The original Philips LED Daytime Lights has now been replaced by two new and improved models. Take a look at our full LED DRL daytime running lights range.

Philips have created their range of DRL daytime running light kits. These kits have been designed by Philips to fit most of today’s modern vehicles and are the original LED Daytime running light. The kits are easy to fit with its simple click into place mechanism. Philips now offer two kits - the Daylight 4 and Daylight 8.

It is now mandatory to have daylight running lights in the EU

From 2011, it has been compulsory for all vehicles produced within the EU to be fitted with Daytime running lights. Most of these lights use ordinary Halogen bulbs, so this look can be greatly improved by fitting an LED Daylight running kit as an aftermarket addition. This will mean extra visibility for the driver and give the vehicle more of a modern look.

Philips LED Daytime Running Light DRL kits features powerful LUXEON LEDs, the same quality as used on new vehicles. This ensures excellent performance with the proven technology of Philips, one of the world's leading automotive lighting manufacturers.

It is estimated by the EU that the installation of daylight running lights will save between 1,200 and 2,000 road fatalities each year across the continent.

We'd recommend choosing the Philips LED Daytime Running Light Kits if you're looking for:

  • A kit that will fit the majority of vehicles
  • High quality LUXEON LEDs, as used on new vehicles
  • Philips original equipment build quality.

Is the LED kit legal to use?

Philips LED Daytime Running Light Kits are compliant with European Regulation 37 and fully road legal when fitted in accordance with the instructions provided.

Will the LED daytime running light kit fit my car?

The kits will fit most vehicles. When you search for your car on our web site database, we have listed the most common vehicles that the kits will fit here, however if your vehicle isn't listed here then it is still possible the kit will fit. The best way to check is by measuring the space available at the front of your card to see how much room is available to each LED unit. You can find the dimensions of each LED unit on the individual product pages.

To remain road legal there needs to be a minimum of 600mm between the two LED units and each unit needs to be no more than 400mm from the left/right of the front of the vehicle.

How easy is the kit to fit?

It is recommended that the kit is fitted by a person with an intermediate level of mechanical and auto-electrics knowledge. In this case it should take no longer than two hours to install the product and full instructions are provided. Take a look at our video.