Auto Express Product Awards: Best Headlamp Bulbs

Auto Express Product Awards: Best Headlamp Bulbs

AutoExpress have recently announced the winners of their 2013 product awards. These well-known awards are a round up of all of the winners from the AutoExpress automotive product tests that have taken place over the last 12 months.

The headlamp bulb test

Their 2013 test for best car headlamp bulbs focused on upgraded versions of the popular H4 fitting bulb. They tested 15 different car bulbs to industry standards to come up with a beam rating for each product to see which were the most impressive.

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The winners of the test...

We think that this years' competition selected some brilliant and well deserving products, and are interested to see if any new products will be released and take the lead next year. The top four winners of the best headlamp bulb awards are:

1st - OSRAM Night Breaker Plus

The OSRAM Night Breaker Plus is an extremely popular product that is one of the sure leaders in the performance bulb market. This product offers an impressive 90% more light on the road which improves visibility and safety for all drivers.

Here are some of our favourite reviews from happy Night Breaker Plus customers...

"Very good and bright solid beam, can be seen from 50m away. Recommended."

"I found there to be a noticeble difference even when on in the daytime under cloudy situation, great inprovement for a very good price and prompt delivery, worth the cash for extra safety it brings."

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2nd - Ring Xenon Ultima

The 2nd place Ring Xenon Ultima is a very good and highly regarded product offering an increased amount of light on the road, with a reasonably brighter white than standard bulbs.

3rd OSRAM Silverstar

The OSRAM Silverstar is a brilliant mid-ranged, popular performance product offering increased visibility of 60% more light on the road compared to standard fitted bulbs, and great value for money.

Here are some fantastic reviews of the OSRAM Silverstar bulb from PowerBulbs customers...

"Great white +60% bulbs which are much brighter than OEM and giving greater distance vision."

"Outstanding product from Osram. Immediate difference and improvement with output, and range of light beam produced. Clearly defined mid and now extended far range zones, when compared to replaced bulbs. Excellent balance between purchase price and results. Recommended 10 out of 10!"

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4th Narva Range Power 50

The 4th placed product was the Narva Range Power 50. This bulb from Narva is a brilliant purchase especially for the price it is generally sold at. As a mid-range performance product offering 50% more light on the road, this bulb is really useful and worth the money.