Well worth the money.

By Jason Wotherspoon on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Nice n White!!

Fitted to an Audi Q3 fog lights to match colour of HID`s. The only trouble is Fog`s now whiter than h/lights, time to upgrade the D3S hid`s to 5000k .

By Sean Fry on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Great performance, LED White

They match my Golf MK7 Xenon and led lights. They give more Light and Crispy white 5000k Light looks like LED. PowerBulbs deliver quick and easy! Love the product.

By Adam on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

4 Great styling bulbs

These are great bulbs to use if you want your car to have a nice xenon like globe look when you look at the car but the performance output of the lights is like you're driving with your Parker lights on they don't glare other road users which is great, but they don't light up the road very much at all. The colour temperature on these globe makes the light it produce a blue, white light which is hardly visible with other cars around, only visible on very dark streets. These were used on a car with glass projector style headlights (not complex surface headlight housing).

By Jason on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Great Product!

Ordered these not knowing much about Powerbulbs. I am pretty surprised with the professionalism and work ethic of these guys. They really did deliver a great product, with a great price tag. Delivery was also super fast even though im located in Australia. The bulbs are exactly what it says on the package. (Crisp white with a small bit of blue). They are simply perfect to make your car look a lot more modern. Highly recommended.

By Julian on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 H11

Fast shipping. Bulb is bright and white

By Roy on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Nice White bulbs.

These H11's are very nice. They have a nice white colour which illuminates the road white in front of you. They make my fogs look like daylight running lights. I was a bit apprehensive about fitting these as I heard white light wasn't very good in thick fog but haven driven in fog I found these to be more then adequate. Would recommend.

By James B on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Good looking bulbs!

Very satisfied with my order. It is exactly what i wanted for my fog lights. Thanks!

By Faiz on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

4 Amazing product

Amazing product. Was scared was a scam site but it turned out to be a legit. Product is real and works very nicely. Shipping was what they said it is.

By Sanchit Anand on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 H11 bulbs

Phillips h11 bulbs with slight blue tint are awesome. Used as fogs and turned out better than expected with much further light reach. Ordered another pair to replace low beams on my is250

By Anonymous on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 The Best !!

Put these in my ducati 899 and they look fantastic. Almost an exact colour match for the LED running lights. First class price and service from Powerbulbs

By Stuey46 on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 diamond h11 bulbs

great product as advertised great price thanks

By Jim on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Awesome

These light bulbs are so good that easy to put on without any modification and give bright white light. However, if they can give more light will be perfect. Overall, 8 for 10 rate.

By Song on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)


Look amazing on the car. Pure white light with a hint of blue. Would recommend to anyone …

By Tayab on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Fantastic price

Thank you powerbulb.AWESOME light's.

By Sharon on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Love it

Perfect price and perfect light output

By Martie on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Great service

Awesome business, shop here to light up!

By RonnieW on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs

On my new Lexus, I had LED daytime running lights but with stock headlights. Great beam but a big difference in the look (not white). The Diamond vision bulbs (5000k) were spot on, great white colour and good beam. After purchasing these, my lad was so impressed, we bought him same style but H4 for his civic.

By Paul on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Know what you are getting!

Yes, these bulbs may appear not as "bright" as other halogens, but the point is to match the LED and daytime running lights newer cars come equipped with. I still find these very effective for seeing things on the road, and throw a pretty good amount of light for their Kelvin rating. Much whiter, and much "brighter" looking than stock, and I mean brighter as looking at them. Not the amount of light they give off. From the US, and shipping was 2 days!

By Logan on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Great service!

Got the bulbs after 2 weeks. Not as white as I hoped.

By Jon on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

3 xenon white it is

Bulbs are giving white light, sometimes its blue even, but thr main problem is light output, there is not much of it, when you find yourself on a road with no side laps it is quite hard yo see anything

By Artur on

Our reply:
Thank you for leaving your review. As we state on our website: The Philips Diamond Vision bulb does not offer a greater light output but provide a white light for enhanced styling. This bulb isn't road legal within the EU due to it's high Kelvin rating which gives more of a distinctive blue colour. For more light on the road, then we would always recommend using a performance product such as Philips X-treme Vision or OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited.

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 purely styling

For halogen bulbs these produce a beautiful slightly blue light. Light output is less than standard bulbs tho. If you are normally driving in streetlit areas then these bulbs are great, if you want more light out put go for something else. Otherwise, look great and affordable!

By Ben on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Philips Diamond Vision H11

I got a bit worried initially as my order took a bit longer than expected to arrive, and I knew it was not PowerBulb's fault. I had it installed in my Honda Accord replacing the factory fitted Halogen bulbs. I really like the color output of the Diamond Vision bulbs, as it matches closely with the LED Daylight-Running-Lights of the car. Great product.

By KC Lee on

Philips Diamond Vision H11 (Twin)

5 Good Products

Ordered a Philips Diamond Vision H11 recently. Package was deliver very quickly considered my location is in Asia. The bulbs works perfectly after installed in my car. Thank you. Sure will buy from Powerbulbs again.

By PaulYap on

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