A rant about roadworks!

A rant about roadworks!

Today we’re ranting about roadworks!

No motorist is a stranger to roadworks. They make a short journey feel long, they force us onto different routes and generally wind us up. However, in all fairness, they help improve our roads and make our journey safer. We know that this is no consolidation when you’re stuck in traffic, though! Recent surveys claim that roadworks add at least 10 minutes to the average motorist’s trip, but it’s often longer, or certainly feels that way.  

Some roadwork projects are finished and wrapped up within a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, but others can seem to take lengthy and confusing amounts of time. The longest roadworks have been ongoing for around one and a half years.

With a reported 2500 roadwork projects currently active in the UK, it’s a wonder we manage to get anywhere! Although this may seem excessive, at least we know problems are being attended to.

The most irritating experience, however, is being in slow moving traffic with average speed limits to protect those working on road issues, only to drive by and see that no-one is even on site. Just this morning I was caught up in a huge traffic jam thanks to roadworks and three-way traffic lights which only seemed to be letting two cars through at a time!

Don't forget that accidents can also happen when drivers are stuck in heavy traffic. It's always a good idea to check that your brake lights are in full working order so that others can see when you're slowing down!

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