How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Headlights?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Headlights?

When a car headlight goes out, it can be a big inconvenience. Not only do you have to worry about the possibility of getting a ticket, you also have to think about the cost of replacing your headlight. Many drivers head straight to their local mechanic and pay an exorbitant fee to have their headlights replaced.  But replacing your car headlights doesn’t have to be expensive.

Read on to learn the real cost of replacing car headlights.

Determine the Problem

Most of the time, when a headlight stops working, the bulb is the culprit. Headlight bulbs burn out and must be replaced after a certain amount of time. Luckily, replacing a headlight bulb is a simple enough task that even the most amateur mechanic can accomplish.

Instead of rushing to the mechanic, check to see whether you simply have a burnt-out bulb. You can easily find guides online or read your owner’s manual to learn how to access and remove the headlight bulbs in your vehicle. Turn off your vehicle and remove the bulb that isn’t working. You can easily replace it with a functional one—if your other headlight is still working, test out that bulb.

With your new bulb in, turn on your car and see if the problem is solved. If not, you may need to head to an auto shop and get your headlights checked out. If the new bulb works, then you’ve diagnosed the problem!  

Other Headlight Problems

If a burnt-out bulb isn’t the source of your headlight issues, you could find yourself paying quite a bit of money. In some cases, the wiring or housing of your headlight may need to be repaired or replaced, which can cost a few hundred pounds. A mechanic will be able to better diagnose what’s wrong with your headlights and assist you in figuring out the best solution.

However, if you’re thinking of replacing your headlights simply because they’ve gotten old and dingy, you can easily clean them up at home. Headlight restoration kits will get your headlights looking brand new in no time. They’re much cheaper than having the entire headlight housing replaced, too. You can purchase headlight restoration kits for anywhere from £15 to £30, depending on the kit. Check out our selection of great at-home headlight restoration kits to get started.  


Cost of Replacing a Bulb

If the problem with your headlight does turn out to be the bulb, it won’t cost much to fix. Headlight bulbs do vary widely in cost, however, depending on the type of bulb used. Whether your car’s headlights have halogen, HID, or LED bulbs will determine the cost of replacing your headlight bulbs.

Halogen bulbs are by far the cheapest replacement bulbs. Standard halogen replacement bulbs can cost as little as £10. You may want to upgrade to an eco or long life bulb if you’re looking to avoid changing your bulbs again soon. These cost a few extra pounds, but will last much longer.

HID bulbs are more expensive to replace. A standard HID bulb can cost anywhere from £30 to £100, depending on the exact bulb fitting and brand you choose. Luckily, HID bulbs last much longer than halogen bulbs, so you’ll save money in the long run.

LED bulbs are the most expensive of all three headlight bulb types. LED bulbs typically cost between £65 and £155 to replace. But just as HID bulbs outlast halogen bulbs, LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan than their cheaper counterparts. You may only need to replace LED headlight bulbs once or twice during your car’s lifetime.  

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