OSRAM LEDriving Fog DRL Kit Review

OSRAM LEDriving Fog DRL Kit Review

The OSRAM LEDriving Fog DRL Kit is new in stock here at PowerBulbs and is creating a lot of buzz! The kit from OSRAM is a very special and advanced piece of kit. It's the first of its kind produced by OSRAM and brings together fog lights, daytime running lights (DRLs) and cornering lights all in one product!

We think it’s extremely convenient to have all three of these useful lighting systems rolled together into one handy and stylish unit. The whole kit uses LED technology from the bright fog lights to the stylish DRLs and the intelligent cornering lights.

Bright fog lights to improve visibility

Fog lights are mandatory on all road legal vehicles in a lot of countries, so they are obviously a very important safety feature that we all might need at some point. The OSRAM LEDriving fog lights are extremely bright and will shine through the fog that's blocking your view. Plus, they make driving in foggy weather much more comfortable. The lights use an all-LED lighting system, so not only are they safe, they will also produce a very stylish ice white look!

Daytime running lights

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are a fairly new technology and are mandatory on all vehicles produced after 2011. The main purpose of DRLs is safety - to make vehicles more visible during the day. As you may have noticed, more and more cars, even ones that weren't manufactured with DRL units already installed, are using these kits. This is because DRLs have become a very popular product for both safety and styling reasons.

DRLs mainly stand out on upmarket vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. These manufactures have been very creative with DRLs and have made some extremely stylish and interestingly shaped lights, such as the ones included within this kit.

Intelligent cornering technology

Cornering lights are included with this great OSRAM LEDriving Fog DRL Kit. They use intelligent technology to function and their purpose is to turn with the car and get light in those hard-to-see areas on the road. This basically helps to improve visibility in places where you wouldn't ususally have light. This is particularly useful when parking and turning sharp corners.

Comprehensive warranty

This kit is built by OSRAM to the highest standard and comes complete with a 12 month PowerBulbs Warranty and a 5 year OSRAM guarantee. Take a look at it here.