PB`s Guide To Motorcycle Lights

PB`s Guide To Motorcycle Lights

There's lots of options to choose from if you're a motorcyclist looking for the best bike lights. To the uninitiated, the different types of bulbs, plus the variety of lights needed to safely use a motorcycle can seem overwhelming. No need to worry - in this definitive guide to motorcycle lights, we'll go through the different options and their pros and cons.


Headlights are one of the most important safety features on a motorcycle. As well as illuminating the road ahead, you're making yourself visible to other drivers on the road, especially at night. Drivers don't often see bikes until it's too late.

The best way to ensure visibility on the road is to choose the brightest headlight bulb available. When purchasing a bulb, there's three different technologies to consider: halogen, LED and Xenon HID. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each type.


It's more than likely that your motorbike was originally fitted with halogen bulbs. Don't be fooled by the claims that manufacturers of LED or Xenon HID bulbs make: halogens can be bright and serve very well as motorcycle headlights.

One big advantage of halogen is that they're affordable. You won't have to worry about purchasing extras such as a HID Kit.


LED headlights are more difficult to find and install, as they're not typically used in standard motorcycle headlights. This technology does have its advantages - the bulbs use less power and have a longer lifetime in comparison to halogen.

LED headlights also provide more power than a standard halogen, meaning that they're much brighter than a standard bulb.

Xenon HID

Xenon HID headlights have become increasingly more popular with drivers. HIDs are very bright and have a high colour temperature, producing a stylish look whilst allowing the driver to see the road ahead with ease. 

Unfortunately, HID fittings in motorcycles are very rare. If you want the Xenon look, the best way to achieve this is to install a HID Conversion Kit. By installing a kit, you'll be able to get the Xenon look for a brighter, more stylish beam. However, please note: these kits are not road legal.

Tail lights

Tail lights are the second most important light on your motorcycle. Like headlights, tail lights are a crucial safety feature: they help increase the visibility of your motorbike to other drivers. Tail light units for motorcycles also typically include your brake light, which is another important safety feature.

If you'd like to upgrade your motorcycle's tail lights, you've got a few options. You can replace standard tail lights with halogen or LED for a brighter beam.

One factor to keep in mind with tail lights is colour. In almost every country, tail lights are legally required to be red. This lets other drivers on the road know that they're looking at the back of a vehicle, not the front.

Turn signals

Turn signals are the final piece of lighting required on motorcycles in most countries and states (not including reflectors). You can choose from a variety of styles, including both front and rear. Some riders prefer longer stalk turn signals, whilst others prefer them flat on the bike.

You can upgrade your turn signals to LED. These are brighter than a standard bulb and can help you save on fuel.

Accessory lights

In addition to headlights, tail lights and turn signals, some motorcycle owners choose to add accessory lights onto their bike. These lights are not necessary and are used for style purposes only. Please note that accessory lights are not always road legal, as they can be too bright or distracting for others on the road.

When you're choosing a motorcycle bulb, remember that lights are designed to make your bike safer. Bright headlights, plus clearly visible tail lights and turn signals will go a long way to helping other drivers see you.

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